8 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Nonprofit Volunteer Programs

8 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Nonprofit Volunteer Programs

Smartphone use has exploded within the last decade, and now 85% of Americans own a smartphone of some kind. And, according to recent industry research, half of all nonprofit website traffic comes from mobile and tablet users. 

So, what does that mean for your volunteer program? You have an excellent opportunity to start engaging with your supporters via their mobile devices. If you’ve recently conducted a tech assessment and found that you’re lacking mobile functionality, you’re in the right place. 

In this guide, we’ll review what a volunteer mobile app is and the top benefits of these tools for volunteer programs. Here’s what to expect: 

  • What is a Volunteer Program Mobile App?
  • Mobile App Benefits for Volunteer Coordinators
  • Mobile App Benefits for Volunteers

Alongside your volunteer management software system, a mobile app is one of the most effective digital tools to have in your pocket. Let’s get started. 

What is a Volunteer Program Mobile App? 

A volunteer mobile app is a smartphone application that helps streamline the volunteer management process by offering self-serve features that enhance communication, training processes, recruitment, engagement strategies, and much more. A mobile app helps nonprofits speed up operational processes and communicate with volunteers, all at your fingertips.

Top Mobile App Features for Volunteer Programs

It’s crucial to have robust technology to help achieve organizational goals and manage a large group of volunteers. Your volunteer mobile app provides insights on the impact of your volunteers, delivers important information in real-time, and much more all in one platform. Every volunteer app is unique, but ensure your volunteer app is equipped with these useful features: 

  • Shift scheduling - Allow volunteers to view and register for empty shifts with a self-sign-up feature to eliminate any back-and-forth communication. This way, volunteers can pick and choose shifts that work best according to their schedule and administrators can analyze shift attendance in real-time.
  • Details and role descriptions for each volunteer opportunity - Provide detailed descriptions of each volunteer opportunity for your volunteers to get an idea of which roles best suit them according to their skills, qualifications, and interests. This will help you effectively match volunteers with the right roles, boosting productivity and engagement levels in your program!
  • Hours tracking - Volunteer time tracking will help your organization assess volunteer impact, win grants, and report on the success of your program. It also allows you to acknowledge those who are going above and beyond and build new strategies for boosting engagement among those who are least active.
  • Check-in/check-out functionality - Speed up your sign-up process by allowing your volunteers to self-check-in and out of shifts. Gain insights into who’s making it on time for their shifts or who is least active to help you devise new strategies to boost engagement.
  • Documents hub - Make it easier for your volunteers to understand their roles and help them carry out their tasks in a safe manner by letting them have access to important documents such as relevant policies and the required code of conduct.

With all of these great features, there’s no doubt your volunteers will thrive and appreciate having the ability to connect with your organization on the go. Remember to offer a rundown of your volunteer app during your orientation to help them understand how to use the platform.

Mobile App Benefits for Volunteer Coordinators

As a volunteer coordinator, you’re always looking for tools and resources that will help you run your volunteer program more efficiently and save time. A volunteer mobile app helps you do just that. Investing in a volunteer mobile app saves you time and allows you to manage your volunteer program from anywhere!

Here are a few top benefits of mobile apps for volunteer managers:

  • Offer a more engaging experience for volunteers - With all the engaging features that come with volunteer mobile apps, it makes it easier to communicate with volunteers, boosting program satisfaction. It also allows you to reach all your volunteers at once, making sure everyone is always in the loop!
  • Enable in-app shift sign-ups, boosting retention - When your volunteers can self-sign-up for the shifts that work best for them, it makes their volunteer work more enjoyable. This results in your volunteers wanting to stay with your organization long-term, boosting retention rates.
  • Manage last-minute scheduling changes to ensure all shifts are covered - Whether you’re hosting a virtual or in-person event, there’s always the chance for unexpected scheduling issues to arise. Your volunteer managers can get a birds-eye view of the calendar and quickly fill in for a shift that needs to be covered.
  • Empower volunteers to process donations on behalf of your organization. For example, with the PayBee events app, volunteer managers can close auction pledges and process donations via cash, card, and check. 

Mobile App Benefits for Volunteers

Your volunteers are the core foundation of your nonprofit organization, as they donate many hours and skills to help you accomplish your goals. In return, it’s important to ensure they have a seamless experience. Mobile apps offer mutual benefits for your volunteers as well! These advantages include:

  • Reduce scheduling confusion - If your volunteer mobile app has a “volunteer self-schedule” feature, it empowers your volunteers to self-sign-up for shifts that work best with their schedule, saving time communicating back-and-forth. Plus, volunteers can receive reminders when their shifts are approaching so no one forgets to show up.
  • Access important information - This includes the ability to access shift information and relevant documents directly from their smartphones. If your volunteers have any questions regarding their roles and safety protocols, they can directly view any important information through their mobile app rather than looking on your website or having to ask you.
  • Conduct seamless hours tracking - Your volunteers may want insights on how many hours they’ve contributed so far due to many reasons, whether it’s for their own reference and satisfaction or if they want to include volunteer experience on their resume. They can easily track their own hours using a volunteer app.
  • Ask questions and receive answers in real-time - Questions are bound to arise! Your volunteers will greatly appreciate communicating with you through your volunteer app and receiving answers as quickly as possible. 

Mobile App for Your Nonprofit Fundraising Events

The Paybee app enables your in-person event staff to conduct essential event activities such as recording bids, taking donations, and checking in visitors from their mobile phones. Simply have your volunteers download  the Paybee app and invite each volunteer to manage your event from the Paybee backend interface.. All volunteers will then be equipped with all they need to manage guests on the floor and contribute to a more complete fundraising and event experience for all.

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of mobile apps for volunteer programs, it’s time to start planning and searching for the right one! Remember to conduct thorough research before deciding on which volunteer mobile app to invest in that will suit all your and your volunteers’ needs. Start by knowing what you’re looking to prioritize, whether it’s effective communication, volunteer scheduling solutions, or ease of recruitment, and go from there. Good luck!

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