6 Creative Summer Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

6 Creative Summer Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

As we move towards Summer and the warmer months it’s time to think of how we can continue fundraising efforts with a more creative summer twist.  Here are six options for you to consider for your next fundraiser.

  1. Open Air Movie Screening

Open air cinemas have become very popular over the last few years, especially with the pandemic.  These family-friendly events can provide lots of funds with lower amounts of stress than some other events.  The main things to consider when preparing are preparing a suitable venue with the right projection equipment and setting up a ticketing system.  Once those are sorted you should make sure you have enough volunteers to manage the event, have a concession stand for food and drinks, and promote the event as widely as you can.  Fundraising writer Iona Darnell, PhDKingdom and Originwritings, reminds you “It is important to make sure that you have trash cans and a clean-up team after the event to make sure you don’t leave the place a mess.  You also need to make sure you have all the right license requirements in place to be allowed to screen the film.”

  1. Water Fight

Brilliant for kids or for those with a playful inner child, water fights are an excellent way to raise some money for a good cause.  Especially when it’s really hot out and you’re looking for a way to cool down.  Raise money for your cause by charging entrance to the event or for refills of water guns. You could even have water balloons available for sale as well. Make sure to organize the event away from areas sensitive to water damage as well as being easy to clean up. Then you’ll need water, storage, volunteers and a “safe area” to allow your guests a space to take a breather. Try and check the forecast to pick a hot day and make sure to have plenty of refreshments on hand.

  1. Barbeque

Everyone loves a good barbeque, charging people for entry or a plate is a good way to raise some funds. The issue comes in with making sure to balance the cost of the supplies vs the cost of the ticket. Have fun fair events and games in place to make some more money.  See if you can get donations from local companies of prizes and run competitions or a raffle to bolster the funds.

  1. Pool Party

Another perfect event for when it’s hot out and everyone is looking to cool off.   Look to organise with a local pool or hotel to set up the party and make sure you will have qualified lifeguards on hand. Charge for entry to the party and have games and events lined up for people.  For example, having a floatie race or an underwater treasure hunt.  Prizes could be donated from local businesses again or from those you are partnering with for the event i.e., a night at the hotel.

  1. Sandcastle Contest

Brilliant for kids and creatives alike this is perfect if you live near a beach or if you can get a large space with some sand pits brought in. You can split up the contest according to age/skill with a kid’s competition, a family competition and artistic sculpture contest.  Simply charge an entry fee for each event they want to compete in.  Like before you should try and get donations of prizes from local businesses and charity partners. “Don’t forget to make sure you consult your local authorities to get permission to host the event,” warns business writer Cameron Kearney from Britstudent and Nextcoursework.

  1. Outdoor Exercise Class

If you have the proper venue and a decent enough space to exercise, holding an outdoor exercise class is an easy way to do some fundraising.   The first thing to arrange is a decent instructor to run the class, then you may charge tickets for spots in the class.  If it works out, you could even run a series of classes, for example a 30-day yoga challenge. The key to making this event work is to have good promotion and decent incentives or rewards for participants.  Make sure to have a water stand to provide hydration for those taking part and that you have all the necessary equipment and accessories. For smaller nonprofits, see what local health clubs are willing to offer and keep costs to a minimum with a basic exercise routine with little to no equipment.

There are many great ways for you to make some money for your non-profit during the summer months. These are just a few options for you to choose from, and whatever you pic, happy fundraising this summer.

Writer and editor Michael Dehoyos, Academicbrits, is a firm supporter of non-profits and looks to find ways to offer creative solutions for any occasion.

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Michael Dehoyos

Michael Dehoyos is a writer and editor at Phd Kingdom and Academic brits He assists companies in their marketing strategy concepts, and contributes to numerous sites and publications. Also, he is a writer at Origin Writings.

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