TikTok: A Hidden Gem for Fundraising Success

TikTok: A Hidden Gem for Fundraising Success

Who hasn’t heard of TikTok?  The global phenomenon that has attracted over 1 billion users as of February 2021.  Predominantly younger people (those under 30) are using TikTok and producing videos of dance crazes and crazy stunts.  Some of these videos are attracting thousands of viewers from all around the world.  Global lockdowns due to Covid-19 meant people were seeking entertainment and a feel-good vibe from their own homes as they were not able to mix in person with friends and family.  That’s all well and good – I hear you say – but what does this mean for fundraising? 

Well, TikTok has many ways that can help non-profit users.  So, how does it all work?

Donation Stickers

Quite a simple way for people to help fund-raising campaigns.  Create a video or launch a live stream and simply use the ‘sticker’ option.  People then click to donate.  Instagram has a similar feature, but TikTok’s is different. 

“When the person clicks the sticker, they can choose to have their details shared with the charity who can then contact them about future appeals,” says William Turner, a business writer at Elite assignment help and Paper Fellows.

Plus, while there are various help guide videos available online to show you how to do this, the basic steps go as follows:

  1. Download the newest version of the app
  2. Decide to Create, Post, or Go LIVE
  3. Go to the sticker options and click Add a Donation Sticker
  4. Choose who you’d like to support
  5. Place the sticker on your video
  6. Add your caption and post, or continue live streaming

Display A Fundraiser

This is one of TikTok’s newest features and really helps to promote a fundraiser.  This is even more effective if an influencer or two gets on board and promotes it too!  Anyone can do this by creating a link.  Look underneath the follow button on your profile page and simply add a link to the organization you would like to support.

How To Display A Non-profit On Your Profile

Quite simple really, and as mentioned earlier, there are videos to show you how this works. But, just for more clarity for the sake of this discussion, here’s how to display a non-profit on your profile:


  • Click on “Me” in the bottom right corner of the app
  • Choose “Edit Profile”
  • Find the Non-profit section and choose who you’d like to add
  • Then, the link to donate to the non-profit will be listed on your profile for as long as you like


Sadly, these features are not available to every charity, but you can register to gain access to them.  Follow these steps to become eligible for the TikTok features described above.

Create a profile for your organization and get yourself out there.  Post regular updates and follow similar organizations to build up your presence.

Sounds amazing, but what else can I do on TikTok to fundraise? 

Great question! Here are some simple alternatives to help you.  Think of TikTok like any other social media platform. Spread the word, keep in touch with current trends and be as engaging as possible.


#Post, Post, Post

Get your message out there regularly.  Not just repost the same video over and over but mix it up and keep it relevant to the cause. 

“Videos, live streams, anything to get people’s attention and to grow support.  The more people who see it, the more people who will support it,” says Ida Richardson, a marketing manager at Lia help and Big Assignments.

Hashtags are a must with TikTok.  Link them to what your posts are about and look for ones that are currently trending.  #hashtagsarevital


Be Emotive

You don’t need to create a sob story but you do need to make people feel something from using your profile.  Carefully chosen music with a video could add to the humour or the seriousness of the topic.  Making people laugh, cry or want to act will boost funds for your non-profit.

Best Examples

Want proof of TikTok transforming non-profits? Then check out these great examples!

  • The American Heart Association had come up with the #keepthebeat challenge to raise awareness about American Heart Month in February. In this challenge, people can upload their dance videos on TikTok with the #keepthebeat in the caption.
  • The American Red Cross are always looking for more volunteers. From blood/plasma donations to disaster relief, volunteers are always in need. That’s why the non-profit uploads how-to videos, life advice videos, videos on current projects, etc. on their TikTok, so that people interested in volunteering can see how their contributions can benefit communities everywhere.
  • UNICEF uploads various content on their TikTok. From inspirational videos to life advice, the non-profit raises awareness on their mission to make the world a more peaceful place to be.

Wrapping Up

So, whether it’s Stickers, Displays or Hashtags, you will be able to generate more fundraising successes using TikTok.  With over a billion users to date, it’s got to be worth using for your non-profit appeals.  Over to you now.  Put the effort in and see how much you can gain from using TikTok as a fundraising platform.

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Christina Lee is a social media strategist at Essay Roo writing service.

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Christina Lee

Christina Lee is a social media strategist at Essay Roo writing service.

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