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PayBee @ Events Your events and galas should be memorable and FUN for your most important donors

We help you every step of the way

Host a Large Audience | Sponsor Recognition | Event Auctions, Drives, Raffles | Guest Games and Chat | Automatic Reports.

Offering a Complete Solution

PayBee assists you from the very first step until the post-event, when you close all pledges!

Enhance Your Virtual Gala

Organize activities for your audience. Import videos and pre-recorded programs. Chat with your guests, play games, and surprise them with a special speaker.

Easy to set-up

To run a virtual event you don't need any special equipment. Our technology is accessible to everyone!

Uncomplicated Donor Interface

Fully Integrated Management Interface

Guest Invitations

Fundraising Drives, Auctions, etc..

Automatic Live Tracking Reports

Pledge Drive & Follow-ups

Auctions, Pledge Drives

Set up PayBee campaigns to compliment your virtual event. Silent Auction, Live Auction, Pledge Drive, Raffles, set it all up in just a couple of minutes.

Expand your Audience

Expand your local, nationwide and even international guests, including corporate donors who might not be able to attend your in-person event, business colleagues, family, friends, neighbors and your social media network.

No Stress Post-Event

PayBee ensures you have no paperwork or tallying the next day. Watch donors make their donations and bids during the virtual event, knowing that afterward will be worry free.

Auctions, Pledge Drives​

PayBee allows churches to create recurring and sum lump payments. Planning got simplified, so gifts and helping others navigate complicated financial system.

Scale Volunteers

Take advance of your awesome volunteers by having them handle check-ins, closing pledges. They phones can process donations via cash, card and checks. Add volunteers on the fly as needed.

No Work after Event

PayBee makes sure that you don’t have to do any paperwork or tallying the next day. Capture all donations (cash, card and checks) and pledges on the day of the event and see them roll in.


Your Virtual Gala Now Becomes:
Easily accessible from existing and new donors.
Economical and money-saving.
Available to be hosted from anywhere!

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