How to Market a Non Profit Virtual Event

Don’t Lose Sight of the Goal

So, you’ve set up your date and time for your next event. What do you do now? Your next step is the heart of the interest and growth outreach. After you’ve set up the event, digital marketing should be your primary focus. Proper outreach campaigns make all the difference.

Properly setup campaigns and branding can significantly increase your exposure, fund raising, attendance, and post event interactions. Take a hint from the following tips to make your next virtual event a big success.

Use Your Own Branding with a White Label Landing Page

Make sure you use your corporate branding or branding specific to your current event. People learn and remember in different ways. Naming an event is a great way to identify the excitement but creating a unique logo or image to represent the specific event is a goldmine for branding exposure.

  • For example, on PayBee’s Virtual Gala Platform you have the opportunity to input your own custom branding on your virtual event landing page, as well as within the virtual event landing page and live event page.

Create a Multi-Faceted Marketing Plan

Don’t rely on just a single website. Unfortunately, online marketing isn’t like a downtown center. People can’t just window shop past your website. Further, there aren’t common publishers that will be doing advertising for you. Instead, you need to go where your target audience is. This means you need to think about all of the platforms that you could promote your event on to increase your branding and event exposure.

Your virtual event platform should include easy access to marketing for websites, social media, email marketing, partnerships, paid media, and anything else that you could use to connect to your audience. With a diverse marketing plan, you can include your event staff and speakers to promote the event well. Any and all types of advertisements and promotion can help really make the difference.

  • Paybee has one click social sharing links built into each digital marketing campaign. Simply create your campaign and you’re one click away from sharing on your favorite social media platforms. See all the features that you may use to build different campaigns.
  • The PayBee companion app allows your charity champions, volunteers and employees to market and collect donations on behalf of your charity, all relevant metrics of each user are also tracked within the application.

Build Out Your Content on All Platforms

Text or copywriting isn’t the only way you should be getting the word out there. Your virtual event platform should include a landing page where you can create a self-sufficient webpage for all of your event information. This site can be easily connected to social media and other websites.

  • PayBee auto-generates a dedicated landing page for every campaign. On this site you can show images, videos, interviews, profiles, schedules, links, and anything else that helps capture the eye and imagination of your audience.

Announce your Agenda, Event Programming, and RSVP

Audience outreach for event schedules, programming, updates, RSVP, and post event communications, are vitally important to ensuring that the audience stays informed and excited. RSVP features in a virtual event platform help you plan accordingly, just as if it was a live event. You can also understand which groups paid but didn’t attend. This data is valuable for continued outreach and improve future events.

  • Paybee has auto-generated RSVP links for each virtual event marketing campaign, making it easy to invite donors to help with the outreach. All pre-event emails allow for custom messaging where you may include the full agenda details for your event.

Keep promoting even on the day of your event

Digital Marketing doesn’t stop until you host your event. Further, there are post-event communications that you will need to send out to keep your audience in your sphere. The marketing campaigns may change in form as the event closes and passes, but the basic idea of outreach will always need to happen as it will yield massive exposure and retention benefits to your charity, group, church, temple, PTA, or other organization.

  • One-click RSVP reminders by PayBee can be triggered to your email list as well as your pre-registered virtual gala guests.

Developing an effective digital marketing campaign for event promotion is difficult. You need a partner in the process that makes the campaign creation easy. PayBee focuses on the event host and the event promotion to help you ensure a great event and a successful future.

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