PayBee Virtual Galas! Don't cancel or postpone your event, instead host a Virtual Gala!

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Virtual Galas hosted on PayBee


Easy for hosts and guests

Paybee Virtual Fundraising Platform

Uncomplicated Donor Interface

Paybee- Virtual Gala's Non-Profit Virtual Fundraising Platform. Live Event, Silent Auctions, Live Auctions, Raffles and More

Fully Integrated Management Interface

comprehensive features

Pledge Drive & Follow-ups

Easy shopping cart checkout for guests as well as automated follow-ups on bids and pledges


Multiple fundraising campaign options

Silent and live auctions, pledge drives, last hero, donation campaigns and more.

Guest Invitations

Automatic landing page creation as well as built in social sharing links and automated email invites.

automatic Live tracking reports

Track all donations, tickets, guests, live attendance and more. All in real time!

We help you every step of the way

Quick signup and event setup

Our easy to use virtual fundraising platform allows you to setup and run a virtual event in no time. Additionally, our staff is available to schedule an on-boarding appointment to ensure you get the most out of your virtual event.

Paybee - Easy Registration

Digital promotion

Spread the word about your online event and further expand your audience with our social sharing ready event url’s and automatic email campaigns for all your guests. 

Livestream and programming

Lean on our expertise to help get you started with a livestream and other segments of your video entertainment. Our virtual event platform can be used with most of the popular streaming services so feel free to get creative in an environment your already accustomed to and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Paybee - Comprehensive Reporting

Event follow-up

We’ll keep track of your donors and your event financials. Enjoy our robust backend reporting system showing a breakdown of all donations and attendees. Additionally, our system automatically follows up with your guests who’ve 

Auctions, Pledge Drives​

PayBee allows churches to create recurring and sum lump payments. Planning got simplified, so gifts and helping others navigate complicated financial system.

Scale Volunteers

Take advance of your awesome volunteers by having them handle check-ins, closing pledges. They phones can process donations via cash, card and checks. Add volunteers on the fly as needed.

No Work after Event

PayBee makes sure that you don’t have to do any paperwork or tallying the next day. Capture all donations (cash, card and checks) and pledges on the day of the event and see them roll in.

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