The Complete Guide to Cub Scout Fundraising Ideas

The Complete Guide to Cub Scout Fundraising Ideas

Hello, Cub Scouts! Welcome to "The Complete Guide to Cub Scout Fundraising Ideas." Whether you are an energetic scout leader or a proud parent—or simply dedicated to supporting these children, you’ll know that fundraising is the central activity driving any Cub Scout pack.

Fundraising helps these young explorers have fun-filled, exciting activities and develop lifelong skills. The money raised promise each scout the chance to participate in camping events and community service projects.

But sometimes, new and exciting Cub Scout fundraising ideas can be tricky to brainstorm. That’s why we came through for you, bringing you the best Cub Scout fundraising tips and tricks to make your next Cub Scout fundraising a smashing success that drives record revenue!

By organizing creative fundraising activities for Cub Scouts, you’re not only raising money; you’re building the essence of teamwork, developing youth leadership, and a feeling of accomplishment in kid's minds. It’s time to take building the next generation of American men seriously, and that starts with giving them the opportunities and skills they need to succeed in life. So here’s our guide to great fundraising ideas for Cub Scouts that make an impact.

Traditional Cub Scout Fundraising Ideas

These classic, tried-and-true methods are not only effective but also an excellent way for Cub Scouts to become an essential part of their community and acquire traditional values. The following Cub Scout fundraiser ideas will help support the troop in achieving its revenue goals.

Bake Sales

One of the most classic and proven Cub Scout fundraiser ideas has got to be bake sales. These events are super fun to organize. Check out the tips below, which will make your bake sale one of the best Cub Scout fundraising ideas you will ever take on.

Organizing the Event

Choose a date and venue with plenty of foot traffic, like a local community center, a school, or a nearby park. Then, have the Cub Scouts and their families bake different treats; variety is key. You want to have a selection of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and maybe even a gluten-free and vegan alternative.

What to Sell?

Stick to the classics: chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cupcakes. These options are crowd favorites. Don't forget to add a few niche items like cake pops, lemon bars, or themed cupcakes for that little bit of extra flare. Themed baked goodies like pumpkin spice in the fall or peppermint in the winter can make a big splash with supporters.

Pricing Your Baked Goodies

Sell that set of delicious goodies you baked! It's always wise to make things affordable to get as many customers as you can. $1 to $3 per item is a great price point. Bundle them up, like three for $5, to encourage folks to buy more, and don't forget that donation jar for those who would like to give a little extra!

Car Washes

Car Washes Car washes are another great way to make money and get your Cub Scouts physically involved in the day's events. Here's how to make your car wash one of the most successful Cub Scout fundraisers ever.:

Finding a Location

Choose a high-traffic area, like a local gas station, school parking lot, or community center, where you have easy access to water and the owner allows you to setup. A visible location can work the magic of drawing in more customers, maximizing revenue with your fundraising efforts.

Sourcing Materials

You’ll need buckets, water, sponges, car soap, hoses, towels, and perhaps some signs letting people know what’s going on. Add a few folding tables for donations and a cooler filled with drinks for the crew.

Engaging Volunteers

Make the event a fun team activity. Assign each scout a task like washing, rinsing, drying, or handling donations. The more excited the kids are, the more the energy spreads throughout the venue and the more fun it is for everyone involved.

Garage Sales

Another effective way of making money is to host a yard sale. It’s a great way to recycle junk stuff in your home and earn from it. Here's how you can score with a yard sale.

Getting the Word Out

Promote your yard sale at least two weeks in advance. Use social media, community bulletin boards, and local newspapers. Make signs to attract attention and place them around the neighborhood a few days before the sale.

Raising Funds

Rally families and make arrangements for donations of gently used items such as clothing, toys, books, and household items. Remember: sort and price it all to avoid any last-minute chaos.

Pricing Items

Price things low enough to move and use stickers or price tags to give visitors an idea of what they’ll pay. Offer bulk deals: For example, ''one bag of clothes for $5.'' Make the prices enticing enough to draw buyers and be ok with good-spirited haggling; it’s all for a good cause. 


Another great fundraising idea that thrills and excites people with the chance of winning big. It combines exhilaration and finances, resulting in great profits for the troop.

Sourcing Prizes 

Reach out to local businesses for prize donations. Many are happy to support community events and might offer gift cards, merchandise, or services. The more attractive the prizes, the more interest to buy tickets. 

Ticket Sales

Encourage Cub Scouts to sell tickets to friends, relatives, and neighbors. Make it a friendly competition by giving a small prize to the Cub Scout who sells the most tickets. Try offering tickets at different price points, such as $1 each or 6 for $5, to maximize sales. 

Drawing Winners

Hold an exciting event during the drawing of the raffle prizes. Announce winners at a community meeting or on social media to keep the hype train running at full steam. Notify your winners ASAP to end your raffle on a high note.

Creative Fundraising Activities for Cub Scouts

Here are some fundraising ideas that make the event fun and creative while raising the finances to back up your activities. Roll up those sleeves, tap into your imagination, and let the fundraising fun begin!

Themed parties

Everyone loves a party. Themed parties are probably one of the most creative Cub Scout fundraising ideas that gel fun, creativity, and raising cash in one event. Now, let's dive into how you can throw a themed party that everyone will rave about for months!

Theme ideas

Select a theme that will interest your Cub Scouts and their families in attending. Good themes have included heroes, pirates, space adventures, and Hawaiian luaus. The point is not to struggle in getting the concept across and be universally appealing.


Include activities suited to the theme. It's not much of a Superhero party if there’s no obstacle course set up for pseudo-Superman training, or what's a pirate-themed party without having a treasure hunt? Having a space-themed party? Try a countdown for a rocket launch. A Hawaiian luau would be great with some hula dancing and lei-making stations.


Get the place decked out with balloons, streamers, and other props according to the theme. So, you would have chests, old maps, and nautical flags for a swashbuckling pirate party. For a superhero theme, you’ll need posters of famous heroes with their capes hung around the venue. The more creative you get at decorating, the more magic it brings.

Craft Fairs

A craft fair features unique goods that inspire people and raise money; it’s a win-win. Showcase the potential and creativity of your Cub Scouts and the local community.

Booth Set-Up

Arrange booths for local crafters to exhibit and sell their handcrafted goods. Provide ample space for each booth, with tables and chairs or maybe even some decorative tablecloths to finish off the look of each booth.

Choosing Popular Crafts

Handmade jewelry, candles, knitted things, and artwork are always a big hit at craft fairs. You could also just buy materials in bulk and get the Cub Scouts to make some crafts to sell. This approach lowers costs and makes the kids more invested and involved in the day's activities and the event's success.

Attracting Vendors

Advertise your craft fair far in advance to attract vendors. Use social media, local newspapers, and community bulletin boards to spread the word. Attract vendors willing to open booths by charging them cheap fees or a percentage of the sales revenue.

Talent Shows

Talent shows shed light on the Cub Scouts' diverse skills and special talents while encouraging community involvement. 

Finding the Talent

Invite Cub Scouts, their families, and the community. Post flyers, use social media, and word of mouth to promote the event. If needed, consider hosting auditions to ensure there’s a vast array of talent represented.

Event Promotion

Make some cool posters and snazzy digital flyers to post and share around. Advertise in school newsletters, social media, local radio stations, and community centers. Make some noise; the more people see your promotional materials, the more people will show up on the day. 

Ticket Sales

Sell tickets at the gate and organize a presale online or through hand-to-hand sales. Sell a group or family ticket as an incentive to get more people to the event. Be sure to have snacks and drinks available for the attendees to purchase on the day to boost your fundraising revenue.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are an enjoyable and interactive way to raise funds while engaging your community. It’s one of the original Cub Scout fundraising ideas, turning a regular day into an adventure in a snap.

Planning the Route

Design a route that’s safe and accessible for everyone regardless of their age. Choose a public location—a park, neighborhood, or downtown area. Map the stops to make sure each one is marked and easily recognizable.

Clues and Prizes

Strategize by writing fun, challenging clues leading members from one station to the next. It isn’t supposed to be too tough for people to figure out. Offer small prizes at each station or a grand prize to the winning team.

Team Collaboration

Let the participants form teams and mingle. This creates teamwork and brings more fun and enjoyment to the event. Allocate team's T-shirts or vests to build a bond among them and create a competitive atmosphere. 


Who doesn’t love a carnival? It’s another traditional fundraiser that's sure to be a real screamer for kids and families. You’ll get a huge turnout, and the revenue will flow effortlessly into your organization, smashing your expectations.

Organizing Games and Rides 

Games at a classic carnival include carousels, dunk tanks, a ring toss, beanbag toss, and any small classic rides that fit your budget. The more you have on offer, the better.


Sell food stall and ride tickets. Offer incentives with unlimited packages or wristbands. A well-laid-out ticket booth will help tremendously in controlling the hustle and bustle of the day's events.

Safety Considerations 

Ensure that all games and rides are safe and under the supervision of adults. Provide plenty of first aid kits and have a couple of adults responsible for overseeing the various safety measures. Most unfortunate incidents can be avoided with proper signage and if the area is set up correctly before things get underway. 

Online Fundraising Ideas for a Cub Scout Troop

Fundraising online? It’s a smart, practical way to get more revenue into your organization. Here are some awesome digital fundraising ideas to boost your Cub Scout troop's fundraising efforts from the comfort of your keyboard.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding broadcasts an appeal for support to hundreds of people, gathering small and large sums that bring in an enormous total contribution.

Choosing a Platform

First of all, find the best crowdfunding site that will suit your purpose. These include such popular ones as GoFundMe, Kickstarter, or IndieGoGo. All of these have friendly user interfaces and a vast audience, boosting your campaign.

Creating Compelling Content

Create a story that tugs on heartstrings and opens wallets. The most critical part is showing them how funds will be spent, add some heartwarming pictures or videos of Scouts in action. Add in some personal stories or testimonials; something relatable that makes it interesting.

Set your Revenue Goal

Put your fundraising goal on the page, engage your supporters with the cause at hand, and then keep updating them. Ask them to share it around on social media; chances are that more eyeballs will drop on your fundraising page. Give recognition for every donation, and don't forget to thank your supporters and let them know how their contributions are making a difference.

Online Auctions

Online auctions can be a fun way to fundraise, and they might be among the most effective ideas to bring in much-needed revenue.

Sourcing Items

Kick-off procurement for auction items by directly reaching out to local businesses, friends in the community, and families. Ideas include gift cards, handmade crafts, gift baskets, or experiences, like tickets to special events or a day spent with a professional.

Preparing an Auction

Put an auction together through websites like PayBee, eBay, BiddingForGood, or any charity auction website. Note the different items along with their description and pictures. Clearly state the rules so that everything goes smoothly regarding the bidding process.

Promote to a Wide Audience

Advertise on social media, send emails, or create posts in community newsletters. Create exciting posts of the top items to bid on and share stories on how the money raised will benefit your Cub Scout troop. The more people you reach, the higher your bids go.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a game changer for successful online fundraising for Cub Scouts. A proper strategy lets you reach a big audience and effectively keep them engaged and interested in your campaign.

Creating Engaging Posts

Mix and match photos, videos, and text updates to keep things interesting, and do so regularly to shine a spotlight on your fundraising activities. Share stories about your Cub Scouts or focus on upcoming activities and the particular milestones you reach along the way. Use relevant hashtags to increase sharing.

Leveraging Different Platforms

Play to the strengths of each social media platform. Facebook is great for detailed updates and promotion; use Instagram for sharing engaging photos and stories; try X for quick updates and to spur engagement. Don't forget LinkedIn in case you need professionals to help mobilize and raise support on your behalf.

Tracking Engagement

Start tracking your posts with analytics tools. Observe trends based on likes, shares, and comments, or the number of times people click links, to know what works with your audience. These tools provide a strategic dimension to getting more views and engagement for your content. 

Email Campaigns 

Email campaigns are one of the oldest forms of fundraising. A well-thought-out email strategy will effectively communicate your campaign with your supporters and bring in plenty of donations. 

How to Build Mailing Lists

Create a mailing list and keep it fresh. Have people sign up for updates via your website, during events, or through social media, and always ensure you have permission to email them. 

Writing Effective Appeals

Write some engaging emails that explain what you’re raising money for and how your supporters' donations are used. Make it informal and personable; include a call to action with easy ways for recipients to donate immediately by directly linking to the donation page. Be sure to include stories and images that make your appeal feel personable.

Follow-up strategies

Thank your donors with follow-up emails regarding their contribution to the cause. Share regular updates and success stories so they maintain interest and are willing to donate again. Respond to their feedback and suggestions to improve your future campaigns.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Cub Scout Fundraiser

Want to make your Cub Scout troop's fundraising efforts a huge success? Let's delve into some of the best ideas to make effective Cub Scout fundraising successful and exceed your goals!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to running a successful fundraising program for Cub Scouts. Learn to organize a fundraiser that drives revenue for your projects and provides the kids with a learning opportunity they’ll remember for life.


Planning is the backbone of a successful fundraiser. This is how you create a stage for its success.

Setting Your Fundraising Goals

Start with a clear and feasible goal from the outset. Know the purpose of your fundraising and how much revenue you want to raise. Formulating a specific target keeps everybody focused and motivated. Your goals must be clear, whether it’s raising money for new camping gear, community projects, or special events.


Develop a budget that encompasses all expenditure areas. Think about material costs, promotional costs, hall rental fees, and anything else you can come up with. This strategy prevents overspending and opens your eyes to where to spend your budget to maximize your efforts and the impact of your fundraiser. It’s all about intelligent spending and maximizing profit!

Create a Timeline

There needs to be some logical timeline. Define the dates and critical milestones from the initial planning to the event day, and the post-event follow-up. This approach ensures everybody has something to do so you don’t waste resources. Set up deadlines for work to be completed, and have reviews and check-ins on a regular basis to stay focused on your plans.


This is where magic happens. The more people know about your Fundraising Project, the more successful it will be.

Utilize Various Promotional Channels

Use all available channels to get the word out. Post it on social media sites or apps. Don’t disregard community bulletin boards, the back page of the local newspaper, or the radio. The more publicity, the better!

Designing Attractive Marketing Materials

Use eye-catching flyers, posters, and social media graphics with bright colors, engaging images, and short and clear messaging. A picture is worth one thousand words. Make your visuals pop; make a point.

Apply Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategies

Don't rule out word-of-mouth advertising. Unpack your strategy to the Cub Scouts and volunteers and encourage them to communicate it to their friends and family. Parents can also help by spreading the word within their social circles. Word of mouth goes a long way in creating a buzz. The more people talking about your fundraiser, the bigger the success story is at the end of the day.

Driving Engagement

Keep people informed and aware of your fundraiser and drive more eyeballs to your advertising. Engagement is everything, so create a big stir in the community with these tips and tricks.

Involve Parents and the Community

Involve parents and the community right from the start. Organize meetings and presentations to build awareness and generate interest. Find tasks to assign to people so they feel like stakeholders in the project.

Recognizing Volunteer Efforts

Never forget to thank your volunteers. Sometimes, a sincere thank you is all it takes to create a lifetime supporter for your organization and future events. Think about small prizes or a shout-out at the close of the event to thank your volunteers. 

Retaining Momentum

Keep the campaign exciting and filled with momentum. Post updates, share progress, celebrate milestones, and show everybody what’s happening. Keep the ball rolling by using social media and email newsletters to excite people.  

Tracking Event Success

Tracking allows you to adjust the event’s promotional strategy to ensure your fundraiser is influential and successful with the local community. 

Monitoring Event Progress

Monitor fund-raising progress, noting donations against established goals, expenses, and overall performance. This approach lets you know what’s working and what isn’t, allowing you to make adjustments to your strategy on the fly.

Adjusting Strategies

Stay nimble and ready to roll with whatever problems crop up. Don't be afraid to pivot strategies if something isn't working. Maybe it will take a different promotional or engagement strategy. Just be ready to adapt and respond.

Evaluation Post-Event

Finally, follow up and note the results of the fundraiser. Give everybody a debrief about how it went. Learn from it to pull off better future events.

Summary and Final Thoughts

All Right, Fundraising Champions, Let's end with a bang! From tried, tested, proven, timeless strategies and ideas to creative and digital ways of fundraising for Cub Scouts—this guide has it all.

We’ve shared fabulous ideas on Cub Scout fundraising around bake sales, car washes, themed parties, and online strategies using crowdfunding and social media campaigns.

Successful Cub Scout fundraising begins by planning correctly, promoting, reaching out to the community, and monitoring progress.

Remember that any fundraiser offers an opportunity to build community, reinforce the Cub Scouts enthusiasm, and make a difference in their lives.

Now, get down to business! Engage your pack in a brainstorming session to pinpoint some Cub Scout fundraising ideas and start your fundraising venture. Follow these tips and strategies as your guide for anything you need to know on how to get success with live Cub Scout fundraising events or to kick one off online. Now what? Choose one, set your goal, and dive right in! You have the tools, and you have the inspiration – it's time to realize your fundraising dreams. Get out there and start creating unforgettable, successful Cub Scout fundraisers. Do it!

Cub Scout Fundraising Idea - FAQs

Which online choices are appropriate for crowdfunding campaigns with a Cub Scout fundraiser?

The best crowdfunding online platforms for a Cub Scout fundraiser are GoFundMe, Kickstarter, or Indiegogo. All of them are user-friendly and have enormous audiences. Each one of these sites provides sharing tools and follow-up on donation tracking.

How can we source maximum participation in an online auction for our Cub Scout pack?

Procure items that people will get excited about bidding on in an online auction. Advertise it on all your social media, email lists, and community boards. Ease of access and user-friendliness in the auction is critical, and PayBee silent auction software will be a blessing in driving more engagement and revenue from your bidders. 

How can we ensure our Cub Scout fundraising events have community engagement and support?

Engage parents, local businesspeople, and the community early in the process. Advertise your events on social media and in local newspapers; use word of mouth as well. Make it fun; make it friendly so more people can participate. Show appreciation to your volunteers; this way, a community forms around your fundraiser to ensure its success.

What are some best practices to consider when planning and promoting Cub Scout fundraising activities?

Best practices for Cub Scout fundraising activities include planning and promotion, having a well-defined goal, a reasonable budget, and a timeline developed on how you’ll make that happen. Use social media, flyers, and local media to publicize your activities and use content like exciting graphics and compelling messages. Periodically show your community where you are in reaching your goals, advising on your progress, and keep the momentum by continually posting engaging content.

How can we track the success of our Cub Scout fundraising efforts and make improvements for future events?

Track event success by measuring donations against expenses and performance against set goals. Use spreadsheets or fundraising software like PayBee to keep things in order. Get feedback from participants and volunteers to hone in on problem areas that need to be fixed. Evaluate each event regarding what worked well and what can be improved next time.

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