Leveraging Salesforce for Nonprofits: A Comprehensive Guide to Nonprofit Salesforce Strategy

Leveraging Salesforce for Nonprofit Success: A Comprehensive Guide to Nonprofit Salesforce Strategy

Nonprofits looking to make an impact in their market must learn to leverage the features and functions of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Salesforce is the biggest brand in the CRM space, with 150,000+ users worldwide.

Nonprofit Salesforce CRM solutions are effective for resolving issues with fundraising, program delivery, and managing donor and volunteer relationships. You get a comprehensive tool to help you track every aspect of your organization's activities. 

A Salesforce CRM solution assists nonprofits with streamlining operations and engaging with stakeholders to amplify the organization's impact and further its mission. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a purposefully designed CRM solution engineered to cover the needs of nonprofit organizations. 

SNC offers nonprofits a suite of useful features and tools customized to overcome the nonprofit sector's challenges. This solution enables nonprofits to monitor and manage tier organization, all from one simple, user-freindly interface. 

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud includes NPSP. This feature is a collection of open-source configurations and customizations that adapt to the Salesforce platform to boost functionality for nonprofits. 

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud incorporates additional functionality for NPSP. There are options for Case Management Module (CMM), Program Management Module (PMM), Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits, Philanthropy Cloud (PC), and Fundraising Performance Management (FPM).

Salesforce for nonprofits is a great tool to bolster your nonprofit's operations. However, PayBee offers you an alternative, built specifically with nonprofits in mind. Contact the team at PayBee for a free demo. 

This comprehensive guide to Salesforce for nonprofits explores the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud solution.

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud consists of five primary features assisting Nonprofits with managing their operations. 

  1. Fundraising 
  2. Marketing and Engagement 
  3. Program Management
  4. Grantmaking.
  5. Operations.


Build lasting donor and supporter relationships with individuals, corporations, and foundations. Track your campaign data, including donations, pledges, and recurring gifts, all from a central dashboard. You get tools for peer-to-peer fundraising, online giving, and donor engagement. 

Marketing and Engagement

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud CRM lets nonprofits create personalized experiences for their community. Nonprofits can divide their market, create targeted campaigns for donor profiles, and evaluate campaign results and efficacy. You have a selection of tools for marketing on social media or email, with comprehensive web analytics. 

Program Management

Manage your services, programs, and results at scale with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. Track your donors, referrals, volunteers, and campaign progress in one simple dashboard that’s easy to navigate. You have tools for managing analysis and reporting, and data collection.


Distribute grants or funds to an org or individuals and mange the grant lifecycle in every stage, from application to assessment and evaluation. You have a suite of tools for budget tracking, measuring campaign impact, payment processing, and creating online grant portals. 


Empower your team with streamlined workflows, task automation, and systems integration. You get one space for seamless collaboration with team members. Use the tools to assist with your budgeting, accounting, compliance, and grant management. 

The Salesforce NPSP Pack

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud encompasses the NPSP extended functions and features like CMM, PMM, FPM, Philanthropy Cloud, and Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits. NPSP is a component of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, but it’s not the entire platform itself.

NPSP gives you an open-source add-on for Salesforce adapted to the requirements of the nonprofit sector. You get basic functionality and data models to manage campaigns, donors, donations, and contacts. 

NPSP is free and comes with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, offering a core CRM solution for nonprofit organizations. 

Customizing Salesforce for Your Nonprofit

Salesforce for Nonprofits offers your organization services, features, apps, and tools connecting you with your donors and volunteers, allowing you to track your relationship. Manage your campaigns from a central dashboard and empower your organization, giving it the technology to convert prospect engagement into donors. 

This core cloud product from Salesforce offers intuitive and robust CRM solutions. Organizations can customize the Salesforce DMS technology with additional integrations and apps, giving your organization a personalized CRM solution. 

Customizing your Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to your organizational needs has the following advantages.

Understand Your Donor Profiles

You have options for developing custom donor profiles to highlight your biggest contributors and the influence they have on your organization. 

Bolster Your Strategy

Improve content and targeting strategies with personalized content and messaging that inspires donors to take action and further their contributions to your cause. 

Identify High-Impact Initiatives

Utilize the reporting features to measure the success and growth of delivered services and programs. Communicate with your donors and share your metrics and success stories to bolster support for your nonprofit. 


Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is an adaptable and scalable solution to meet your organizational needs and goals. Nonprofits can utilize NPSP as their primary solution and add others as they expand operations and grow. 

Nonprofit Cloud Salesforce offers complete customization and configuration of the platform to your preferences and requirements.


Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud features integration with other Salesforce products and services to enhance its functionality and bring value to the table for organizations. 

  • Salesforce Essentials to manage tasks and contacts.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud for improved customer service.
  • Salesforce Platform for custom app development.
  • Salesforce AppExchange for access to pre-built apps.
  • Salesforce.org Education Cloud for supporting educational initiatives.


Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a future-ready, innovative platform featuring cutting-edge CRM technology. All users receive updates on Salesforce services and products. 

Fundraising and Donor Management with Salesforce

Salesforce offers nonprofits donor management functions to assist organizations with managing and tracking data on donors. 

The Donor Management System (DMS) features options for activity tracking, donor history, contact information, financial prospects, engagement, and history. These features give nonprofits the ability to engage with donors using a personalized, segmented approach. 

|While Salesforce is a great platform, it’s lacking many of the features you get with the PayBee platform for nonprofits. You’ll find even more functions, features, and tools that bolster your operations, donations, donor onboarding, and more. 

Volunteer Management and Engagement

Nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers to help them execute their campaigns. Volunteers bring a lot to the table, including their time, skills, support, and dedication to your cause. It’s challenging to manage your volunteers without a CRM, and Salesforce gives you the functionality to keep tabs on all your volunteers. 

Streamlined Volunteer Recruitment

Manage the recruitment process through Salesforce and create custom apps and forms to gather data on prospective volunteers. Capture the information on your volunteers like their availability and skills. 

Use this data to match your volunteers with opportunities and ensure they’re a good fit for the nonprofit and its mission. Automate the recruitment process with triggers and workflows designed to convert prospective volunteers into valuable members of your organization. 

Simplified Volunteer Onboarding

Onboarding your volunteers into the organization is a time-consuming process. Salesforce provides a centralized platform for the necessary volunteer paperwork, such as liability waivers and background checks. 

Create custom onboarding and training videos to ensure your volunteers have the information and skills they need to thrive in your organization. 


Enhanced Volunteer Communication

Engaging and resting nonprofit volunteers is all about effective communication. Salesforce offers you one space to connect and communicate with your volunteers over several channels, including email, text, and social media. 

Nonprofits can create workflows and templates to issue prospective volunteers personalized messages based on their preferences and interests. Salesforce offers a platform for tracking email open rates an click-throughs, giving you key data points where you can adjust your strategy to improve results. 

Nonprofits can leverage this data to understand how the organization and volunteers engage with each other. Use these insights to adjust your recruitment strategy and enhance your communications.

Improved Volunteer Scheduling

Scheduling volunteers for events can be challenging for nonprofits with several volunteer locations and opportunities. Simplify the scheduling process by creating custom schedules for volunteers, assigning them roles based on their preferences and availability. 

Salesforce allows nonprofits to schedule automatic confirmation reminders for volunteers. They can confirm their duty and notify the team when they make changes to the schedule. 

Volunteer Reporting

Nonprofits can demonstrate the impact of volunteers on the organization to stakeholders by tracking volunteer hours. Salesforce allows nonprofits to track volunteer hours and create reports.

Increased Volunteer Engagement

Engaging your volunteers is critical for retaining their commitment and support to the organization's mission. The platform provides personalized experiences for all volunteers. 

Event Management and Salesforce

Salesforce’s Event Management platform shows you where your donors are located on the map. Organizations can choose event locations based on this data and select event management apps from the app store to start.

Nonprofits have options to add registration through mobile devices and distribute passbook tickets. The wide selection of apps enables teams and volunteers to search donor data, collaborate with the team on changes to documents, update donor information, and edit their event schedule.

Event attendees can share videos and pictures on their social media accounts and reply to surveys sent by the nonprofit. Collect data from previous events and use those insights to improve your next function. Use this information to bolster your fundraising efforts and strengthen donor relationships.

Salesforce for nonprofits offers you ways to track your event success. Monitor your metrics and use the data to update and adjust your campaign in real-time. The PayBee platform offers you innovative tools like the Fundraising Thermometer, bringing more value to your campaigns.

Reporting and Analytics in Salesforce

Salesforce features a Fundraising Performance Analytics Template nonprofits can leverage to calculate the impact of fundraising efforts. Organizations get a complete snapshot of their donor retention and gains and losses, donation amounts, and other key KPIs.

The CRM Analytics Studio and CRM Analytics home page display donor metrics for giving and the number of donors on the books. You’ll find summary charts displaying the organizations' fund-raising performance.

Some of the metrics tracked include donor growth, retention rates, and donor type. The giving summary shows the nonprofit's total annual donations, including data on net growth in donations, average gift amount, Lifetime donations, and donations by category.

The performance summary gives you insight into net gains for selected periods and annual donation gains. Some of the details offered in this section include donor churn percentage and lost and gained donations by category. 

Details include percentage donor churn (donors gained and lost each year) and donations gained and lost broken out by categories. You also have the following donor information available at your fingertips. 

New - First-time donations from new donors.

Recaptured - Dormant donors who gave recently in the last year.

Upgraded - Donors who increased their annual contributions over the previous year.

Same - Donors who give a consistent amount every year.

Downgraded - Donors who give less than they did the previous year.

Lapsed new - New donors in the previous year who didn’t make a donation in the current year.

Lapsed repeat - Donors who gave in previous years but not in the current year.

Salesforce Integration with Other Tools

Salesforce offers nonprofits incredible functionality. However, to get the most out of it, you’ll need to integrate it with other platforms to realize its full potential. That's why the PayBee CRM is the better choice; you get a complete CRM with all the tools you need to manage your database. 

Adding integrations to Salesforce enhances the 360-degree view of your target audience and opens marketing opportunities for the organization. Salesforce integrations help nonprofits maximize the returns they get out of their current data and keep everyone in the organization updated and on the same page. 

Here are five Salesforce integrations that every nonprofit needs.


This cloud-native ETL is a powerful data integration solution simplifies the construction of secure networks from data lakes, cloud sources, or cloud data server warehouses. It features a drag-and-drop interface with no coding required. Integrate.io also features pre-built connectors and a dual Salesforce-to-Salesforce platform connector.

Third-Party ETL Tools

Fivetran, Talend, Matillion, and Stitch are examples of other ETL integrations available for Salesforce, and each has a unique use case and specialized function. 

Salesforce AppExchange

The Salesforce AppExchange is a marketplace for Salesforce integrations with software tools like Zapier, Mailchimp, Slack, and Asana.


Salesforce acquired this API and data integration platform. It provides users with an extensive range of features like iPaaS and ESB. However, it has a steep learning curve and may not fit every nonprofit's budget. 

Salesforce Connect

This integration tool displays data from Externals ERPs or CRMs, giving th appearance that the data is stored in Salesforce. It allows nonprofits to bring in larger datasets, but it has technical limitations to its utility. 

Choose PayBee for Nonprofits - the One Platform with Everything You Need

Why hassle yourself with integrating all these tools when you have a plug-and-play CRM dedicated to nonprofits? PayBee brings you a complete CRM solution tailored specifically to nonprofit requirements.

Challenges and Solutions in Implementing Salesforce

Implementing Salesforce is a costly and complex affair. There are several bottlenecks and challenges to its effective operation. Organizations must consider these issues before committing to their digital transformation. 

Here are a few common challenges nonprofits face when implementing Salesforce in their organization. 

Migration and Integration Problems

Migrating from legacy systems to Salesforce requires a complex process to integrate it seamlessly. Nonprofits must ensure data accuracy, integrity, and compatibility between the legacy system and Salesforce. 

Nonprofit organizations must perform quality assessments and data cleansing, leveraging the integration tools to effectively sync all data. 

Typically, you’ll need to hire a Salesforce consultant to ensure effective migration and integration, and that's expensive. Or you could use the PayBee CRM for a hassle-free migration. 

Configuration and Customization Complexities

It’s challenging to strike a balance between simplicity and customization of the Salesforce platform. Nonprofits must carefully assess requirements for Salesforce customizations and prioritize them based on impact and value to the organization and its operations. 

It’s critical for nonprofits to maintain the scalability and agility of the system to meet their organizational requirements. 

Weak Support and Training

Salesforce is a great CRM tool for nonprofits. However, it’s well-known for its lousy support. Limited training programs and support services can slow the successful implementation of Salesforce into the organization. 

Organizations may require consultants for the training process to help them understand the system and its integrations. It’s vital to consider the changing needs of users at different organizational levels.

Providing users with ongoing tech support, user forums, online resources, user forums, and help desks is critical to ensure users feel empowered by the implementation of Salesforce in the organization. They must feel confident using the system and see value in using it.

Budget Issues

Salesforce is the top-rated CRM solution, but it’s also a very expensive system to implement and maintain. Limits on budget and resources can implement implementation timelines and the quality of the CRM in delivering results for the organization.

Nonprofits must strategically allocate resources and choose functions and features that meet organizational needs for achieving objectives.  Leveraging the expertise of Salesforce consultants helps organizations overcome these issues and secure a successful implementation. 

Organizational Change

Resistance to change is common in organizations. It’s essential for management to communicate with the team during the implementation phase, ensuring that everyone moves to the new system and knows how to use it.

Change always brings resistance, especially from team members. Strong leaders will keep channels of communication open and support the organization through this transitional period. It’s essential for management to create an implementation plan and communicate it with the team. 

Informing stakeholders and promptly addressing concerns is vital for fostering collaboration and transparency, significantly enhancing the success of Salesforce implementation in the organization. 

Conclusion: The Future of Nonprofits with Salesforce

Salesforce for nonprofits is a fantastic CRM with plenty of functionality. The NPSP platform is good, but nonprofits must carefully consider the value it offers, the pros and cons of each platform, and the capabilities it offers to achieve organizational goals. 

There’s no immediate requirement for nonprofits to transition from NPSP to the Salesforce for Nonprofits platform. The future of NPSP is uncertain, considering that it’s an open-source solution. This means organizations can support it for years to come.

If you’re looking into Salesforce for your org, consider PayBee nonprofit CRM instead. This unique tool has all the advantages, features, and functions of Salesforce, but its easier to implement and specifically engineered for nonprofit organizations to grow. 

Reach out to the PayBee team for a free demo of this powerful platform. Give your nonprofit organization the tools it needs to thrive in the digital age.

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