Guest Management

Guest Management

Once guests have registered for your event, the Paybee system makes it easy to manage your guests, performing tasks such as keeping a directory of all your invited guests and their RSVP status, managing group tickets, table management, custom questions and more!

A well-managed guest list provides a host of benefits other than a simple list of names. Here’s the type of information and features managing your guest in Paybee will offer— and how you can use this to your advantage when hosting your next fundraising event.

Guest Information

A profile of all the guest information collected from your guests at checkout is stored within the Paybee platform as your guest list. This list is made up of all the information collected from each guest at check-in. Basic information such as name, email, ticket type, RSVP status, table number, extra guest information, check-in status, meal choice and more are collected and stored within your Paybee event guest list. Each guest profile is accessible and editable at any time via the Paybee platform backend. 

Table Management 

The Paybee system lets you create the layout of your event venue through the table management interface. Guests can then be assigned to those tables accordingly. Assigned table numbers are automatically applied to guest table name cards and bid paddles, making it simple for your guests at check-in to find their way in the venue. 

Having all this information on your guest list also provides your staff with a detailed chart where every guest should be seated at your venue. This information becomes vital for your ushers and other volunteers who can then help direct guests around the venue and to their tables on the day of the event.

Meal Choices

In this age of gluten allergies and vegan diets, it’s imperative that you offer your guests multiple food options to choose from for a good experience.

Fortunately, Paybee makes it easy to offer and apply your various meal choices to each guest. Guests can easily select their preferences when RSVPing to your event, making it simple for your chefs and caterers to plan and prepare appropriate meals for everyone. This information is then neatly and conveniently stored within your guest list and can be manually edited by your staff if guest changes are requested.

Signup Questions

The Paybee system also allows you to ask several other custom questions of your guests upon check-in. Standard options are available like address and phone number, as well as more advanced custom questions offered in both paragraph and tag selection format.

Event Follow Up

Event planners know that successful fundraisers don’t end when the event closes. You also need to follow up with guests — often with a simple thank you card or email for attending, but also with reminders to finalize their donations or make arrangements to pick up the items they won at auctions or raffles. All of this becomes much simpler to manage when your guest lists contain your attendees’ contact information as well as their event shopping cart containing all their donations, pledges and auction items won at the event.

Moving Forward

One of the best ways to see how PayBee can help your next school fundraiser is to schedule a free demo of our online platform. You’ll be able to interact with the PayBee platform in the same way your donors and supporters will at a live event. Plus, you’ll be able to participate in a mock live auction and ask questions directly to our team of specialists. There’s really no better way to determine if PayBee is right for your fundraising event, so sign up for a free demo today!

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