Paybee Features: Event Ticketing

Paybee Features: Event Ticketing

Paybee has a new ticketing system which rivals the best options found in any software and is specifically built for nonprofit fundraising events. Features such as uploading guest lists, customizable registration landing pages, one click email invites and reminders, group tickets, customizable ticketing options and much more are available!

Our online charity platform makes it simple to create any type of ticketing campaign you might require — from simple event admission tickets to more specific dinner tickets (complete with multiple meal options). Further, Paybee’s automatically generated event landing pages make it easy for visitors to purchase tickets and commit to attending your charity gala.

Event Landing Pages with RSVP Options

Once you've setup your event on the Paybee fundraising platform and customized your event landing page. You'll end up with a signup page similar to the one shown below:

From this page, guests can setup event RSVP options where tickets can be purchased directly. Guests can also perform a variety of other functions from this page, like donating to various fundraising campaigns setup within your account.


Immediately upon completing checkout, your guests will receive their tickets via email along with donation receipts for their purchase. These tickets can be used for quick scan check-in once your guests arrive at your event venue.

Guest Management

As guest information is collected from the ticketing page, the Paybee system provides you with full guest management features. From these features you can view and edit all your guest information, as well as help manage tasks such as new invitations, event reminders, guest management and more!

See Our New Features

Modern nonprofit fundraisers are exciting events that can reach thousands of people around the world and enhance your nonprofit or charity’s brand in ways you could once only dream about. See how Paybee can help by signing up for a free demo of our online fundraising platform and experience first hand what it means to raise money with modern online tools. You’ll be able to take part in a mock online auction and ask all of your questions to our team of experts. The future of your fundraising efforts is literally lying at your fingertips, so sign up for a free demo today!

If you already have a Paybee account and would like to learn in depth about how to manage your ticketing campaigns and guests. Please visit our documentation page here:


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