Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Any Charity or Nonprofit

In the age of online meetings and digital communities. You may be struggling to figure out how to raise money for your nonprofit, charity, event, or cause. Don’t worry! There are many opportunities for online engagement with your communities and audiences. Take a hint from the list below of commonly hosted events and let PayBee help your foundation realize its goals.

1.    Virtual 5K or Fun Run

For fun and fitness, virtual races are a great way to get people out and active. Runners who are already training for a charity race might consider livestreaming their journey on the Paybee platform to further enhance participation and pair their running day with live donations. Multiple participants can be brought into the stream to share their own local course and race progress.

Paybee Virtual Gala hosts can livestream their run progress including live video feeds and chats. All participants can share their results while cheering on other racers and all the while donating to your good cause.

2.    Product Fundraising

Consider fundraising by selling your foundation’s branded merchandise, with the proceeds going towards your good cause. Consider popular items such as facemasks, hats, frisbees, jackets, shirts, and beach tote bags to name a few.

With PayBee you can host live and silent auctions that can fully feature your products along with your foundation’s branding and your mission statement. Both features include a buy-it-now option for non-auction products with unique URL’s and built-in social sharing links, making the process of spreading the word about your auction items seamless.

3.    Virtual Gala

Hosting lunches, dinners, dances, music, and other live events for in-person groups isn’t always possible. Moving the event to a digital platform is easier than you think and can be just as successful. Without a venue you can save funds on rental and catering fees, additionally bringing in speakers and other entertainers is made simple using popular streaming platfroms. PayBee is an industry leader in the nonprofit and charity virtual gala hosting. Its robust platform can focus on livestreaming, pledge drives, live and silent auctions, live chats, Q&A sessions and video performances. With PayBee you can be assured that your event will go without a hitch and donors will be pleased with the simplicity of the platform.

4.    TED Talk Virtual Events

TED Talk-style events are popular, relevant, and a great way to bring new ideas and discussion to a topic that is relevant to your mission and goals. TED talks are usually lecture styled events with Q&A sessions. Your guests will be able to watch the lecture live and participate in any post event discussions via live chat. With PayBee you can develop world class TED talk-styled events on the Virtual Gala platform. Our full-screen mode allows participants to watch the lecture while still being able to participate in giving via a donate now button.

5.    Host an Online Gaming Tournament

One very hot and relevant new activity is to participate in online gaming tournaments. These can be held with any type of games from poker to classic arcade games.

By using the PayBee platfrom, you can easily charge admission to the event and livestream the games from any digital platform including the king of game streaming networks, Twitch. You can offer prizes for the winners and for category specific accomplishments as well asking viewers of the event to cheer along their favorite gamer and donate when their gamer achieves a certain milestone.

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