Top Online Event Ticketing Software Tools For Nonprofits

Top Online Event Ticketing Software Tools For Nonprofits

As a nonprofit organization, charity fundraising events are a vital part of your efforts to raise awareness and support for your cause. And with the advancement of technology and online platforms, charity event ticketing tools have become an essential component for hosting any successful fundraising event. In this article, we are going to discuss the top nonprofit event ticketing system tools for charities that can help streamline the event planning process and increase ticket sales. Whether you’re planning an in-person gathering, a virtual fundraiser, or anything in between, let’s take a look at the best event ticketing solutions for a nonprofit or charity that will help you increase awareness for your upcoming events.

1. PayBee

2. Eventbrite

3. Tix

4. Eventcube

5. Ticketbud

6. Yapsody

7. Accelevents

8. Promotix

9. SimpleTix

10.   Eventtia

10 Best Event Ticketing Software Tools

1: PayBee - All In One Ticketing Software Solution

PayBee is an all-in-one charity events ticketing tool that offers a wide range of features to help nonprofit organizations streamline their fundraising events. With PayBee, nonprofit event managers can easily create custom event pages, accept charity donations, and sell charity event tickets online. The software also offers users the ability to track key information and manage event check-in. This means users can gather the information that can be used in future campaigns to target donors who have already shown interest in the charity or cause. And this helps to make marketing activities more targeted and impactful.

PayBee Key Features

●   Custom event pages

●   Add event details and images on a secure, Paybee-hosted event page

●   Full ticketing invite and RSVP interface for bulk invitations

●   Track responses to invitations in real-time

●   Ability to sell sponsorship packages with group tickets

●   Manage sold tickets, purchasers, and payment records at the backend

●   Ability to issue refunds

●   Add unlimited ticket levels, also known as tiers

●   Easily calculate and display the tax-deductible amount of ticket tiers

●   Automatically send receipts and event tickets to buyers via email

●   Accept additional donations within the event ticketing form

●   Use the backend guest management page where you can edit all guest details and assign bidding paddles for events

●   Donation management and allowing attendees to provide information such as meal preferences or t-shirt size

●   Provide users with multiple payment options, including credit card and Apple Pay

●   Set ticket quantity limits and ticket sales deadlines to automatically close sales and certain points and create a sense of urgency


PayBee’s nonprofit events software offers a 1.9% + $0.30 per transaction fee. Feel free to learn more about PayBee event ticketing and registration software here.

Perfect For

PayBee is an ideal software solution for nonprofit organizations of all sizes that want an all-in-one ticketing and donation management tool.

2: Eventbrite - Well Known Online Ticketing Platform

Eventbrite is a popular international event ticketing tool that offers a range of features to help people manage fundraising events or charity galas. With Eventbrite, charity organizations can simply create a user-friendly custom event pages, increase interest on a trusted ticketing platform, and manage attendee information- all in one place. The event ticketing tool also offers users the ability to track ticket sales and revenue. This helps users to plan a successful charity event that generates financial support through ticket sales.

Eventbrite Key Features

●   Editable custom events pages (use your branding guidelines to create a bespoke page)

●   Manage online ticket sales

●   Attendee management

●   Revenue tracking

●   Marketing tools to share the event page via social media

●   Showcase upcoming events on Eventbrite mobile app for mobile-user engagement

●   Embed ticket checkout on your own website to increase sales potential


Eventbrite offers a range of pricing plans for users, including mobile app integrations which is a free option for charity organizations. For paid plans, the cost ranges from 1.5% + $0.99 per ticket to 3.5% + $1.59 per ticket.

Perfect For

Eventbrite is a great ticket sale solution and app tool for nonprofit event organizers looking to share upcoming events via social media.

3: Tix - Event Ticketing System

Another piece of software for managing events that many NGOs have utilized in the past is Tix. Tix is a cloud-based software app for event ticketing that helps NGOs organize their fundraising events by providing a number of features. Nonprofit event organizers may design unique event pages using Tix, promote your event and manage attendee data. The software allows for the tracking of revenue and ticket sales.

Tickets can be sold via the phone, by fax, at the box office, and online using a website or Facebook. Even though you're having ticketing online, tickets can be picked up in person or via email by attendees. You may easily print your own event tickets with Tix, or you can purchase pre-printed tickets from them.

To enable NGOs to promote an event on Facebook and accept payments directly from their page, Tix has improved its marketing choices. Also, you may build surveys, gather donations, incorporate discount codes, and use QR codes.

The TixScan app is also available for iPhone and Android users to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Your nonprofit's event coordinators may quickly check attendees in at the event by connecting their wired USB barcode scanner to a laptop or computer.

Tix Key Features

●   Custom event pages

●   Online ticketing sales via phone, box office, or online

●   Physical tickets can be issued and picked up by buyers

●   Promote your upcoming charity event on social media

●   TixScan App for event coordination management

●   Attendee management

●   Revenue tracking capabilities

●   Box office management


Tix offers a range of pricing plans, starting at $0.25 per ticket sold online.

Perfect For

Charities hoping to sell both physical and virtual tickets and give buyers the ability to purchase across multiple channels such as a traditional box office, digital platform, or phone payment.

4: Eventcube - Build Your Own Event Page & Virtual Venue

Eventcube enables organizers to have full control of their upcoming events. This handy ticketing software tool offers features such as a comprehensive registration form, issuing tickets to buyers, offering membership packages, and selling virtual event products. As an industry leader within the event space, Eventcube can facilitate traditional, hybrid, and virtual events along with real-world immersive experiences. Whether you plan on hosting a webinar, awareness campaign, or charity fundraiser with interactive elements, Eventcube can help you take your charity event to the next level. So let’s take a look at its key features.

Eventcube Key Features

●   Build your own online virtual venue

●   Host conferences, webinars, or concerts

●   Create stunning live stream stages with interactive features and live chat room
●   Connect your attendees with video networking and feature-rich breakout rooms

●   Support for up to 200 attendees per room

●   Manage your live event with moderator tools such as kick/mute/ban

●   Drive sales potential to event ticketing with real-time reporting


Eventcube offers simple online pricing that grows and scales with your event based on the number of attendees. All of our Virtual Events come with the feature list below with the benefits of extras and add-ons to elevate your events. However you do need to contact them directly to receive a quote.

Perfect For

Charities and not for profit organizations of all sizes that want a modern and feature-rich event ticketing tool that can allow users to host conferences, webinars, and real-time concerts to raise money for charity.

5: Ticketbud - Ticketing Software With Mobile App Capability

With Ticketbud, you can design unique event pages. They provide great branding choices. Setting up an event page, including sponsored logos, videos, photographs, and a unique URL, is simple. This platform's design is also quite simple to comprehend. On this platform's mobile app, which is available for both Apple and Android phones, users can email or print their own tickets and keep them on Apple Wallet.

Ticketbud Key Features

●   Custom event pages

●   Online ticket sales

●   Attendee management

●   Revenue tracking

●   Marketing tools


There is a service cost of 2.0% plus $0.99 per ticket, but there is no contract, setup fee, or monthly fee. The processing charge is 2.9%. According to their website, NGOs are eligible for discounts. Moreover, WEPay, Stripe, or PayPal offer daily, weekly, or monthly payout choices. Find out more about their prices here.

Perfect For

Nonprofit organizations looking for an easy-to-use online event management and online ticketing system with a mobile app capability.

6: Yapsody - Sell Tickets Online Through Virtual Box Offices

We need to talk about Yapsody. Discover the possibilities of designing a virtual box office for your event. This ticketing software tool includes a tonne of extra features that organizations will enjoy! From a seating chart to help NGOs with event planning and setup to an easy-to-use app to ensure your upcoming charity gala or fundraiser goes as smoothly as possible. Start by designing a unique event page to list and sell tickets online and manage attendee data, or a bespoke and branded virtual box office. Next, you can use their valuable revenue-tracking software to boost tickets. With Yapsody, you’ll also have 24/7 customer support, and you can stay updated in real-time with event statistics with a QR code ticket scanner and mobile app, YapScan, and YapStats.

Yapsody Key Features

●   Boost ticket sales for your upcoming nonprofit event

●   Streamline your event management process

●   Increase revenue generation

●   Manage your cash flow by gaining flexibility in Invoice Payment

●   Gain complete control of your event with our Virtual Box Office

●   Maintain your event’s exclusivity through the Inventory Management

●   Send out invite-only codes


Their base prices for general admission tickets are 1.75% + $0.59, and for preferred seating, they are 2.49% + $0.98. Discounts are given to events that sell more tickets, but you have to sell 1,000 or more for them to apply, so most organizations are unaffected.

Perfect For

If you prefer to design your own bespoke and branded box office for an upcoming charity event, then Yapsody is a great event ticketing software to use.

7: Accelevents - Event Ticketing Tool

For enterprise-grade event management, give Accelevents a go! This event ticketing software tool has been designed to be easy to use, set up and customize. You can use it to manage virtual, hybrid, and in-person events and is an excellent platform for nonprofits looking to link upcoming charity events to Zoom, YouTube, Facebook Live, or other streaming services. Although even if you’re hosting an outdoor, indoor, or expo event, you can use Accelevent to promote and increase donations.

Accelevents Key Features

●   Create custom event pages that work on any device

●   Design registration workflows that appeal to your target market

●   Receive payment online or on-site

●   Design and print professional badges

●   Use gamification, surveys, and polls to engage with donors

●   Stream live video and pre-recorded content

●   Use dashboards and reports to track performance and increase sales


Accelevents offers a range of pricing plans, with their entry-level package priced at $500 per event. This includes live streaming, expo booths, and branding capabilities. However, their professional package costs $5,000 per event, with advanced features and services and a dedicated account manager.

Perfect For

Established nonprofit organizations prepared to spend a lot of money on live-streaming and event registration software.

8: Promotix - Low Fees Online Event Software

Promotix is a software program for event ticketing that provides a number of features to assist NGOs in managing their fundraising event. Nonprofits may design unique event sites using Promotix, sell their event, and manage attendee data. The software allows for the tracking of revenue and ticket sales. You can also use Promotix for hosting virtual events, as the software allows you to effortlessly stream from a simple webcam, or include a full live multi-camera production for those looking for a virtual event that is more polished and professional. Since the streaming solution is built-in, there is no need to go elsewhere to host a virtual meet-up or charity gala.

Promotix Key Features

●   Low ticketing fees options

●   Design a beautiful wristband for your event and help source production

●   Collect key info at the box office or upon ticket sale

●   Empower ambassadors to promote your charity event for cash or credit

●   Set awards and incentives for top-ranked ambassadors

●   Encourage participation with exciting prizes

●   Launch in minutes and let your fans do the work for you


When it comes to pricing Promotix fees are a bit different as you can actually use a pay as you go option as a nonprofit or choose their $0.00 + 0% ticket service fee professional plan. But for ticketing and marketing, prices start at 3% + $1.29 per ticket.

Perfect For

Nonprofits of all sizes that want a flexible and affordable event ticketing software tool and to leverage the power of ambassador marketing campaigns to increase ticket sales.

9: Simple Tix - Ticket Tool & Merch Sales Platform

The nonprofit in-person, hybrid or online event management company SimpleTix discovered a way to make pandemic limitations work. Many NGOs were forced to restrict the number of online event registrants due to social exclusion. With timed-entry ticketing from SimpleTix, you may define several time windows and a guest limit. Nonprofits can still use the timed-entry option, which is helpful for bigger online events and VIP attendance now that things are starting to get back to normal.

Their Event Organizer App provides a number of choices to ease the day of your online event as well. You may check guests in by name or order number, scan and sell tickets at the door, and keep an eye on the event on your phone.

Simple Tix Key Features

●   Sell tickets and charity merch online 24/7 through a simple, customizable SimpleTix events page

●   Create custom safety measures that you can adjust on the fly

●   Set and assign time slots for your event and assign capacity limits for each slot

●   Use key integrations and in-depth reporting to maximize ticket sales

●   Manually sign in guests through the SimpleTix app if they forget their ticket

●   Sell merchandise, concessions, and tickets all in one order


SimpleTix fees are only 2% + $0.79 for each attendance. There is no additional setup price, and the fee is capped at $9.99.

Perfect For

SimpleTix is the premier ticketing and registration solution for your events. At its core, it puts client experience above all else to help you sell more entry tickets for charity events and galas.

10: Eventtia - Sell Fundraising Event Tickets

Used by brands such as Coca-Cola and HSBC, Eventtia has a variety of features at its event management software program center to assist NGOs in managing their fundraising events. Nonprofits may design unique event pages with Eventtia, sell tickets, and manage attendee data. The software allows for the tracking of revenue and ticket sales.

Eventtia Key Features

●   Monetize your in-person, hybrid or online event with our event ticketing software

●   Create a dedicated ticketing landing page with online ticket sales

●   Set up and sell selling different ticket types, depending on your attendee’s categories

●   Offer early bird and discount tickets

●   Access multiple payment options

●   Get real-time ticket sales performance data

●   Design a friendly ticketing experience

●   Integrate different payment platforms depending on your location

●   Generate tickets and create coupons to boost ticket sales

●   Boost sponsor visibility by allowing them to design their own booth


Eventtia does require annual membership fees and is based on the number of attendees you plan to have at your event. For instance, for an in-person event with around 1,500 guests and potential donors, you would need to pay $1,250 as a yearly subscription. For hybrid events with the same guests, it would be around $2,818.

Perfect For Nonprofits of all sizes that want a comprehensive event management software tool for their fundraising events and can commit to a yearly membership.

Final Thoughts On Top Ticketing Platforms

Event ticketing software tools are an essential component for hosting successful fundraising events for nonprofits, and there are plenty of options out there but not all are made equal. Using one of the top event ticketing software tools discussed in this article, nonprofits and charity organizations can create custom event pages, sell tickets, manage attendee information, and track ticket sales and revenue. Depending on the nonprofit's specific needs, there are several options to choose from, including PayBee, Eventbrite, Tix, Eventcube, Ticketbud, Yapsody, Accelevents, Promotix, Simple Tix, and Eventtia.

PayBee is an excellent end-to-end fundraising events solution that handles all your event needs. One of the standout features of PayBee is that it offers an affordable and comprehensive digital solution, making it the best choice for all types of ticketed events. It streamlines the ticketing process by allowing users to create event pages and sell tickets directly on the platform. This way, event organizers can save time and effort while ensuring a hassle-free experience for their attendees.

Apart from ticketing, PayBee offers a range of other features that can make event planning a breeze. One of these features is the ability to send out invitations to attendees through the platform. This allows organizers to reach out to potential attendees and spread the word about their event with ease.

PayBee also offers the ability to host auctions as part of the event. This feature is particularly useful for non-profit organizations that rely on fundraising events to generate revenue. With PayBee, organizers can host online auctions, making it easier for attendees to participate and bid on items from the comfort of their homes.

Another essential feature of PayBee is the ability to take online donations. This feature allows non-profit organizations to raise money before, during, and after the event. The platform accepts donations from a range of payment methods, making it easy for attendees to contribute to the cause.

PayBee's data and reports feature is another valuable tool that can help event organizers plan successful events. With this feature, organizers can track ticket sales, monitor attendee engagement, and make data-driven decisions to improve the event's overall success.

Overall, PayBee offers an excellent solution for event organizers and non-profit organizations. By using PayBee, organizers can streamline their event planning process, increase ticket sales, and ultimately support their causes. While there are other event ticketing software tools available, PayBee's affordable and comprehensive solution makes it a top choice for all types of ticketed events.

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