How Can Nonprofits Use Community Outreach For Fundraising Opportunities?

How Can Nonprofits Use Community Outreach For  Fundraising Opportunities?

Fundraising today is a challenge. Everyone’s wallets are being squeezed by inflation and traditional fundraising opportunities can be hard to come by. 

However, you can still secure funds for your nonprofit by engaging in community outreach opportunities. Community outreach programs can also increase your exposure, as getting out in the community and doing meaningful work will solidify the role of your nonprofit in the local area. 

You can multiply your impact by targeting global audiences as well as local ones. Social media, virtual fundraisers, and international coordination with influencers can help you connect with folks who live thousands of miles away and raise meaningful funds for your cause.  

Social Media

Advertising your fundraiser effectively on social media is an essential part of running a nonprofit today. A clear social strategy can help you connect with a global digital community, increase your engagement, and may even lead to more frequent donations. 

Before you start scheduling posts, you must understand contemporary social media trends. Use these trends to plan your posts and increase the interest surrounding your Instagram or Facebook pages. You may even benefit from “going viral” by connecting your fundraiser with a current trend. 

Start your social strategy by planning and shooting short-form video content. Short videos — no longer than a few minutes — grab users' attention and help amplify your message. Shoot a few videos that center on an upcoming fundraiser and utilize a current sound that is trending on TikTok. 

Once you’ve got the hang of short-form videos, consider creating a podcast. A podcast is a perfect platform to host meaningful conversations and talk at length about your nonprofit. Invite folks from your community to your podcast, and use the time to make listeners aware of things like virtual fundraising. 

Virtual Fundraising

In-person fundraising is a great way to meet new people and share your passion for charitable work. However, virtual fundraising may be a more effective way to connect with your global community and raise funds. 

Use your social media presence to advertise the virtual fundraiser, and make sure folks can donate before, during, and after the fundraising event. 

You can amplify the effectiveness of your fundraising event by working with an influencer to help bolster your community outreach. Influencers carry a large social media presence and can help you connect with a global community. 

This is something that charities like REORG do well. REORG works with high-profile celebrities like Tom Hardy to connect with new audiences around the world. By working with celebrities, REORG has amplified its exposure and developed a strong following online. 

You can follow in the footsteps of charities like REORG by reaching out to influencers who align with your mission and hosting virtual fundraisers together. Encourage any interested parties to be part of live-streamed fundraising marathons, like those on Twitch, and post pertinent information to their social channels. 

Mental Health

As a nonprofit, you are in a unique position to give people the mental health support they need. You can support your community’s mental health by connecting with organizations like the Center for Mental Health Services and gaining your psychological first-aid (PFA) training

Once you’re PFA trained, you can offer support following emergencies and natural disasters. PFA training allows you to go into areas that have been affected by events like wildfire and offer kind, caring support to those in the community. 

It’s important to recognize that peer-to-peer support isn’t a direct fundraising opportunity. However, it can be a good way to strengthen your connection in the community. Once folks have fully recovered from the event, they’ll remember your support and will be likely to pay it back once they’re on their feet again. 

Diversity and Inclusion 

When fundraising, it’s important that you account for everyone in your community. Accounting for everyone’s needs and interests is a great way to build your brand and increase your exposure. 

You can connect with more communities by partnering with the right people. Partnering with trusted, local organizations is a great way to ensure that your fundraising materials are fully inclusive and account for a diverse audience. 

Before you start creating promotional materials, listen to your community and hear what they have to say. You may find that your own background gives you certain preconceived ideas about your community that are untrue. Talk to local leaders in your area and ask them about the issues that your community faces today.


Community outreach opportunities are a great way to bolster your fundraising and gain a new audience. Get started by creating a clear social media strategy and following contemporary trends to increase your reach and engagement. 

Once you have a social presence, consider reaching out to influencers who can connect your nonprofit with global communities. A good influencer can put your cause in front of hundreds of thousands of eyeballs, meaning your donations will go through the roof. 

If you want to work with more local community outreach efforts, consider becoming PFA certified and offer kind and caring support to your local area. Remember that any support you offer should be intentionally inclusive and should meet the interests of diverse audiences. 

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