Everything you need for a Gift Card Raffle Fundraiser: The Only Guide You’ll Need to Start Fundraising with Exciting Raffles and Gift Cards

Everything you need for a Gift Card Raffle Fundraiser: The Only Guide You’ll Need to Start Fundraising with Exciting Raffles and Gift Cards

Deciding on fun engaging ways to raise funds for your next fundraiser can be a minefield if you're uncertain where to begin. With everything from auctions and galas to community days and virtual events, the internet is filled with an endless amount of elaborate ideas for different fundraising events designed to encourage generous donation from supporters and attendees. So it's not surprising deciding on one that is perfect for your charity fundraising efforts can be a little difficult. But a gift card raffle fundraiser might be just the ticket! Gift card raffles are an exciting and profitable fundraising event that people all around your community will be excited to attend. With a gift card raffle fundraising event, you can raise money for your organization by utilizing popular gift cards, gift certificates, Visa and Mastercard gift cards, and exciting gift card baskets.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about planning, preparing, managing, and hosting a successful gift card raffle fundraiser. We'll go through everything including popular cards, advice from Shelly Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend, setting clear fundraising goals, increasing donation and sourcing popular gift card prizes, and of course, selling tickets and promoting the event.

Ready? Let's get started!

6 Simple Steps to Planning a gift card raffle fundraiser and How to actually do a gift card fundraiser.

1.          Set a fundraising goal.

Having a clear fundraising goal in mind will keep you and your team focused and motivated during the planning process. It is therefore important to set a target for your fundraiser before you start planning. Your fundraising target should be realistic and achievable, but aspiring enough to show you're serious about making a difference. You also want to have options in place in case your attendees want to make a separate donation or become a more prominent member of your charity. PayBee offers all the nonprofit fundraising solutions you need to manage a successful event and its organizations members.

Once the goal is in place, it's time to start planning the details of your gift card raffle fundraiser and gathering the best gift cards to make the most of your fundraising efforts and raise money for your charity.

2.          Selecting Prizes for a Gift Card Raffle Fundraiser.

The next step to planning a successful raffle fundraiser is to decide on the prizes for your gift card raffle. These prizes will be the main draw and attraction for your event, so it's important to choose popular and desirable gift cards that will get people excited about buying tickets. Some popular options might include gift cards to local restaurants, retailers, small businesses, and entertainment venues. You could also try a Visa gift card basket or a collection of Mastercard gift cards from featured brands. And don't forget online retailers such as Amazon. To maximize the appeal of your raffle, consider offering a mix of both small and big-ticket items, from $5 coffee shop gift cards to $100+ shopping sprees. Include cards featured in popular publications or social media to draw in a wider crowd and popular cards that can be used in multiple places.

3.         Decide on the format of your gift card raffle fundraiser.

Of course, the most popular format is a traditional raffle. In a traditional raffle, you sell tickets in exchange for a chance to win one of the prizes. You can either sell individual tickets or offer discounted bundles to encourage people to buy or donate more. Or, what about a gift card basket? With a gift card basket, you can bundle a variety of different gift cards and gift certificates together to create a higher ticket prize. Whichever format you choose you will also have to think about the best way for your guests to view your prizes, gifts, and baskets and how they can make an additional donation if necessary.

4.         Spread the word and promote your gift card raffle.

Once you've settled on a raffle format and selected your gift prizes, it's time to start promoting your fundraiser and start selling tickets to raise money. A good place to start is social media or you could create a simple landing page with information about the event and allow your attendees to view your gift card prizes. You can also use a platform like Paybee that specializes in nonprofit ticketing solutions. This type of software allows people to buy tickets digitally or make a donation directly to your charity. And don’t forget to consider partnering with local businesses to sell tickets and display posters that promote the event in their storefronts.

5.         Final touches for your gift card raffle.

As you prepare for the day of the fundraiser, make sure you have plenty of tickets printed and a secure system in place for tracking sales and collecting proceeds as well as extra donations. If you're hosting a silent auction event, create clear and informative display cards for each gift card, complete with bidding sheets and a designated bidding area. This will give your guests a clear view of the cards on offer and help them choose the type of gift card they would like to try to win. Add the Visa and Mastercard logos on any promotional materials you're displaying to show you have cards featuring popular functionalities. You also need to market where your attendees can buy tickets to your event and how they can make a donation if they cannot attend. If you're hosting your event at a school, think about accessibility issues and if the school has any rules on the maximum number of guests allowed. Where will you display your cards so your guests can view them? Think about different options for day and night events and again, if your event is held at a school, can you showcase your prizes in advance, perhaps in the school newsletter? If gift card baskets are in your raffle, will you need a table to put them on display or another creative way for people to view them?

6.         The Big Day! Time For Your Guests to Win Their Gifts

Finally, the day of the fundraiser has arrived! Make sure everything is set up in good time and your event is well-staffed with volunteers to help sell tickets, answer questions, and make sure everything runs as problem-free as possible. As you draw the winners or close the auction, take time to celebrate the fundraiser's success and thank everyone for their attendance and support. Your gift card raffle should have gone without a hitch and hopefully, you have been able to raise some money for your charity or community cause.

Incorporating Gift Cards and Lottery Tickets into Your fundraiser.

Hosting any charity event can sometimes be a daunting task, but incorporating a gift card raffle fundraiser can make your event rewarding and engaging for your attendees. Combining gift cards with lottery tickets, and raffle tickets, helps create a fun atmosphere and encourages participation in the event. This could lead to a more successful fundraiser and a more enjoyable experience for your guests. Keep reading to discover how to do a raffle as a fundraiser using a variety of different gift cards.

When planning your charity gift card raffle, consider offering a mix of popular gift cards from various stores, restaurants, and online retailers. This will get your guests hyped up and excited about the gift card options and more likely to participate in the raffle. To maximize the appeal of your gift card raffle, think about how you could incorporate cards featured in the media, cards viewed as trendy, or gift cards associated with popular local businesses.

One way to boost participation in your gift card raffle is to offer multiple levels of gift cards. This can range from small-value cards offering a little extra encouragement for attendees, to higher-value cards that give them a chance to win big. To create suspense and anticipation during the event, think about including a card upload where guests can upload their own photos to a photo-sharing site, and those who participate will have a chance to win gift cards or other prizes.

To make your gift card raffle more approachable for all attendees, offer various types of gift cards, including cards for local businesses, national chains, and online retailers. The diversity in choice will mean everyone can find something that piques their personal interest and will also increase the appeal of your fundraiser. Whether that’s gift cards to popular fitness centers, high-end restaurants, or online services - thinking about a variety of tastes will appeal to a wider range of supporters.

To give your charity event a unique twist, consider incorporating lottery tickets alongside gift cards. This can provide an added level of excitement and anticipation, as guests eagerly await the reveal of the winning numbers. If you're looking for a new twist on this idea, you could offer scratch-off tickets that give attendees a chance to win instant cash prizes or vouchers for products and services.

Of course, the key to any successful gift card raffle fundraiser is promoting the event and its opportunity to win fantastic gift cards.

Leading up to your event, don't forget to promote your fundraiser on social media, email, and local notice boards to spread the word and highlight the gift cards and lottery tickets available.

When promoting gift certificates and raffle tickets, highlight the wide variety of cards your guests could win and the exciting prizes that await them. After your event, remember to follow up with participants, mentioning the success of the fundraiser and the impact their contributions have made to the cause or community.

Maximizing Fundraising Potential with Raffle Gift cards and lottery ticket Baskets

Gift card raffles are becoming an increasingly popular fundraising event and for good reason. They not only provide a unique and fun approach to raising funds but also help create an exciting atmosphere for participants. However, to truly maximize your fundraising potential with a gift card raffle fundraiser, you'll want to consider including raffle gift baskets in your event.

One of the best advantages of incorporating raffle gift baskets into your event is the flexibility of basket ideas you could come up with. From experience-based to themed baskets, the possibilities are endless - when it comes to choosing gift cards that will appeal to a wide range of participants, you have an almost unlimited supply to choose from.

For instance, if you want to create an "Experience Day" basket you could include gift cards for a spa day, a local adventure tour, and a meal at a popular restaurant. Or, how about a "Weekend Away" basket featuring a gift card for a local bed and breakfast, along with gift cards for entertainment and dining during their stay? These are just a couple of examples that demonstrate how a little bit of creativity can lead to truly unique and enticing gift card raffle basket ideas.

When choosing the gift card prizes, choose a wide variety that will appeal to lots of different interests, such as beauty, gardening, and sports. By having prizes that appeal to more than one demographic you are more likely to increase your raffle sales and attract more attendees.

For example, you could create a "Movie Lover" basket that includes gift cards for movie tickets, a popular streaming service, and a local popcorn shop. Or, you might put together a "Fitness Fanatic" basket that includes a gift card for a fitness class, athleticwear store, and nutrition supplement shop.

When organizing your raffles and baskets, don't forget to promote your gift card raffle fundraiser on social media and through other marketing channels. By creating buzz around your raffle and showcasing the unique basket ideas, you'll likely attract more attendees and increase the sales of raffle tickets.

How to Buy Gift Cards for Your Charity Fundraiser at a Discount

We know gift card raffles have become increasingly popular as a way to raise money for various causes, but they can be expensive to purchase.  As a fundraising event planner, you may need to look for ways to buy gift cards at a discounted price to ultimately increase your profits. Here are some ideas to  get you started:

1. Wholesale clubs: Investing in a membership at wholesale stores like Costco or Sam's Club could save you money if you're buying a large number of gift cards. These stores often have gift cards on sale at a much lower price than their face value, sometimes with up to 25% off.

2. Online gift card resellers: There are some websites that specialize in buying and selling unwanted gift cards. Websites like Gift Card Granny, CardCash, and Raise offer discounted gift cards from various retailers. You may be able to purchase Visa gift cards or other gift cards for your fundraiser at a discount using these websites. And thanks to platforms like GiftCards.com, which offer convenient features like card upload and gift card view, managing and displaying the available gift cards can be super easy. However, it's essential to buy from reputable websites, as there is a chance of purchasing fraudulent or expired cards, so just beware.

3. Retailer promotions: Look out for retailers running promotions, like "Buy One Get One Free" or offering bonus gift cards with the purchase of a certain amount. Following these promotions and taking advantage of them can help you save on the gift cards needed for your fundraiser. Check the website or newsletter of your chosen retailer to see their latest offers. Sometimes, you might even find an "online only" deal.

4. Discount websites: Websites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and RetailMeNot offer gift cards at discounted prices for various retailers and restaurants. By monitoring these sites regularly, you can find some great deals to buy gift cards for your fundraiser.

5. Corporate discount programs: If you're purchasing a large number of gift cards, some retailers offer corporate discount programs for bulk orders. Make sure to inquire with the retailer whether they have such a program and how to qualify. This can be especially helpful when looking to buy Visa gift cards.

6. Negotiate with retailers: Ultimately, it's all about building relationships with your gift card suppliers. Reach out to retailers directly and explain the purpose of your fundraiser. Some may be willing to offer a discount or donate gift cards to your cause. You might have the most success with this step when used with local, small businesses that you can promote at your fundraiser in exchange for a gift card.

Choosing the Perfect Visa Gift Card or Mastercard for Your Raffle fundraiser event.

When it comes to hosting a gift card raffle fundraiser, choosing the perfect Visa gift card is essential to maximizing your event's fundraising potential. With a variety of featured brands and designs, it's easy to find the right visa card or MasterCard to appeal to your audience and inspire their donations. Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend, a gift card expert, suggests selecting a card that offers flexibility and appeal to a wide range of interests, such as Visa gift card and Mastercard gift card options. Shelley Hunter also says visa gift and MasterCard gift cards are the most requested gift around the holidays, so if you're planning your event near the festive season this might give your community an added incentive to join in.

1. Decided what type of gift card raffle you're hosting and what type of prizes will appeal most to your attendees. If your event caters to a specific group, such as parents or travelers, tailor your gift card selection to their preferences. For example, a travel-themed raffle might include a variety of Visa gift cards from different airlines, while a raffle for parents might feature Visa and MasterCard gift cards from popular toy stores or family-friendly restaurants - these also make great gifts so think about the time of year your event will be held in as Christmas time might see a higher demand for visa and MasterCard gift card purchases.

2. Think about the range of cash values you'd like to offer for your raffle prizes. By offering a mix of high-value and smaller-denomination Visa and MasterCard gifts, you can entice more people to participate and increase your fundraising potential. Include a few high-value cards to generate excitement and encourage multiple ticket purchases, but also provide a good selection of smaller-value cards to ensure more people have a chance at winning.

3. When selecting Visa gift cards and MasterCards, take time to research which brands and retailers are popular among your target audience, and think about including cards from local businesses to maximize appeal. In addition to featured brands, you can also find a variety of themed Visa gift cards, such as cards that feature popular movies or characters, which can add a fun touch to your raffle prizes.

4. Discounts can often be found when purchasing Visa gift cards and MasterCard in bulk, making it an affordable option for your fundraiser. Contact local retailers to inquire about possible discounts, or consider ordering directly from the Visa or Mastercard websites.

5. Keep in mind that each card may require a small activation fee, however, even with these fees, the overall cost of purchasing Visa or MasterCard gift cards may be substantially lower than buying traditional prizes. You could also incorporate the Visa gift cards into eye-catching raffle baskets or displays to generate excitement, make them easy to view, and encourage ticket sales. By featuring a variety of gift cards from different retailers you can create an appealing display of raffle prizes that will further encourage people to buy a ticket to attend your fundraiser.

How gift cards and lottery tickets can be incorporated into your fundraising events.

By now we understand gift card raffle fundraisers are a fun, easy way to raise money for your nonprofit. And by including elements such as board games, a family game night, and a silent auction, you can create an evening of exciting events for your attendees and encourage more people to buy tickets. Here are 5 ways gift cards can be used in your fundraising events.

  1. A game night could be a fun way to bring people together. Setting up several stations with popular board games like Monopoly encourages interaction between guests and can foster a sense of community. In addition to board game stations, you can also set up carnival-style games, which are surefire crowd-pleasers. Offer guests to buy tickets to play games, the players can then exchange winning tickets for a chance to win the gift cards.
  2. Integrating gift cards into the events doesn't have to be limited to the game stations. A silent auction night can be an effective way to showcase items for people to bid on throughout the night. You can source prizes by reaching out to local businesses to ask if they could donate gift cards for the auction. Many businesses are happy to help, especially when it benefits a school, charity or other cause close to their community. This not only helps boost your event success in terms of money raised, but it also builds connections within the local community.
  3. Another idea for incorporating gift cards into the events is to create gift card raffle baskets. These baskets can be themed around specific interests and filled with items donated by friends, family, and local businesses. The inclusion of gift cards into the basket prize helps to make these baskets even more appealing, potentially increasing the number of raffle tickets sold and raising more funds for your cause.
  4. Maximizing your fundraising potential doesn't have to be expensive. Consider purchasing discounted gift cards for your event to help reduce costs and boost your profits. Some websites and larger stores offer special deals on gift cards, so do some research to find the best offers currently available. You can also buy discounted Visa gift cards, which can make for a great raffle prize because they can be used almost anywhere.
  5. One way to attract more attendees to your event and encourage more people to buy a ticket is to offer a variety of gift cards in different sectors. Think about local restaurants, popular department stores, or an e-commerce website. What about visa cards or mastercards that can be used in a variety of places? Offering a range of gift cards can appeal to a larger audience and bring in more attendees to the event. This is important because if someone doesn't win their desired gift card, they may decide to buy a raffle ticket for another one, thereby increasing the event's earnings.

How to display gift cards at a silent auction.

Aside from gift baskets, how else can you display gift cards for your raffle fundraiser at a silent auction? A few creative ideas might include adding them to a small bouquet of flowers, or displaying them on a large board that you could decorate to match the theme of your fundraiser. You could have this at an entrance or separate location to your larger auction items so your attendees can get a better view of the gifts on offer. You could also frame them with an affordable but stylish-looking photo frame, or for a tasty treat and an extra bit of fun what about adding a gift card to a cute cupcake? Pinterest has some fantastic ideas on how you can display your gift cards at a silent auction to give your attendees the best view of what's on offer. For Mastercard and Visa gift cards, you could add them to stylish gift envelopes or even raffle them as mystery gift cards.

A gift card raffle fundraiser can be an excellent way to bring in additional funds and donations for your charity and provide a fun and engaging event experience for attendees. By incorporating gift cards, Mastercard, Visa, lottery tickets, featured cards and donations from local businesses into your event, you can create an exciting atmosphere and encourage more people to buy tickets from you. With some careful planning and promotion, your gift card raffle fundraiser can make a lasting impression and have a significant impact on your charity and its fundraising efforts.

Conclusion: Gift card raffles have emerged as a creative and effective way for non-profit organizations to raise money while providing participants with exciting opportunities to win valuable, sort-after prizes and gifts. By incorporating a variety of popular gift cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, charities and organizations can tap into the widespread appeal of these versatile options. Thanks to platforms like GiftCards.com, which offer convenient features like card upload and gift card view, managing and displaying the available gift cards becomes seamless. Whether it's Shelley Hunter's expert guidance on maximizing the value of gift cards or the joy of discovering the perfect gift, these raffles bring together a diverse array of individuals for an unforgettable auction night or school fundraiser while supporting a great cause.

Also, keep in mind that hosting any successful charity fundraising event requires careful planning and organization so It’s important to choose the right type of event. This could be a silent auction, a live gala, a wine pull event, or even a virtual auction. Donor engagement and effective fundraising techniques, such as utilizing social media and marketing tools, can also significantly impact the success of the event.

With this in mind, Paybee’s nonprofit fundraising software - has everything you need to make your gift card raffle fundraising event a hit! From managing items to receiving payments, Paybee is the perfect software to meet all of your fundraising needs.

Want to know more? Or could you use some expert help to get you started? No problem! Give us a call today and our friendly team will be more than happy to help with any queries and get you started on the right track to hosting and managing your fundraising event.

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