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Fundraising for Nonprofits is HARD!

We’ve made it a breeze with our


Fundraising Platform

Fundraising for Nonprofits is HARD!

We’ve made it a breeze with our


Fundraising Platform

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The All-in-one Fundraising
Platform for Nonprofits​

PayBee is a user-friendly and multi-channel platform for fundraising management; creating more funds, donors and often. Online and offline, donors now never have to miss an opportunity when inspiration hits.

Online Fundraising

  • PayBee is secure online platform that enables convenient donations across every online touchpoint.
  • Donors can complete donations under 30 seconds using card, apple pay, google pay or even bank account.
  • Campaign pages are easy to integrate in email and website via automatically generated link and QR code.


Offline/In-Person Fundraising

  • PayBee enables offline donations via QR code and companion app for volunteers.
  • Consolidate cash, check, donation box and campaign flyer donations into a single platform.

Mobile Fundraising

  • Give existing donors the flexibility to give from anywhere, anytime.
  • Get before donors who prefer donating via their mobile devices.
  • No download necessary for mobile donations.
  • App is available for more engaged donors.

Volunteers for Fundraising

Activate your volunteers for accepting donations using their own phone.

Social Fundraising

Give your volunteers, supporters and well-wishers an easy way to raise awareness about ongoing and upcoming campaigns on their social media pages.

Campaigns Types

Using the PayBee platform, your donors can now make a one time donation to your fundraising campaign

PayBee enables your donors to make recurring donations to your campaigns, these could be weekly, monthly or yearly 

Donors can pledge large amounts for larger projects and capital campaigns  and choose to fulfill it in installments

Empower your donors to spread the cause and raise donations for your campaigns by setting a goal and raising support using social media.
Using PayBee’s ticketing system, you can sell event tickets,manage ticket inventory and ticket check-in at events 

Unmatched Donor Experience

Paybee offers an unmatched donor experience that makes it compelling and easy for your donors to donate.

Multiple giving options

Supporters now have the ability to pay by cash, check, credit card, or Apple Pay.

Fast and secure

PayBee now eliminates barriers by delivering speed, security, and convenience.

Compelling campaigns

PayBee supports impactful, interesting and unique storytelling to drive better and faster results.

No downloads

No need to download! Generates trust and encourages engagement with donors.

PayBee works for...

Suitable for any fundraising campaign, 

for any of these organization types…


From Tithes to funding buildings, PayBee works for all fundraising needs.


From fundraising events to campaigns, PayBee makes donation process easy.


From requesting pujas to contributing for social causes, PayBee simplifies donors experience.


From pujas to contributing for social causes, PayBee simplifies the donors experience.

More donors

With social media integration, web campaigns generate over 60% of offline engagement.

More donations

Payment options offers flexibility and removes hesitancy; it inspires in the moment donations.

More places

Online and offline donations bring global volunteer management meaning.

More often

With donation touchpoints, bringing easy opportunity to give in an organized manner.

More simple

15 minutes is all you need to set up campaigns from a single dashboard.

Why PayBee?

PayBee helps you raise more donations, donors and places.

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