Online Ticket Auction Site: Bidding for Tickets at Fundraising Auctions

Online Ticket Auction Site: Bidding for Tickets at Fundraising Auctions

Boost Your Event's Online Ticket Sales with Live Auction Features

When planning a fundraising event for your nonprofit organization, selling large quantities of tickets to your gala is a must. High ticket sales equal high attendance which in turn increases revenue for your cause.

But there’s a problem. In an age when every charity and nonprofit is holding luncheons, galas, and balls at the same time, how can you make your event stand out?

Our solution? Create some friendly competition!  

By incorporating live auction features into your event website, you can boost your sales by offering event tickets as custom auction items. This creates a more dynamic and engaging experience for potential guests as they participate for the opportunity to attend a charity gala or art auction that everyone wants to go to.

Of course, in order to make your auction a success, you’ll need to choose an auction site that offers the right capabilities. In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of using an auction site, the features you’ll need to have for your site, and how you should go about finding the right site to help your auctions raise more money. 

Benefits of Selling Tickets on a Live Auction Site

One major advantage of using virtual or online auctions is the opportunity to reach a wider audience. In addition to your main support network, people searching for related events or products can stumble upon your online auction site, bid on a ticket, and handle all registration requirements immediately.

Of course, you also don’t want to leave discovering your auction completely to chance. That’s why a good online auction system also includes social sharing buttons that let you promote every ticket featured in your auction in custom posts on the social media channels your target audience frequents. You’ll be able to direct your ideal guests to an auction full of event tickets they’ll all want.   

A good online auction site also allows guests to participate directly from their mobile devices, letting them enjoy the flexibility and convenience of being able to bid on an event ticket from anywhere and at any time. Meanwhile, your nonprofit or charity will enjoy an increase in the number of ticket bids among your participants and more funds raised for your cause.

Key Features to Look for in a Site to Improve Your Auctions

The first thing to look for in an auction site is its ability to host live, interactive bidding for your event's tickets. This sense of real-time competition can help increase sales as people are more likely to secure their spot if they see others actively vying for the same opportunity.

To generate this kind of hype, it’s often worth investing in the services of a seasoned auctioneer. Be sure to find an auctioneer who has experience generating excitement in a crowd of bidders — this requires a different set of skills than an auctioneer who only deals with in-person auctions.

In order to find the right person for your event, search the PayBee Partner Ecosystem where we spotlight all the auctioneers, producers, consignment specialists, and event setup staff we’ve partnered with over the years.

Virtual auctions also provide additional features to further entice bidders, such as automatic max bid increments or "Buy It Now" options. Integrate these elements directly into your event page to make the bidding process as seamless as possible for potential attendees.

Likewise, an ideal site will also offer custom options that make your events stand out among other events. These include customizable auction listings, marketing tools, and even custom event management features to streamline the entire planning process. To learn which of these options will help you sell the most auction tickets online, work with your site’s dedicated advisor who can provide you with guidance and support.

Finally, make sure your site can securely process payments and maintain accurate records of all ticket transactions. This not only helps to ensure that your organization receives the funds generated from the auction event but also protects the personal and financial information of your patrons. Seeking a site that guarantees secure transactions and provides robust analytics and reporting tools can further help improve the overall success of your event.

Finding Your Ideal Event Website to Increase Ticket Sales

You can search for a variety of online platforms that deal with ticket auctions online. Many also now provide the ability to host silent auctions as well as live auctions, giving you additional options. Most online auction platforms also offer competitive rates and custom packages with different pricing options to suit your event management needs.

At the end of the day though, the best way to see if an online platform has the resources you need is to test a platform in-person. That’s why we encourage you to sign up for a free demo of PayBee’s system. Not only will you be able to see how intuitive our system is for both your staff and guests, you’ll also be able to participate in a mock auction complete with an auctioneer who’ll show you how exciting your ticket auction sales can be.

Even better, you’ll also be able to connect with our team of experts and support staff, who can answer any questions you have about how to use the PayBee system to enhance your fundraising efforts. There’s no better way to see if our system has what your nonprofit needs, so sign up for a free demo today!


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