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Your fundraising events and galas should be memorable and FUN! Let Paybee help enhance your event with the latest fundraising tools while helping make event planning and execution a breeze.

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Complete Event Solution

Event ticketing software, live and silent auction solutions, pledge drives, QR code donations, mobile bidding, reporting and more!

Enhance Your Events  

You should never change the way you run your events. PayBee will fit into your existing event processes while reducing your event workload

Short Learning Curve

Use our intuitive plug and play solution to get up and running in minutes. Free to join and receive ongoing complimentary support.

Paybee Enhances Fundraising Events for Hosts and Guests

Automatically assign and generate bid paddles, Ticketing and auto check-in for guests, process payments, make changes on the go with the Paybee mobile app and more!

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Powerful Features to Supercharge Your Events

Bid Paddle Virtual Shopping Carts

Live Auctions With Cloud-Based Shopping Carts

Using Paybee's smart bidding paddles, each bid or pledge made by raising your paddle is recorded in the cloud and assigned to each donor's bidder profile, setup at event registration and check-in. This cloud based shopping cart keeps a running tally of all donations made at the event and can be used for easy checkout and follow-up upon the completion of fundraising activities.


Silent Auction Mobile Bidding

Guests have the ability to bid from anywhere with Paybee's best in class mobile bidding features. Functioning in real time for both Live and Silent auction formats. Text and email updates are sent to bidders for alerts such as being outbid and auction ending times.


Demo Silent Auction Page
Silent Auction Software
Event Activity Monitor. Nonprofit Fundraising Platform.

Event Activity Feed

The Paybee system creates a live feed of your current event activity. This feed displays the current featured fundraising item along with all incoming bids displayed in real time. An event donation thermometer showing all towards your overall fundraising goal can also be displayed.


Event Ticketing and RSVP System

The Paybee ticketing system makes it easy to setup and sell tickets to your event. All with the flexibility to create as many different ticket types and levels as you'd like, tracked for you through your Paybee account. In addition, confirmations and reminders can be scheduled in your Paybee account to ensure your guests receive all your relevant event information.


Mobile Bidding Notifications Nonprofit Fundraising
Nonprofit fundraising event tools

Auto-Generated Bid Paddles and Table Cards

The Paybee system auto-generates bid
paddles and table name plates for each of your guests. With each paddle, a unique URL code is generated and linked to each guest, allowing for easy checkout and mobile bidding/donation features.


Mobile Payment Processing at Your Event

Mobile credit card readers are available which link to the Paybee mobile application which can check your guest items out with a simple credit card swipe. Other checkout options are also available such as mobile web checkout as well as cash, check and bank transfer payment methods.


payment processing for nonprofit events
Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns QR Codes

QR Code Donations

A QR code is automatically generated for all of your fundraising activities setup through Paybee. You can download and use these QR codes with your printed mediums, to be placed to collect donations anywhere your nonprofit goes. Common uses are to purchase event add-ons such as raffle and drink tickets. Another common application is to setup QR code donation options at check-in tables and pop up booths.

Demo Donation Page

Automatic Event Follow-Up and Reporting Features

We’ll keep track of your donors and your event financials. Enjoy our robust backend reporting system showing a breakdown of all donations and attendees. Additionally, our system automatically follows up with your guests who still have outstanding donation pledges left over from your event.


virtual fundraising reports
Nonprofit Fundraising Mobile app

Manage Your Guests from the Paybee Mobile App

From the Paybee Mobile app, your volunteers have can control all the action for your in-person guests. Tasks like check-in, check-out, mobile bidding, bid adjustments and more can all be managed through the Paybee event app.


And many more amazing features
to help your fundraising goals!

Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Complete Solution

PayBee starts assisting pre-event with tickets to running auctions and pledge-drives to reporting.

Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Enhance your Event

You should never change the way you run your events. PayBee will fit in your existing scenarios and enhance this.

Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

No Learning Curve

Use our intuitive plug and play solution, to your plan into action without referring to manuals.

Nonprofit Fundraising PlatformNonprofit Fundraising Platform

Auctions, Pledge Drives

Set up PayBee campaigns to assist your event schedule. Specific types of campaigns will make your Silent Auction, Live Auction, Pledge Drive, Raffles and everything else in a couple of minutes.​

Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Scale Volunteers

Take advantage of your awesome volunteers by having them handle check-ins, closing pledges. Their phones can process donations via cash, card and checks. Add volunteers on the fly as needed.

Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Reduced Post Event Workload

PayBee makes sure that you don’t have to do any paperwork or tallying the next day. Capture all donations (cash, card and checks) and pledges on the day of the event and see them roll in.

Built for Non-Profits

Automatic confirmation emails to donors contain custom included donor tax receipts. Comprehensive post event reporting features include all your foundation's reporting requirements.

How to Get Started With Paybee

Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Gather Your Charity Information

Basic information will need to be gathered about your charity such as an email address, bank account & routing number, tax ID and authorized representative information.

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Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Create Your Paybee Account

Click the create account button below and enter the information collected in step 1and your account creation can be completed in minutes.

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Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Paybee Onboarding Call

A Paybee representative will contact you to setup an onboarding session. After this call you'll be all set to start collecting donations for your foundation.

Industry Leading Experience

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In-Person Fundraising Events

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In-Person Fundraising Events Software

Learn How to Host an In-Person Fundraiser

Find out what the revolutionary Paybee Fundraising System can do for your charity and the best recommendations to host your own in-person fundraising event.

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Hire a Paybee Partner

Find a Paybee-endorsed partner to help with your next event. Partner expertise includes event production, event setup, consignment auction items, live-streaming and more. Browse our experts based on what you need and reach out to start a conversation.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Hundreds of non-profit professionals have already hosted their charity events with Paybee.

Michael Hurwitz
Sr. Executive Director
A Brighter Day
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"We held our first Virtual (or otherwise) Gala online with PayBee. There were no technical glitches at all. Our event was successful and well received by those who attended. Thank you for helping us make this come together, and we look forward to using the platform again.""

Ira Klein
President Charity Works
Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

"This Platform is the Industry Leader for Online Virtual Fundraisers"


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve answers. If you can’t find what we are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

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What Paybee Can Do for Your Fundraising Events

An all-in-one fundraising events platform built for nonprofits. Paybee's event features provide you the ability to streamline your fundraising and donor management using cutting edge technology tools that we've made using a breeze.