Features that make fundraising a breeze!

Features that make fundraising a breeze!

PayBee Dashboard

Create Campaign Pages

PayBee has 3 steps to creating high campaign pages for your donors to fundraise campaigns.


Automatic reports are available in real-time and slice and dice of information of donors, donations, and campaigns.

World Class Support

We offer support by calls and emails while you are growing your cause.

Consolidates with your Bank Account

Bookkeeping becomes easier for Bank Account making with PayBee.

Volunteer Management

Manage your fundraising and volunteers effortlessly from the PayBee app to raise funds for your cause.

Instant Donation Processing

1 Click Donation with Apple Pay

Over 65% use iphones, now donors can donate by Apple Pay for instant inspiration.

Multiple Giving Levels

With PayBee, a donor can donate through multiple payment options and donations.

Instant Donor Receipts

Receive instant donation receipts with our automated systems and no waiting for year-end tax receipts.

Works Everywhere (Multi-Channel/Touchpoint)

Peer to Peer Fundraising
(Social Fund raising)

Supporters, Well Wishers and volunteers to raise support behalf of your non-profit and social media.

Multi-channel Touch Points

The ability to accept donations from anywhere by cash, checks, mobile app, or QR codes and campaign.

Ticketing System

PayBee comes with an inbuilt Ticket system to use for your next fundraising event and reaches a larger audience.


Donors now have the ability to pledge larger amounts and choose installments options to fit their needs.

One time & Recurring Donations

PayBee allows to accept on-time and recurring donations with just a few clicks away.

Mobile App

Receiving and Accept donations with one click, now donors are easily can donate more often using PayBee.

Works Everywhere (Multi-Channel/Touchpoint)

Peer to Peer Fundraising
(Social Fund raising)

With the PayBee, your Supporters, Well Wishers and Volunteers can seamlessly raise support on behalf of your non-profit using the power of social media.

Multi-channel Touch Points

Accept donations in any form from anywhere via Cash, Checks, Mobile App, QR Codes, Campaign Pages etc.

Ticketing System

PayBee comes with an inbuilt Ticketing System that you can use for your next fundraising event. Reach a larger audience for your events now.

Manage Volunteers /Volunteer Driven Fundraising

Now effortlessly manage your fundraising volunteers right from the PayBee app as they help raise funds for your cause,across the globe.


Perfect for larger projects and capital campaigns where your donors can pledge larger amounts and choose to fulfill it in installments

One time & Recurring Donations

With PayBee, you can now accept both one-time as well as recurring donations. With just a few clicks they are all set and ready to give.

Mobile App

Receive/Accept donations in just a Click. Your donors can now easily give using the PayBee App and give more often too.

Donor Management

Donor CRM

Tracking & Reporting

Monitor Donor Activities

Share impact

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions that will allow you to understand our pricing better

We’ve made special efforts to keep our users’ data as secure as possible. All data transmitted between the user’s devices and PayBee servers is encrypted. So is the data communication between the PayBee servers. Also, credit card numbers and bank account login information is sent directly to our payment partner and never goes to our server.

The money is sent on a daily basis. Credit card transactions will take about 1 week to hit the non-profit’s bank. The ACH transactions will appear in about 1-3 weeks.

When the donor sends the funds, the amount is immediately sent to the non-profit’s bank account. PayBee doesn’t hold any money under any circumstances.


We do need to keep the lights on and continue providing you amazing features. That means we need to charge for our services. Please check pricing page for more details.

Not to worry! In case of an unplanned pledge, you can do delete it from the transaction page. If the payment was made in error, please email us at help@paybee.io and send us the transactions details. We’ll help you retrieve it, unless it’s too late and the funds have hit the non-profit’s account. In that case, the non-profit would be able to help you directly.

If you are a donor, download our app from the app store, scan a QR code at your favorite organization, pledge and donate. Find PayBee in the Android and apple App stores. If you are an organization, get in touch with us at contact@paybee.io and we can schedule a demo for you.


Request for Demo

Schedule a 30 mins call to understand how PayBee works and 

how easy it is to setup your fundraising campaigns on the PayBee platform