Product Fundraising Basics + 3 Ideas for PTAs in 2023

Product Fundraising Basics + 3 Ideas for PTAs in 2023

Product fundraisers are a classic way to raise funds for your school. Your customers will support your school by making a small purchase and receive a tangible product as a result. With the help of your PTA and students, you can set up a sales table or go door to door selling exciting and valuable products. 

Product fundraising can be successful when your PTA is equipped with popular products and effective strategies. For example, by selling custom travel mugs for your school fundraiser, ABC Fundraising says you can provide a product that people want while also representing your school. As a result, your PTA will have relevant products and a strategy to gather support for your school.

With the plethora of product options that are now available, you can alter your fundraising sale to fit your school’s audience and financial goals. All you need to be successful is a supplier, such as a company who specializes in product fundraising, and the right product.

This guide will explain how to host a successful product fundraising campaign and look at some of the most profitable product fundraising ideas.

Product fundraising basics

Getting started with a product fundraiser requires a few simple steps.

  • Choose a product supplier. The right company will streamline and simplify the process for your PTA. You’ll want to work with one that has a reputation for success and high-profit margins.
  • Choose a product. Determine which products will best appeal to your target market. Pick only one product to begin with to ensure your promotional efforts are focused and consistent.
  • Promote your sale. Advertise your product and the opportunity to support your school. Promote the sale well in advance to excite your supporters.

After you’ve set up your product fundraiser and announced it to your school, determine its format. Here are a few options:

  • Tabling or going door to door with a physical order form.
  • Using an online storefront created by your chosen partner to sell your products.
  • Using your own online tools to sell your products.

Whether your strategy includes an in-person sale, hybrid approach, or a completely virtual fundraiser, prioritize ease and security in your transactions. 

Double the Donation explains that nonprofits can benefit from peer-to-peer fundraising when supporters advertise a fundraising effort for an organization they believe in, and the same can be said about your school’s product fundraiser. It will be a peer-to-peer effort, meaning you need PTA and student volunteers to help sell the products and promote your mission. Here are a few easy steps for doing so:

  1. Your group of fundraisers will receive an order form or an online store URL to distribute.
  2. They’ll ask their friends, family, peers, neighbors, etc. to support your cause by purchasing your product.
  3. Buyers will submit their payment and contact information and then receive the product. 

Then, all you’ll need to do is distribute the items, and you’re done! There are a few easy ways to make sure your products reach the intended recipient:

  • If you’re offering a pre-ordered product, you’ll distribute it on the spot.
  • Host a pick-up spot where buyers can come retrieve their purchased product.
  • Recruit helpers to deliver the items to supporters. 
  • Partner with a product fundraising provider that offers to ship products directly to supporters.

Once everyone has received their products, be sure to thank them for their time and contribution. Consider reporting back to your general student body and PTA on the success of your product fundraising efforts.

Top 3 product fundraiser ideas for schools

A product fundraiser will only raise money for your school if you choose a relevant product that your audience loves. Your fundraising campaign should be unique but relevant and keep your supporters’ preferences in mind. Consider these three ideas when choosing which product to sell.

Cookie dough fundraiser

What family doesn’t love a delicious batch of warm cookies? Cookie dough will be a popular buy because everyone loves it!  To reach the largest audience, choose a variety of flavors so that your fundraiser will appeal to every palette. Here are some popular choices:

  • Sugar
  • Chocolate chip
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Oatmeal raisin
  • White chocolate macadamia

Your students and parents will collect orders in your community via an order form so that your PTA can receive the product in bulk. You can even set up an online storefront to market your dough to more potential buyers.

Discount card fundraiser

Host a discount card fundraiser to allow your supporters to save money at local shops and businesses for a full year. This fundraiser can bridge the gap between your school and your city, bringing your local community together. 

Partner with a provider that establishes these agreements, then order the discount cards and promote the sale locally. By offering discounts at restaurants and stores in your area, people outside your school community will be interested in buying from your school.

Sell your discount cards in front of participating stores, at local events, and around the community. After all, your customer base will likely be those who frequent the stores that participate! 

Gourmet popcorn fundraiser

Just like cookies, popcorn is a delicious snack that will appeal to nearly anyone it’s marketed to. Host a gourmet popcorn fundraiser and offer multiple flavors so everyone will find an option they’ll love. 

Consider setting up a popcorn pre-order booth at lunchtime and sports games to encourage students and parents to order some. When you partner with the right product fundraising provider, you can offer a variety of flavors that everyone will be eager to try.

With these exciting product fundraising ideas for your PTA and school, you’ll be sure to hit your fundraising goals. For the best results, promote your sale well in advance, create excitement around your campaign, and sell away!

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