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 Year-end Fundraisers with Christmas Fundraising Catalog, Holiday Brochure, and Holiday Fundraising Catalogs

Is your nonprofit organization gearing up for your year-end giving campaign? The holiday season is the most charitable time of year, and many nonprofits receive the bulk of donations during this time. According to a report by NPOInfo, nonprofits collect 17% to 22% of annual fundraiser donations during December.

Nonprofits need to assess their messaging strategy at this time to optimize their end-of-year campaign results. There are plenty of elements to a robust year-end nonprofit marketing plan. Holiday fundraising catalogs are one of the time-tested and proven strategies that deliver more donations.

Tapping into gift-giving traditions offers nonprofits a way to drive donations from the generosity people feel during the season. A good example of a nonprofit holiday fundraising catalog is the Great Western Reserve Fall 2023 Fundraising Product Catalog, "Holiday Traditions." It's one of the largest fundraising catalog programs in America.

Features of a Successful Holiday Fundraising Catalog

There are many elements involved in curating an effective holiday fundraising catalog. From design to print, holiday catalogs or brochures can cover a range of products in different themes or focus on a specific theme relating to the fundraiser campaign. 

Christmas is the most popular holiday fundraiser theme, especially in schools and Christian areas across the United States. A catalog offers an ideal way to connect with potential donors during the festive season when they're in their best-giving mood. 

Choosing Products for Your Christmas Fundraising Catalogs

Holiday fundraising catalogs aim to make a profit from selling in-demand holiday gifts. Traditionally, catalogs were physical magazine-style booklets with high-quality visuals displaying product ideas like toys, books, trinkets, and other seasonal gifts.

When consumers order from the catalog, a portion of the profits goes to the nonprofit to help them reach their end-year fundraising goal. Since year-end fundraising drives are typically important moments in a nonprofit's financial year, there's a move to include a fundraiser catalog as an effective tool to reach targets.

Choosing high-demand products is one of the most challenging aspects of running effective holiday gift catalog campaigns. That's why many done-for-you services offer you a gift catalog solution.

They have a selection of catalogs with different product themes and designs on site ready for your to use. Collaborating with these companies saves you time and money in building the campaign yourself. However, you'll have to partner with a company offering high-quality products to ensure you don't ruin your brand reputation in your target audience.

The catalog partner designs the catalog, and you can replace your nonprofit color theme and logo on it to present the reader with your branding. Your partner also handles all orders, fulfillment, and logistics involved in sending the customer their order. 

In return, they take a commission. It's relatively expensive, from 35% to 40% or more, but it's worth it, especially for a school or small fundraisers don't have the in-house resources to launch and manage these campaigns themselves. 

Choosing the Design & Theme for your Holiday Fundraising Catalog

A holiday collection for your Christmas fundraiser consisting of lollipops, chocolate, and candles is a great school fundraising initiative. It fits in with a seasonal holiday gift theme, and you could easily sell different bundles catering to various price points and tastes. 

Online Vs. Physical Brochure and Gift Catalog Fundraiser Campaigns

However, in recent years, we've seen a shift in the cataloging strategy, with physical catalogs fading away in favor of digital counterparts. They simply can't hold a candle to what digital strategies have to offer in terms of reach, conversion, and convenience. While this change in large brings an end to the print era, the digital age of holiday catalog marketing is here, driving bigger sales and more profits for nonprofit organizations and their holiday catalog fundraiser efforts and ideas. 

Like physical catalogs, digital versions rely on high-quality design to ensure a smooth browsing experience for the reader. Digital gift catalogs also connect directly to an online store, allowing shoppers to click on CTAs and buy directly from within the catalog interface. 

Digital catalog marketing allows marketers to track data like clicks, conversions, sales, and real-time offer tracking. These tools are easy to set up and integrate into your current digital marketing stack. An online fundraising brochure or catalog allows shoppers to view cart transactions, check a shipping rate, and build a favorites list. These functions aren't available in traditional physical catalogs.

Plus, digital holiday fundraising brochure and catalog campaigns are highly sharable, giving nonprofits more reach into their local community and beyond. Online brochure fundraisers and holiday gift brochure campaigns are some of the most effective holiday fundraisers because they have such a wide reach, putting the offer in front of a customized target market using online advertising strategies that fall into place. 

Benefits for Fundraisers with Holiday Fundraising Catalogs

Add a Christmas catalog campaign to a list of your fundraising ideas this giving season and reap the benefits for your cause. A catalog campaign brings in much-needed funds for your nonprofit operations and furthers awareness in your market, increasing your donor base and the fundraisers effectiveness. 

A catalog can introduce new donors and volunteers to your organization. Even if they don't buy something, they may keep you in mind for their next charitable contribution. Or they might be more aware of future events you host that present giving opportunities to fundraise for your causes. 

Tips for a Successful Holiday Fundraiser Catalog Campaign

Here are a few tips to optimize your results with your holiday fundraising efforts. 

Promote the Fundraiser Early

Start promoting your holiday catalog or brochure fundraiser to prospective participants as early as possible. Your catalog should be made available in print and online by no later than the start of November. Sometimes, it might be best to start as early as October. Spread awareness in your local community via word of mouth at your organizational events and through online distribution and marketing efforts.

Engage with Supporters through Social Media and Email

The online digital marketing era allows you to connect and engage with your donors. Use Facebook Ad Manager to create a custom audience of people in your area who are known or prospective donors. Market your digital catalog and set up an email sales funnel to capture and convert the leads. Building a list of buyers gives you a valuable resource for future marketing campaigns. 

Offering Incentives or Prizes for Top Sellers or Donors

Promote your online sales campaign, offering incentives for top donors or sellers. Give your affiliates motivation to sell as much as possible. These campaigns don't last long, so optimize the time you have available by making it worthwhile for your network to support your campaign's success. 

Ensure Total Transparency in Your Holiday Catalog Campaign

Your campaign must educate the donor on your stewardship of funds received from their donation. Be clear on how you intend to use them and the benefits they'll bring the organization these holidays.

Holiday Fundraisers & Seasonal Fundraising Catalogs – FAQs 

Q: How do I choose the right products for my holiday fundraising catalog?

A: Do extensive research online into top-trending products for fundraisers in your niche. There are plenty of brochure or catalog holiday software tools designed specifically for this purpose. 

Q: Can I combine online and paper catalogs for my fundraiser?

A: Yes. Combining the two tactics gives you better brand recognition, and it's necessary for some markets. However, print catalogs also drive up campaign costs, while going online is almost a free fundraising initiative that saves you money. You'll also have to distribute the catalog for free, you can't charge for it. 

Q: How do I ensure that my fundraiser reaches its target audience?

A: Physical catalog distributors can guarantee delivery to a specific area. However, they can't ensure that group of people will read it. Digital catalog distribution is much more accurate in the data it delivers on how the recipient interacts with the catalog or brochure. 


An elementary school or nonprofit can benefit from running a Christmas fundraiser, popcorn fundraiser, or collection fundraiser this giving season. However, don't discount the benefit of a catalog fundraising strategy and the benefits it brings to your fundraising goals this holiday season. 

If you need assistance with building a nonprofit giving campaign this holiday season, reach out to the team at PayBee.

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