All-in-One Non-Profit Fundraising Platform

Supporting a charity or non-profit organization is becoming easier than ever across the US, thanks to technology. Rather than using traditional marketing to promote non-profit fundraising, websites, fundraising platforms and online donation capabilities, are making the act of donating less time consuming, more convenient and if wanted, completely anonymous.

In 2018, US donations from individuals alone exceeded $292 billion, with the average online donation around $128. In fact, philanthropists are donating more online each year. From 2018 to 2019, donations rose by 10% across the US, and are predicted to rise further as we move into 2021. Approximately 8% of all donations are now made online, yet many small charities and non-profit organizations are still yet to take advantage of fundraising platforms. 

At Paybee, we have created an easy to use, all-in-one fundraising platform to help even small charities benefit from online donations. With our help, you can unlock the power of online non-profit fundraising and open up your cause to a whole new audience of online supporters.


Paybee offers a hassle-free, contract-free 2% per transaction fee service, with the flexibility to make our solution work for any charity, no matter how big or small. We understand that in the non-profit world, every single cent counts and that’s why we work hard to provide an online solution that won’t eat into your online donations.

With our platform, your small fee will give you exclusive access to a range of features such as;

✓ A three-step tool to make effective non-profit fundraising campaigns.

✓ Host a charity gala or live auction to raise funds for your cause.

✓ Create digital auctions to generate funds from worldwide supporters.

✓ World-class support via phone call or email, to help you create campaigns and build awareness for your cause.

✓ Real-time reporting to help you make data-driven decisions for your organization or charity. This includes information about your online donations and live campaigns.

Easy To Use

Build donor loyalty and a strong campaign!

Paybee has hosted several hundred virtual auctions and has successfully processed over $4M worth of donations. We are proud to have been the platform of choice for organizations such as the Salvation Army, Boys & Girls Clubs of America as well as the NFL Alumni Association.

Trusted and easy to use, if you’re searching for an effective all-in-one fundraising platform to give your cause the support, awareness and online exposure it deserves choose Paybee. Whether you want to create a bespoke landing page for your non-profit organization with a feature to take online donations, or you want to launch a virtual auction to increase exposure and raise funds, our friendly team is here to help.

Non-profit fundraising platform Paybee

Bespoke Branding At Your Fingertips

The Paybee system automatically generates a community landing page, individual auction landing pages as well as email templates. All of these include your non-profit organization’s custom branding.

Other areas where custom branding can be included are:

  • Virtual Event Landing Page Slide Shows
  • Virtual Event Live Video
  • Virtual Event Sponsor Reel

This gives you the opportunity to create bespoke branded online campaigns and market them across your own social media channels. Branding will help to encourage online donations as it will build trust online and show credibility. People are far more likely to make a second donation when they first donate through a branded campaign.

Plus, by using our online fundraising platform, you will be given custom links to your online campaign which you can promote and share across social media and on your website, or within an email campaign. This will help build brand awareness, increase your reach online and spread the word about your cause.

Start creating a buzz online about your non-profit organization and start taking online donations with help and support from Paybee’s easy to use, non-profit fundraising platform.

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