Exploring Opportunities: Remote Nonprofit Jobs - Navigating Rewarding Careers in Nonprofit Sectors

Exploring Opportunities: Remote Nonprofit Jobs - Navigating Rewarding Careers in Nonprofit Sectors

Nonprofit organizations, commonly known as 501c(3)s, are legal entities established for collective, public, or social benefit. They operate without the aim of making a profit, funding all activities through donations. Nonprofits receive tax exemptions in recognition of the services they provide.

Working within a nonprofit organization attracts individuals driven by a passion for contributing to a greater purpose and striving to improve the world. The sector accounts for over 12 million jobs, with hospitals and universities being the most prevalent categories.

If you're on the lookout for remote full-time or part-time not for profit jobs, it's vital to focus not only on your skills but also on your commitment to the organization's mission. Rather than only relying on general job boards, consider using top nonprofit job platforms to connect with an employer actively seeking individuals dedicated to purpose-driven work. 

This approach benefits job seekers looking for roles that contribute to society, the environment, and humanity while also helping an employer attract passionate and qualified candidates. From New York to Philadelphia and Florida, remote nonprofit opportunities open doors not only locally but also internationally, providing a diverse range of meaningful job roles for those dedicated to making a positive impact on a global scale. 

Overview of the Types of Remote Jobs Available in the Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofit organizations have opened up opportunities for remote full-time and part-time work to tap into a diverse global workforce. They're on the lookout for skilled professionals in management, technology, and marketing to ensure ongoing success in their nonprofit organizations. The following sections highlight popular work-from-home jobs in nonprofits.

Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant employee handles a range of daily business tasks, including:

  • Coordinating meetings
  • Recording meeting minutes
  • Delivering reports and documents
  • Facilitating communications with staff, volunteers, and donors.

Human Resources Specialist

Human resources specialists oversee the complete recruitment process- which involves screening, interviewing, and hiring new personnel. Additionally, they supervise the organization and maintenance of various documents, such as pay stubs, tax forms, and benefits information. Additionally, they may:

  • Conduct training sessions
  • Develop workplace policies and handbooks
  • Coordinate with other departments for internal marketing and work culture efforts.

Nonprofit Organization Controller 

A nonprofit organization controller handles financial management with a focus on transparency and accountability. The following day-to-day tasks contribute to the overall financial health of nonprofit organizations:

  • Manage nonprofit financial reports
  • Develop and maintain accounting systems
  • Oversee budgeting aligned with the mission
  • Conduct internal audits for compliance
  • Collaborate with external auditors
  • Supervise nonprofit accounting team
  • Implement governance-specific financial policies
  • Monitor cash flow for nonprofit activities
  • Provide financial analysis for grants and donors
  • Ensure compliance with tax regulations for nonprofit organizations

Fundraising Coordinator

The coordination of fundraising activities falls under the purview of fundraising coordinators, whose jobs are tasked with planning and executing all related aspects. Their duties commonly involve:

  • Contacting and maintaining relationships with donors
  • Managing event planning details (whether in-person or virtual)
  • Developing strategies for new funding opportunities
  • Working closely with directors, marketers, and volunteers
  • Supervising a small team

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinators are highly sought after in nonprofit work-from-home jobs, handling both full-time and part-time tasks such as:

  • Creating content for social media
  • Building email distribution lists
  • Formulating content strategies
  • Contributing ideas for websites, press releases, and print media

Community Outreach Coordinator

Community outreach coordinators act as liaisons to address community needs, with responsibilities like:

  • Recruiting and managing volunteer groups
  • Organizing community events
  • Supporting fundraising efforts
  • Developing partnerships with other organizations

Grant Writer 

Grant writers are individuals who gather documentation to secure funding for nonprofit organizations. Typical job duties include:

  • Researching and collecting data
  • Collaborating with directors and managers on financial information
  • Writing grant proposals
  • Managing and tracking the proposal process, submissions, and follow-up documentation

Program Manager

Overseeing projects, program managers ensure alignment with organizational objectives. They plan, budget, and monitor projects, effectively allocating resources such as volunteers, staff, and technology.

Director of Development

Directors of development are in charge of all fundraising strategies and activities. They also:

  • Establish and maintain relationships with donors and investors
  • Initiate and help plan events
  • Research grants for potential funding
  • Strategize other channels for fundraising

Executive Director

Serving as the CEO of nonprofit organizations, executive directors are primary spokespeople and bear ultimate responsibility for mission, strategy, and daily operations.

Education Specialist

Working closely with teachers, managers, and directors, education specialists assess classroom objectives, curriculum, resources, and learning outcomes. They may also assist education program managers by developing marketing materials, preparing reports, and providing staff training.

Curriculum Developer

Curriculum developers compile various materials and lesson plans for online classes. They collaborate closely with management and train educators to ensure the attainment of learning objectives.


Accountants diligently oversee an organization's financial elements, including cash flow, balance sheets, payroll, and budgets. Their tasks include analyzing numerical data, creating reports, forecasting financial outcomes, and conducting audits to ensure conformity with organizational policies and state and federal laws. Typically, a degree in accounting and CPA qualifications are prerequisites.


Public interest lawyers provide legal representation during lawsuits and offer guidance on legal aspects concerning an organization’s mission. A law degree is essential, as is legal experience within the organization's specific focus area, such as environment, human rights, or animal rights.


Researchers are responsible for preparing and scrutinizing data, detecting trends and patterns, drawing conclusions, and presenting their findings. They employ visual aids such as graphs and charts to communicate results and generate a written report.

Entry-Level Jobs

Nonprofits also advertise entry-level jobs that don't necessitate prior experience or education beyond a high school diploma or associate’s degree. If you can demonstrate competence and responsibility, securing an entry-level remote nonprofit job can lay the foundation for your career.

To begin, explore job position with titles containing words like:

  • Analyst
  • Generalist
  • Associate
  • Assistant
  • Staff
  • Clerk

You may find a variety of entry-level positions in job categories related to:

  • Customer service jobs
  • Call center jobs
  • Community organizing jobs
  • Volunteer teams job
  • Home Services job
  • Business administration jobs

Finding Remote Nonprofit Organization Jobs 

If the prospect of working in the nonprofit sector excites you, there's good news – plenty of fantastic remote jobs are available at nonprofits! Wondering where to find job listings for full-time and part-time remote roles? Check out the curated list of job boards below to get started!

Job Boards Specializing in Nonprofit Positions:

Philanthropy News Digest Job Board

Philanthropy News Digest is a digital publication that showcases news, features, and opinion pieces from nonprofits, foundations, and social change professionals. Its job board presents a wide range of physically located jobs but can occasionally feature remote nonprofit jobs. This platform is ideal for those seeking nonprofit jobs online.


  • Specialized in philanthropy and nonprofit sector jobs.
  • Job listings from organizations committed to social causes.
  • Opportunities to work for a positive societal impact.
  • Connects individuals passionate about philanthropy with relevant job openings.

Work For Good

Work For Good is one of the most comprehensive job platforms for finding remote nonprofit jobs. Work for Good has about 300 different nonprofit career options. With over 100,000 monthly visitors, it's a popular choice for those looking to start, transition, or advance in a mission-oriented organization remotely.

With numerous filters and search options based on keywords, you can easily find a nonprofit job that suits your preferences without spending too much time. You can filter job listings by position type, salary, experience, and willingness to travel. The site offers local, international, and remote job listings across various career fields.


  • Focus on socially responsible organizations.
  • Job opportunities with a mission-driven approach.
  • Connects job seekers with employers dedicated to positive change.

80,000 Hours Job Board

80,000 Hours is a research and consulting organization that assists individuals in working and building careers in social change sectors. Its job board features thousands of jobs from nonprofits worldwide, including some that allow remote work. 

Nonprofits can also post their remote job openings on this platform. Featuring jobs from the Rockefeller Foundation to National Security Committees, the 80,000 Hours Job Board is an excellent resource for finding remote nonprofit jobs.


  • Emphasis on meaningful and impactful careers.
  • Job opportunities addressing global challenges.
  • Resources and guidance for career decision-making.
  • Connects individuals with roles that contribute to positive social change.

Global Jobs

Global Jobs is one of the largest platforms for remote nonprofit jobs, featuring opportunities from all fields and continents and with numerous filters to simplify the job search process. While it predominantly lists location-based jobs, remote opportunities are also available.


  • International job opportunities across different sectors.
  • Connects individuals with roles in various countries.
  • Diverse job listings for a global audience.
  • Opportunities for those interested in working internationally.

The Feminist Jobs Board

This platform allows feminists of all genders to discover jobs that promote women's status or reflect their commitment to social justice. They send out a Weekly Jobs Digest every Friday afternoon, featuring nationwide job openings from employers like the American Civil Liberties Union, the League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood, and The National Women's Law Center.


  • Specialized in feminist and gender equality-related job opportunities.
  • Connects individuals with organizations promoting social justice.
  • Opportunities to contribute to gender equality and advocacy.

All Hands

This job board partners with progressive organizations, including nonprofits like Fair Count, The Movement for Black Lives, and the National Audubon Society. Submit your resume to All Hands, and they will support your application, encourage partners to review your profile and introduce you by email to partners interested in hiring you. 

You will also be connected to their recruitment team, so you can inform them if you apply for a job with one of their partner organizations on your own, and they can highlight your profile for that organization. This board makes connecting directly with nonprofit organizations and other progressive groups simple.


  • Focus on disaster response and humanitarian aid jobs.
  • Connects individuals with roles in crisis and emergencies.
  • Opportunities to make a positive impact during emergencies.
  • Emphasis on helping communities in times of need.

The TBD Community Jobs Board

The TBD jobs board is extensive, featuring primarily European jobs, with some from around the world. While many jobs are location-based, there are also numerous remote positions, particularly in technology, web development, and digital project management. It's an excellent platform for finding remote nonprofit jobs and for nonprofits looking to hire remote talent.


  • Focus on community-oriented job opportunities.
  • Connects individuals with roles within community organizations.
  • Opportunities to contribute to positive community development.
  • Emphasis on aligning personal values with community impact.


Idealist is a nonprofit platform showcasing around 10,000 job opportunities at social enterprises, government agencies, and organizations globally. It features job listings, internships, events, and volunteering chances. Volunteering can sometimes lead to paid positions, so getting involved is encouraged.


  • Wide range of nonprofit and social impact job listings.
  • Connects individuals with organizations addressing diverse social issues.
  • Opportunities to work for positive societal change in various fields.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy offers a valuable resource for fundraising jobs and other nonprofit positions, spanning entry-level to executive director roles. 

While accessing job listings may require a subscription, investing in one could prove worthwhile for the valuable content on the site, especially if you're contemplating a lasting career in the nonprofit sector.


  • Specialized in job opportunities within the philanthropic sector.
  • Connects individuals with roles in charitable organizations.
  • Opportunities to contribute to positive social change through philanthropy.


Encore.org is a one-stop hub for anyone considering a second career, especially those aged 50 and older. The Encore team's mission is to support organizations in finding new ways to engage experienced individuals, helping to tackle social issues. Encore.org highlights that there are more people over 50 than under 18 in the US, emphasizing that life after 50 can still be socially impactful. 

The site includes a Job Listings page with over 5 million jobs posted suitable for older job seekers; they are searchable by field and location, including remote nonprofit opportunities. It also offers helpful videos and articles to assist job seekers. 

Encore.org aims to inspire change through innovation, thought leadership, and research, providing job options for those seeking to make a difference in their later years. The resources for 'Encore Leaders' and 'Encore Seekers' are especially beneficial.


  • Specialized in Encore careers for individuals later in life.
  • Connects individuals with opportunities for social impact.
  • Opportunities to use skills and experiences for positive change.


This platform was established to ensure that people of color have representation at every professional level in the political sector, including nonprofit jobs. 

Membership is free; all you need to do is upload your resume. Upon joining, you'll receive weekly emails featuring new job listings and invitations to training sessions and webinars.


  • Specialized in diversity, equity, and inclusion job opportunities.
  • Connects individuals with roles in organizations committed to inclusivity.
  • Opportunities to contribute to creating diverse and equitable workplaces.
  • Focus on aligning individual beliefs with DEI values.

Work for Progress

This is one of our preferred nonprofit job boards, focusing on recruiting candidates for organizations such as the Green Corps, the US PIRG, Environment America, and others dedicated to impacting our environment, health, and future. 

Additionally, they manage one of the largest field campaigns in the country during each election cycle, supporting candidates who advocate for these issues. The organizations they collaborate with are trans-partisan, reaching out to all job seekers who may align with their causes—whether they identify as conservative, liberal, or anything in between.


  • Focus on job opportunities within progressive organizations.
  • Connects individuals with roles in socially impactful causes.
  • Opportunities to contribute to positive change in various fields.

General Remote Job Boards:

Remember to adjust your location to "remote" when searching for nonprofit job opportunities on general job boards. 


LinkedIn, while not originally intended as a hiring platform, has become a major player in the job market as a professional networking platform. While applying through LinkedIn is beneficial, it's important to diversify your job search beyond the platform.


  • Leverages existing professional profiles.
  • Ensures companies you interact with are reputable and legitimate.
  • Facilitates communication in a networking context.
  • Helps build personal brands.
  • Offers email follow-ups and job alerts.
  • Ability to post portfolio items, web links, and more profile attributes than other job sites.


Indeed has emerged as a dominant force in the hiring game, with nearly 10 jobs added every second and over a quarter-million visitors monthly. It is considered one of the most well-known job websites, surpassing older staples like Monster in a short span.


  • Comprehensive job listings.
  • Easy and fast application process.
  • Ability to customize your resume for specific jobs.
  • Ability to add a cover letter to enhance your application.
  • Constantly improving user experience for both employers and employees.


Monster, a long-respected website in the job market, has faced tough competition in recent years from platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn, which now dominate the hiring scene. Despite its reputation, Monster has flaws, as users often have to contend with numerous ads and repeated job listings. However, it remains a reputable source for job seekers.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Ability to block resumes from specific companies.
  • Filters for job hunting and specifications.
  • Good choice for relocation or exploring different industries and job types.
  • Variety of resources in its center and good customer service.
  • Set standards for many newer hiring sites.


Like Indeed, this large platform gathers remote jobs from the internet and brings them together in one convenient, searchable database. Enter "remote" in the search bar, and you'll notice the appearance of the remote gigs filter. Although you may encounter a larger volume of jobs compared to a more selectively curated site, you'll instantly gain access to numerous remote opportunities available for immediate application, including nonprofit positions.


  • Comprehensive company reviews, salary information, and insights.
  • Job listings with user-generated company reviews for informed decisions.
  • Opportunities to research company culture and salaries before applying.
  • Emphasis on transparency and user-generated content for job seekers.


While not the best job board, Craigslist can still be a useful addition to your job-hunting strategy. It is known for its low-quality job listings but offers unique gigs not found elsewhere.


  • Least expensive job board.
  • Unique gigs not found elsewhere.
  • Useful for local, temporary, entry-level, and freelance jobs.
  • Many listings are for physical labour, graphic design, remote work, and administrative jobs.


Explore diverse remote roles in the nonprofit sector through FlexJobs, featuring over 50 categories. From part-time positions to executive roles, find pre-screened opportunities for digital nomads and those seeking impactful careers, with more than 20,000 remote jobs posted.


  • Specialized in remote and flexible jobs.
  • Verified and screened job listings for legitimacy.
  • Focus on professional-level positions.
  • Additional resources like skill testing and job search tips.
  • Subscription-based model, filtering out potential scams.


Discover meaningful roles in customer service, design, development, HR, sales, writing, management, and marketing within the nonprofit sector on Remote.co. Their carefully curated list of remote jobs allows you to browse and search by job type, providing a tailored approach to finding the right nonprofit opportunity for you.


  • Dedicated to remote work opportunities.
  • A curated list of remote jobs posted.
  • Resources and insights on remote work.
  • Emphasis on work-life balance.
  • Varied job categories, including tech, marketing, customer service, etc.


ZipRecruiter simplifies job hunting with its one-click application system and over 20,000 remote jobs posted. Although, it's recommended to customize your resume for each job. The platform also alerts you to local recruiters who may be interested in your resume.


  • Effortless one-click application for remote roles.
  • Customizable resume options to tailor your application to the specific nonprofit job you're applying for.
  • Notifications about local recruiters interested in nonprofit profiles.
  • Access to diverse nonprofit job categories for a comprehensive search.
  • User-friendly platform for seamless navigation in the nonprofit sector.

Preparing for a Remote Nonprofit Career Search Using Job Boards

Target Causes and Roles

Focus on causes you care about rather than the sector as a whole, as organizations value passion. Consider roles that align with your skills and interests.

Refine Your Searches

Use filters to narrow down job postings and search for specific keywords or job titles to find the most relevant opportunities.

Save Your Searches

Keep track of your searches in a spreadsheet or using bookmarks to save time when checking for updates. Consider using alerts for automatic updates on new jobs posted.

Check Regularly

Develop a habit of checking job sites frequently for new listings. Some sites offer automatic alerts when a new job opportunity gets posted.

Conduct Research

Before applying, research the organization on sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn, and review their financials on Guidestar to understand their mission and work culture.

Prepare Your Application

Have a well-crafted cover letter and resume ready to customize and send quickly, as job openings in nonprofits can fill up fast.

Explore Opportunities

If your ideal job is not listed, consider reaching out to see if there are upcoming roles. Networking with existing staff can also be beneficial.

Challenges and Solutions in Remote Nonprofit Work 

Time Zone Differences

Collaborating with individuals across different time zones can be challenging in nonprofit organizations. Scheduling meetings at convenient times and using task management software helps overcome synchronization issues, ensuring effective communication for global humanitarian efforts.

How to solve it:

Schedule meetings for meaningful dialogue, rotate meeting times for global participation and use task management software to complete assignments efficiently, facilitating seamless collaboration in nonprofit initiatives.

Nonprofit Time Management Struggles

Navigating deadlines and procrastination becomes more challenging in nonprofit remote work. The transition to working from home amplifies these issues, making goal achievement tougher without the structure of a traditional office day.

How to solve it:

Start each day by outlining your schedule and prioritizing nonprofit tasks. Incorporate time management tools, allocating specific time slots for each nonprofit task to enhance productivity.

Maintaining Work-Life Balance in Nonprofit Settings

The absence of a commute blurs the boundaries between nonprofit work and personal time. Establishing a dedicated home office helps create a mental and physical separation when stepping away from nonprofit tasks.

How to solve it:

Create a distinct nonprofit workspace at home, avoiding non-work activities in that space. This ensures clear boundaries and facilitates a mental shift away from nonprofit work when necessary.

Cabin Fever

Maintaining a dedicated workspace is crucial for nonprofit remote work, but being confined for long hours can lead to cabin fever. Scheduled breaks and virtual meetings with colleagues can alleviate stress and enhance productivity, fostering a positive environment for those working towards social change.

How to solve it:

Add social interaction into your day, even online. Schedule virtual coffee chats or participate in dedicated Slack channels for team bonding. If online interactions feel forced, consider spending time in co-working spaces or coffee shops for a change of environment.

Communication Challenges in Nonprofit Work

Remote nonprofit communication presents difficulties in interpreting tone and intentions. Email and messaging platforms lack the cues of body language and gestures, making misunderstandings more likely.

How to solve it:

Be clear in your communication, especially in conflict resolution or feedback. Err on the side of over-communicating with colleagues and managers to prevent misunderstandings from affecting the nonprofit team dynamics.

Increased Distractions in Nonprofit Work

Home distractions, from noisy environments to tempting comforts, can hinder focus on nonprofit tasks. Managing distractions is crucial for maintaining productivity.

How to solve it:

Use noise-canceling headphones to concentrate in a busy home. Seek assistance for pets and childcare to minimize disruptions during work hours. Physically avoid spaces associated with distractions to maintain concentration.

Technological/Logistical Issues in Nonprofit Remote Work

Technical challenges, such as connectivity issues, can disrupt nonprofit work. Without on-site IT support, addressing hardware and software malfunctions becomes a remote challenge.

How to solve it:

Always have a backup plan for technical glitches. Utilize alternative connections like mobile data in case of WiFi outages. Stay patient and calm, as most colleagues in nonprofit remote work understand and respond empathetically to technical struggles.

Power Outage

Power outages can disrupt remote work in nonprofit organizations, leading to unproductive hours and frustration. Having reliable backup options like a MiFi device and high-quality cables is crucial to ensure uninterrupted support for humanitarian efforts.

How to solve it:

Use a reliable MiFi device as a backup for internet issues and consider high-quality cables for smooth USB tethering, supporting the uninterrupted flow of communication and collaboration in nonprofit work.

Supervision Dynamics in Nonprofit Remote Work

Remote nonprofit work can exaggerate managerial styles, leading to either micromanagement or insufficient supervision. Establishing clear communication channels with managers is essential for navigating this challenge.

How to solve it:

Maintain a consistent line of communication with your manager. Set weekly meetings, keep a shared document for updates, and address any concerns promptly. This ensures micromanagers feel reassured while hands-off managers stay informed.

Communication Challenges

Remote work introduces communication challenges in nonprofit organizations, impacting deliverables and workflow. Proactive listening, clear communication in emails, virtual video meetings, and internal knowledge bases can overcome language barriers and misunderstandings, promoting effective collaboration for social impact.

How to solve it:

Be a good listener, communicate clearly in emails, schedule video meetings for crucial discussions, and use internal knowledge bases for information sharing, fostering transparent communication within nonprofit teams.

Motivational Struggles in Nonprofit Remote Work

The absence of office buzz can impact motivation levels in nonprofit work. Establishing self-motivation strategies and finding passion in nonprofit activities are crucial for combating apathy.

How to solve it:

Engage in activities that align with your passions. Look for challenges and view them as learning opportunities within your nonprofit role. Set both short-term and long-term goals to maintain focus and provide milestones for accomplishment.

Networking Challenges in Nonprofit Remote Work

Building connections remotely poses challenges compared to in-person networking. Formal and informal networking opportunities have shifted, requiring intentional efforts to establish connections in the nonprofit sector.

How to solve it:

Actively seek networking opportunities within the nonprofit sector, such as finding a mentor or joining professional organizations. Organize virtual or in-person meetings with individuals in your nonprofit field to foster connections.

Mental Health Challenges in Nonprofit Remote Settings

Isolation in remote nonprofit work can contribute to mental health issues like depression or anxiety. Proactively seeking professional help and incorporating social interactions into daily routines are essential for well-being.

How to solve it:

Connect with mental health professionals if needed. Incorporate social interactions, such as virtual lunches or meetings with friends and colleagues, to combat feelings of isolation and build a sense of community.

Building Trust in Nonprofit Remote Work

Building trust in remote nonprofit work can be challenging without direct visibility. Open communication and transparency are crucial for overcoming this hurdle.

How to solve it:

Keep colleagues and managers informed through regular updates on projects. Address challenges promptly and be transparent, ensuring trust is built through consistent communication.

FAQs on Remote Nonprofit Jobs

Are there specific days designated for applying to nonprofit jobs?

While no universal days are set for nonprofit job applications, staying informed about industry events, awareness days, and fundraising campaigns is crucial. Despite the absence of designated days, nonprofits actively recruit during these periods. Being aware and strategically timing your applications improves your chances of securing a job in the nonprofit sector.

Are there full-time non-tech positions in the nonprofit sector?

As for full-time positions in the nonprofit sector, there are abundant non-tech roles available. These positions allow individuals to dedicate themselves to meaningful work on a full-time basis, leveraging their skills and passion to advance the organization's mission.

Do nonprofit organizations exclusively concentrate on nonprofit activities, or are there profit-oriented activities?

Nonprofit organizations primarily operate without the aim of making a profit. Although, they do engage in activities that generate revenue to support their mission. While the core focus is on social impact, some nonprofit roles may involve profit-oriented activities to ensure financial sustainability.

What are the communication roles available in non-tech nonprofits?

A non-tech nonprofit often seeks professionals for communication roles to enhance their outreach and impact. Positions like Communications Specialists or Coordinators are crucial in managing internal and external communications, ensuring effective messaging for the organization's mission.

Are roles in philanthropy flexible within nonprofits?

Philanthropy roles within nonprofits offer flexibility. Many organizations understand the importance of accommodating diverse schedules for individuals engaged in philanthropic activities. Flexibility in philanthropy allows contributors to balance their commitment to the cause with other aspects of their lives.

Are there foundations that specifically offer remote work opportunities?

Yes, there are foundations that prioritize remote work arrangements within the nonprofit sector. These organizations recognize the importance of flexibility and remote collaboration, allowing individuals to contribute to their missions from the comfort of their homes.

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