Tap to Pay

Tap to Pay with PayBee and expand your Giving Potential.

Giving just got easier with PayBee! Using our new tap-to-give feature, just a simple tap of your credit card to a mobile device can process donations in a matter of seconds. No more hassle with entering credit card details or pairing credit card readers, simply tap-to-donate and you're done. PayBee's secure and innovative technology ensures that your donors' giving experience is as seamless and efficient as possible. Embrace the convenience, speed, and security of tap-to-pay with PayBee and make sure giving always remains a joyful part of your day!

With PayBee's tap-to-pay feature, you now have the freedom to leave your credit card reader at home if you'd like and still collect donations on the go using only the PayBee app on your mobile device. Simply open your PayBee app and click "accept donation" from there select your desired donation type and quantity as well as enter or lookup the email address of your donor. Now you can proceed to checkout, choose credit card as well as choosing to enable tap-to-pay. This setting will save so now you're ready to process multiple donations if needed with the simple tap of a chip enabled credit card.

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