How Big of a Team do I Need to Host My Virtual Event

Online Fundraising: How Big of a Team Do You Need?

Build Your Team Appropriately

Your online auction isn’t the same as an in person $50 plate auction or a black-tie silent auction. It could be more exclusive or more casual. However, the important difference between these auctions is the format.

With online auctions there is significantly less infrastructure and planning associated with hosting the event. All you need are the items up for bid and a digital auction platform. The people connect to you without ever having to leave their homes.

This also means that you don’t need the people power that you would for anything else. As long as you have a host for the auction and a producer to manage the computer, you absolutely can put on a highly successful online auction.

2 Person Teams VS 3 Person Teams

Generally, there are two basic formats to the team based on division of workload. Your team will reflect the workload that you have associated with your specific event. So, no two auction teams will be the same as they will host different events with different goals.

Two-Person Team: The Auction Host & The Producer

First, you could have a 2-person team. This team structure allows for the work to be split between the individuals. One person is in charge of developing and managing the auction before the event, the Producer. The second person acts as the host and manages the items during the actual event, the Auction Host. If there is audience participation or questions either the Host or the Producer can respond.

Three-Person Team: The Auction Host, The Production Assistant, & The Charity Rep

Second, you could have a 3-person team. This structure is similar to the first except it includes a representative from the charity of choice that answers any live questions. With the chat dialogues in the hands of the Charity Rep, the Host can focus on interacting visually and verbally with the audience, while the Producer or Production Assistant manages the computer.

Build A Team That Reflects Your Needs

This is a highly standardized format. When deciding on your team you need to think carefully on what your needs are as an event organizer. Make a list of all of the duties and responsibilities that are required and needed for a successful event. To improve on the list, you could even prioritize them in terms of necessity. Here is a quick list of all of the parts of an online fundraising event that you could assign to a single person or to multiple people.

  • Reaching out to business for donations of items or services to be auctioned off
  • Development of auction event
  • Content and visual aid development for advertising
  • Management of digital and traditional marketing channels
  • Fundraising or live auction digital platform set up and management
  • Hosting of the event, answering questions, and managing the software platform
  • Post event audience and business outreach

Remember, what is more important that the actual number of individuals on your team is that all of the important work gets done. It may seem daunting but a well-built team consisting of only a few people can accomplish great things. Focus on your goal and your priorities and the event, with the help of the digital platform, will be a success for you and the charity.

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