Hybrid Galas

The best of all our innovative event technology combined into one. Guests can enjoy your event programming, donate and participate in auctions in-person and at home.

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Live Streaming

Paybee integrates seamlessly with all your favorite live-streaming platforms such as youtube, facebook, twitch and more!

Live Auctions

All the bidding customization options you love such as adjustable bid increments and buy it now pricing. Live activity monitor for at home and in-person guests.

Live Interaction

Guests stay engaged with your event via live chat and a live stream activity monitor that shows simultaneously to your in-person and virtual guests.

Trusted By Over 400 Non-Profits

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A Real Time Live Hybrid Event Solution

Live bids from both the in-person and online portion of your event are seamlessly combined, in real time. Combining to form the first and only true Hybrid fundraising experience.

Going Beyond Virtual Events

Paybee Has Solutions for all Your Nonprofit Fundraising Needs

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In-Person Events

Complete solution including ticketing, table and guest management, digital bidding and donation processing.

Hybrid Fundraising Software

Hybrid Events

Combine the best from both in-person and virtual events! All auctions work seamlessly between your live and virtual event.

Nonprofit Fundraising tickets


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Live Auctions

silent auction fundraising

Silent Auctions

Easy Setup for Hosts and Guests

Get setup in minutes and host a virtual fundraiser today!

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Setup Your Campaigns

Have your first campaign ready in minutes. Auctions, donations, games and more! These campaigns will seamlessly integrate with both your in-person and virtual guests.

Hybrid Fundraising Software

Setup Your Livestream

All live streaming platforms which allow embedding are supported. Simply setup your recording equipment and have your stream controlling software ready to go.

Download the Paybee App

The Paybee app allows your in-person event staff to manage important event functions such as recording bids, accepting donations, checking in guests and more from their phones.

Hybrid Fundraising Software

Go Live For Your Guests

As you start your in-person programming, simply broadcast your livestream at the same time. This way the in-person event and the virtual event coincide.

Nonprofit Fundraising Platform
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Complete Event Solution

From pre-event assistance with tickets and table arrangements all the way to running live auctions, pledge-drives and reporting.

Event Enhancements

You should never change the way you run your events. PayBee will fit in your existing scenarios and build upon this structure.

Short Learning Curve

An intuitive plug and play solution to bring live video streams and digital interaction into your events.
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Hybrid Fundraising Events

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Paybee Non-Profit Fundraising Platform Reviews
Bear Yuba Land Trust
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

"We are recommending Paybee to all our colleagues interested in pursuing virtual options”

Paybee Non-Profit Fundraising Platform Reviews
Wildling Museum
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

"PayBee provides a donor friendly virtual event platform and amazing customer service and dollar value as well. So glad we chose PayBee as we had a very successful fundraiser!"

Built for Non-Profits

Automatic confirmation emails to donors contain custom included donor tax receipts. Comprehensive post event reporting features include all your foundation's reporting requirements.

Powerful features to supercharge your events

Easy Livestream/Live Event Integration

Both your in-person and online attendees will benefit from a seamless experience as all our event activity is simultaneously to both in person and virtual attendees.


Hybrid Fundraising Tools
nonprofit fundraising text notifications

Live Text Updates on Auction Items

Your guests will get up to date text notifications on their auction items as as well as links to easily place additional bids from their mobile device.


Automatic Event Follow-Up and Reporting Features

We’ll keep track of your donors and your event financials. Enjoy our robust backend reporting system showing a breakdown of all donations and attendees. Additionally, our system automatically follows up with your guests who still have outstanding donation pledges left over from your event.


virtual fundraising reports
Nonprofit Fundraising Mobile app

Manage Your Guests from the Paybee Mobile App

From the Paybee Mobile app, you have can control all the action for your in-person guests. The Paybee App is also used to record information from your in-person event and send that data to the virtual component of your event.


And many more amazing features to help your fundraising goals!

Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Complete Solution

Paybee has features to assist both your in-person and virtual event components.

Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Widen Your Audience

Open your event to the world by adding live streaming to your in-person events. Online guests can bid and interact their favorite web connected device.

Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Live Stream and Online Auctions

Seamlessly blend virtual live streaming and live auctions and all your other favorite fundraising activities into your event architecture.

Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Greater Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor content can be added to your digital event assets and event page as well as your in-person event display making a more lucrative package to potential sponsors.

Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Increased Engagement

Online interactive features include chatting, commenting, liking, sharing and more. These features can be also be enjoyed by your in-person attendees by way of their mobile devices.

Nonprofit Fundraising PlatformNonprofit Fundraising Platform

Reduced Post Event Workload

PayBee makes sure that you don’t have to do any paperwork or tallying the day after your event. All donations are properly recorded and organized for you in a searchable and exportable post event report.

How to Get Started With Paybee

Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Gather Your Charity Information

Basic information will need to be gathered about your charity such as an email address, bank account & routing number, tax ID and authorized representative information.

Create Account
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Create a Paybee Account

Click the create account button below and enter the information collected in step 1 and your account creation can be completed in minutes.

Create Account
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Paybee Onboarding Call

A Paybee representative will contact you to setup an onboarding session. After this call you'll be all set to start collecting donations for your foundation.

Hire a Paybee Partner

Find a Paybee-endorsed partner to help with your next event. Partner expertise includes event production, event setup, consignment auction items, live-streaming and more. Browse our experts based on what you need and reach out to start a conversation.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Hundreds of non-profit professionals have already hosted their charity events with Paybee.

Michael Hurwitz
Sr. Executive Director
A Brighter Day
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

"We held our first Virtual (or otherwise) Gala online with PayBee. There were no technical glitches at all. Our event was successful and well received by those who attended. Thank you for helping us make this come together, and we look forward to using the platform again.""

Ira Klein
President Charity Works
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

"This Platform is the Industry Leader for Online Virtual Fundraisers"

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve answers. If you can’t find what we are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

How long does it take to setup Paybee's Tech at my event?
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Which Payment Methods Does PayBee Accept?
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Are My Donations Tax Deductible and Will I Get a Receipt?
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How Long Do Donations Take to Process?
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