Paybee Features: Automatic Bid Paddles

Once guests are registered for your event. Paybee will auto generate a bid paddle and name card for each of your guests. Each paddle contains a unique number as well as QR code which can be scanned through the Paybee app to perform activities such as purchasing items, making donations and closing out their cart to checkout.

Bid paddles are generated in pdf format and are made to fit the aspect ration of standard 8.5x11 sheets of paper. Most at home printers will be able to print these bid paddles without any issue. The paddle printouts are made to fold down the center, so that donor information will show on both sides of the paddle once in the final folded position. These sheets are then ready to be used in conjunction with any handle of your choosing.

To learn about more about Paybee's fundraising features please visit our Virtual, Hybrid and In-person event pages.

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Paybee is the leader in nonprofit fundraising events with tools for virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

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