The 12 Ways of Holiday Fundraising with Paybee

1. Virtual Gala

Help reach donors online in an engaging virtual gala platform allowing your donors to interact, be entertained, and to give to your foundation from the comfort of their homes. Virtual Gala’s offer great donor turnout with very little overhead costs to your charity.

2. Hybrid Gala

If you’re planning a Winter Holiday Gala for your foundation this year, you can enhance that experience by offering a Hybrid – part in person and part -online gala! This hybrid format offers your donors who can’t attend a chance to participate in the event via a livestream video feed and online bidding options which integrate seamlessly with in-person bidding.

3. Online Silent Holiday Auction

Using Paybee’s online Silent Auction feature, you can offer an online bidding process for your donors allowing them to bid online and receive live text message updates on  bidding activity. Require donor address information at checkout to facilitate shipment to your less local auction winners.

4. Paybee Donation and Pledge Features

We find that up to 60% of donations to charities using the Paybee platform come in the form of direct donations. Take advantage of the giving spirit of the holiday season by setting up donation and pledge drive campaigns on Paybee and sharing them with your donors. 

5. Holiday Gift: Buy It Now Item

In addition to silent auction’s and pledge drives, consider offering a unique holiday gift for sale on your Paybee donation page with a portion of the proceeds going to your charity. Popular ideas are gift baskets, custom Christmas ornaments and other affordable Holiday items.

6. Holiday Card Donation Campaign

Use auto-generated QR Codes in your Holiday greeting cards to reach out to donors this Holiday season. QR codes allow your donors to give back by simply scanning the code a smartphone.

7. Use Paybee’s built in social Sharing Links to run a Holiday Social Media Sharing Campaign.

For all campaigns generated on Paybee, there is a built in social sharing feature which makes it easy to post your campaigns to social media and engage your pre-existing social audiences.

8. Use Paybee’s SMS Features to engage your Donor’s via text message

Using the Paybee mobile app, your staff and volunteers have the ability to share campaigns links directly to your donors using SMS. This can be a powerful tool to use during the Holiday Season when your donors may be busier than normal and checking their email less frequently.

9. Corporate Donation Matching

Paybee’s Corporate Donation matching feature can be a great way to engage your donors while also promoting your charity. Simply nominate a company and Paybee will generate a donation matching form, make it easy for participating companies to match your donation.

10. Brand Your Paybee Donation Page

Consider updating your logo, cover photo and campaign photos to a holiday theme in order get your followers in the holiday mood. Data shows that up to 75% of online retailers integrate a Holiday theme each year.

11. Donor Database

Use Paybee’s donor database feature to reach out to any former donors from who’m you haven’t heard in a while. This database is searchable by a number of different parameters including donation history, location and other personal identifiable information.

12. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Leverage your staff and volunteers by registering them to your Paybee account and letting them collect donations from their close contacts on your foundations' behalf using the Paybee App's easy checkout process. All donations are properly accredited and kept track of with the Paybee platform.

More Information

The ways above represent just a fraction of what's possible with the Paybee fundraising platform. Please see these and more at our website www.paybee.io

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