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Paybee is the industry leader in online fundraising events with our mission being to positively impact the fundraising efforts of as many nonprofit organizations as we can. Our live virtual event feature is the only truly live virtual auction solution on the market. Since 2020, we've hosted over 2,000 live virtual fundraising events for a wide variety of charity organizations having processed over $200M in donations on our platform. This year we've launched our hybrid fundraising event solution which combines the best of both virtual and in-person events in a seamless event interface where at home donors can participate as if they were attending in-person. We'd love to help your organization grow and impact the world together.

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Nonprofit Fundraising Platform
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Built for Non-Profits

All of Paybee's features were built with non-profit foundations in mind. Paybee is made and tailored specifically for non-profits.

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Virtual & Hybrid fundraising for nonprofits has begun to take center stage. Find out what it takes to host your own virtual fundraising event.

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