Paybee Features: Watch Party Mode

If you can’t make it to the main in-person event or if that event has been canceled. You can still make a fun night out of the event with as smaller group of friends and family by using Paybee’s virtual watch party mode.

With Virtual event fatigue setting in, many nonprofits are searching for ways to better engage and entertain their donor base. This is where virtual nonprofit fundraising watch parties come in. Donors who aren’t yet comfortable gathering in large groups but still want to have a fun night with friends might feel comfortable getting together in smaller groups and participating in the fundraising event virtually. Paybee’s industry leading watch party mode makes this a reality as any user logged into the virtual nonprofit fundraising event can switch into watch party mode and their virtual interface will transform to focus on the event interaction features while the video and audio from the livestream will be disabled from their personal device. This allows for the group to all gather around a single device and watch the event while they use their personal devices to bid, donate and enter text to the group chat.

While in watch party mode, donors have the option to switch between two event interfaces. One interface concentrates on the bidding/pledging and the other option focuses on the event chat. Donors still have full ability to participate in the event from either interface as options to bid/pledge on the current item will show from either interface.

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