Things to Sell for Fundraising: The Art of Fundraising Through Product Sales

Things to Sell for Fundraising: The Art of Fundraising Through Product Sales

In today’s ever evolving landscape, nonprofit organizations must constantly adapt their fundraising methods in order to keep the community engaged while fully maximizing the impact of the change they are making. Innovative product offerings combined with strategic marketing strategies allow nonprofits the opportunity to discover new ways to raise funds while bringing awareness to their cause.

Selecting the perfect merchandise to sell for your charity fundraiser provides nonprofits the opportunity to build deep and long lasting connections within their communities and while unlocking a multitude of benefits for all parties involved. By choosing cost-effective, locally crafted goods, organizations can take advantage of preexisting community ties and operate on a more personal level. They create a shared sense of responsibility for the mission by allowing all parties to feel a sense of responsibility within the fundraiser. Local artisans are more motivated to promote the sale of their goods, while community members reap the benefits of contributing to both homegrown talent and a noble cause.

Trying to fundraise can be hard, and navigating the nuanced details in selecting the best fundraising options for revenue-generating can be tricky. It’s crucial to have a game plan in action before you begin the process. Learn about how Paybee can help empower your nonprofit fundraiser efforts by visiting our contact page today. Our dedicated team is always ready to help you every step of the way through innovative solutions tailored to your organization's own unique needs.

Party-Ready Picks: Festive and Occasion-Specific Offerings

Seasonal and event-specific merchandise provide almost effortless options when planning your fundraiser. These holiday-driven choices work best for organizations such as schools, community groups, or religious organizations– groups that regularly host fundraising events and have pre-established ties within the fundraising scene. Occasion-specific merchandise can piggyback on the already thriving sense of celebration and giving that comes around during certain times of the year. When people are already searching for gifts to give or ways to celebrate, nonprofits can fill in the resulting inherent demand and capitalize on supporters' desire to celebrate while donating to a cause they care about.

Flowers and Bulbs

Flowers and bulbs are excellent product offerings, especially during spring time events and special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s day, or Mother’s day. Benefiting from their intrinsic emotional appeal and paired with obvious seasonal relevance, flowers and bulbs present the perfect offerings to sell throughout the entire springtime season. They provide a great cost-effective option that appeals to almost everyone– whether searching for a way to enhance one’s own space, or a way to show special appreciation for someone, flowers and bulbs are great products to incorporate into your fundraiser rotation.

Add florals into your seasonal fundraising initiatives through virtual sales, local events, and even through collaborations with local shops and vendors. Online selling provides nonprofits the opportunity to reach a wider audience and can also help reach potential benefactors with busier schedules. These floral assortments can also easily be sold at pop-up booths in public spaces, bringing the fundraiser to where the most traffic is and providing an opportunity for contribution with virtually no effort on behalf of the consumer. Consider offerings at a range of price points, providing many options for those operating under various budgets. Garden parties , flower shows, and other similar local events are another great location to sell your botanical offerings to gardening aficionados and horticulture lovers alike.

Selling floral products provides a great way to showcase your team’s commitment to not only beautifying the community, but also to its environmental and sustainability efforts. They serve as a great option for smaller scale organizations seeking opportunities that offer immediate returns while trying not to break the bank, typically offering a 50%-70% profit margin. Whether planting your own flowers for resale, or connecting with one of the many floral companies ready to help, through a bit of careful planning, flowers and bulbs can be a great go to for any fundraising effort.

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decor is another tried and true option for entities looking to raise funds during the winter season. The magic attached to these festive goods is often connected with sentimental values inspiring the spirit of the celebrations. They therefore make a popular choice for enthusiasts looking to purchase holiday gifts for others or even as decoration for their own home. 

Christmas trees are a cornerstone of holiday decor, making them one of the best fundraising products; offering fresh-cut trees in various sizes attracts a variety of customers seeking the perfect centerpiece for their holiday celebrations. While ornaments offer a personal touch and come in a diverse range of options– from traditional glass baubles, to handmade crafts, to amusing and quirky miniatures that perfectly reflect the personality of the person that will be displaying them. Handcrafted wreaths are another creative option that can be tailored to any holiday throughout the year, making them an incredibly fun and popular holiday fundraising item.

To maximize success nonprofits should focus on offering the best quality decor possible like fresh trees, durable ornaments, and expertly crafted wreaths sourced from reputable suppliers or local artisans. Providing a variety of options including different tree sizes, ornament variety, and wreath designs increases the opportunity to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Having the option to customize these products adds a personal touch for customers, even further enhancing their experience.

Holiday decorations generate a boost in fundraiser revenue through direct sales while serving as both a conversation starter for the buyer and a promotional tool for the nonprofit. Integrate branding elements into your wreaths and ornaments-- things such as the institution’s emblem and identifying color scheme– to help raise awareness for your philanthropy’s cause and to spread recognition while attracting new supporters. The goal is to raise funds, engage with allies, and spread holiday cheer, all while advancing your nonprofit’s mission!

Greeting Cards

Incorporating greeting cards into your fundraiser that feature local artists is a win-win for strategies for nonprofits. Not only are greeting cards a meaningful way for followers to express themselves, they also provide a valuable channel for nonprofits to generate funding and strengthen community connections. Suitable for both specific holidays and special occasions alike, these entertaining and thoughtful gifts provide a platform for creative expression of all sorts, thus rendering them inviting to a broad audience.

For your nonprofit organization, you can provide patrons a tangible way to express their emotions while supporting a cause they deeply care about. Feature greeting cards designed by local artists to add a unique touch to your fundraising initiatives. By showcasing community talent, organizations provide distinct, unique, and visually attractive greeting cards while showing appreciation for their local art scene and can harness the power of its community networks to foster greater engagement.

What sets print goods apart from others is their originality and customization ability. By collaborating with community creators, these fun cards become that much more appealing thanks to their exclusive designs and ability to support the local creative economy. Their emotional significance further enhances their fundraising potential, and with relatively low production costs and high profit margins, they can be a great contributor to charities while raising money for their cause

Green and Handy: Reusable Bags, Water Bottles, and Seeds

Selling eco-friendly products and practical items for your fundraiser that highlights the growing emphasis on sustainability and responsible consumerism, with the practice generating nonprofit revenue while promoting environmental consciousness amongst advocates. In offering products that are both environmentally friendly and useful in everyday life, nonprofits can appeal to a larger, broader audience while making a positive impact on the environment. To get the most out of these types of fundraisers, your team should aim to highlight product stories, offer bundle packages and deals, and thoughtfully engage backers through a variety of creative campaigns. Provide convenient purchase options both online and in-person, and encourage an increase in conscious consumption while raising money for a charitable initiative.

Tote Bags

Canvas bags serve as excellent fundraising ideas for nonprofits, especially when considering their environmentally friendly, practicality, and easily tailorable features alongside their overall everyday usefulness. These fun reusable bags provide a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics, further aligning with the communities growing emphasis on environmental consciousness. Mission-driven ventures can source carryalls made from sustainable alternatives like bamboo and organic cotton, to further reinforce their commitment to practices in favor of bettering the environment. Practical design elements such as sturdy construction and ample storage space make reusable carryalls versatile for a variety of activities, allowing users to carry groceries, gym gear, beach essentials, and daily articles- all while themselves being highly portable and easy to store.

Tailorability adds another dimension to reusable satchels as ideal fundraising options. Create fun and unique designs for every tote bag using vibrant designs or engaging phrases that reflect your group’s mission, values, or community personality. Eye-catching graphics, inspiring messages,or the nonprofit’s mark offers allies a meaningful way to showcase their support while also making a statement. 

Highlighting the multi-functionality and pragmatism of these lightweight shoulder bags for everyday use encourages more potential customers to engage with your fundraiser campaign. Incorporate some educational messaging of the environmental benefits in using reusable bags over single-use plastic ones to reinforce their eco-friendly appeal. Think educational inserts providing information on the benefits of moving away from single use plastics, product labels that highlight the bags' environmentally conscious features, or custom designs brandishing environmental themes like images of nature or eco-friendly slogans.

By promoting these reusable bags during your fundraiser, organizations can not only increase financial contributions, promote sustainability practices, encourage practical living, but also foster a sense of community among their advocates.

Reusable Water Bottles and Travel Tumblers

Similar to sustainable multi-use bags, reusable drink canteens and travel tumblers present another excellent opportunity for charitable organizations to sell in order to encourage sustainability while also spreading their message and drum up support. These serve as environmentally conscious opportunities to replace single-use and disposable canteens and cups while also inspiring behavior change. 

Using these recyclable products in nonprofit fundraising sales offers cost-effective publicity, fosters community involvement, and promotes environmental sustainability while creating positive connections and educational opportunities for backers. They provide practical utility and create  long-term impact, aligning them with the values of more environmentally conscious patrons. Branding reusable merchandise with the foundation’s logo or catchy phrases creates unique and cheap walking advertisements while spreading awareness everywhere the enthusiasts of your foundation go. 

To maximize the impact of selling these reusable articles, consider establishing refill stations in partnership with local businesses and community centers to provide convenient access to free or discounted refills, while still promoting community involvement. Wash-and-reuse items work as an easy and economical ad-on to other events like beach cleanups and community projects, and are a simple yet subtle way to inspire donors to reduce waste while showing support for your group’s mission. 

Seed Packets

Seed packets are another great small object that puts a unique spin on fundraisers, and has been increasing in popularity. They harmonize perfectly with organizational messages that promote sustainability awareness, encourage healthier eating habits, or just simply encourage more people to get outside and spend time in nature. Durability, portability, and inexpensive production cost all add to the charm of seed packets as fundraiser options, allowing them to be sold almost anywhere– schools, community fundraisers, or a regional partner.

The benefits of selling seed packets run far deeper than just beautifying spaces- they do wonders in providing plenty of educational opportunities. A simple fundraising product with high profit margins, these seed packets are a great cost-effective fundraising idea that allows nonprofits to maximize revenue while promoting sustainable agriculture practices. Emphasizing the long-term impact of growing plants from seeds, such as beautifying neighborhoods or providing food security, encourages patrons to see their participation as an investment in the future sustainability and overall longevity of their environment. Nonprofits can explore the option of offering a diverse selection of seeds, thriving plants ready for transplanting, or essential gardening tools and equipment to cater to gardening enthusiasts to promote green initiatives.

When selecting seed options, opt for a variety of flowers or vegetables that promote sustainability and increase biodiversity. Select a greatly varying range of options– fruits, vegetable, and flowers– in order to make sure you have something for people at all skill levels. Present educational resources and tips on proper plant care to empower customers with the knowledge and skills necessary for nurturing healthy growth, ensuring your patron’s gardening experience is both enjoyable and successful.

Top Creative and Unique Things to Sell at Fundraisers

Exploring creative and unique fundraising merchandise offers an excellent avenue for your not-for-profit initiatives when contemplating things to sell during a fundraiser. Given their inherent appeal, tangible value, and remarkable versatility, these options serve as innovative tools that engage allies and drive impactful fundraising efforts. These articles provide a unique charm that captivates audiences, and coupled with their practicality, ensures they meet diverse tastes and fulfill a multitude of needs, rendering them invaluable assets for any fundraising mission. Small custom products are easy ways to add a bit of personality to your campaign, and their small size and low price make them accessible ways for benefactors to show their support. By marketing these goods as both meaningful and functional, nonprofits can engage a wider range of advocates and easily drive up sales. Consider bundling these miniature goods together, or offering them as temporary promotional items in order to increase their perceived value and encourage larger purchases. These can be anything, from magnets and decals to sweatshirts, caps, even fun pet accessories or other small collectibles.

Nonprofit organizations can view this opportunity as a chance to be creative and show off their personality with things like clever catch phrases or memorable styles and logos. By humanizing the organization’s brand, you encourage supporters to form a connection with your group, and inspire them to continue their support and inspire others to do the same.

Custom Decals and Fridge Magnets

Small, customized creations like decals and fridge magnets provide efficient yet impactful ways to amplify a nonprofit’s message and reach an extensive network, and are a simple sell for fundraising purposes. One of their top notable advantages is their affordability, as these objects are manufactured at a relatively low cost and ensure accessibility for nonprofits of varying sizes and capacities, regardless of budget constraints. Organizational budgets benefit from these low cost goodies and the redirection of funds towards other components of their crusade.

Small in size and cost, these small, popular trinkets are an attractive product to sell across a multitude of diverse spaces– craft fairs and markets, next to the register at a community store, or in partnership with local businesses. Produced in bulk and low in shipping cost, thes space saving items are a great way to sell cheap yet effective products that add up to make a solid impact towards your fundraising goal. They are easy to collect, even further enhancing their appeal. 

The ideas are endless when it comes to design and style, allowing you to convey any ideas or messages necessary. Incorporate standout, eye catching designs through typography, colors, and graphics to fully maximize the efficiency of your bespoke decals and allow them to serve as a constant reminder of your organization's cause– reinforcing its message and increasing recognition of your marque’s identity among backers and beyond while creating lasting impressions wherever they are displayed. Distribute as many decals and magnets as far-reaching as possible to amplify their impact and strengthen your team’s presence throughout the community and beyond

These small-scale graphics can be advantageous to fundraising drives in a multitude of ways. Promote an upcoming event, spread key messages, or just simply express support for the cause are just a few of their key uses. Both magnets and adhesive decals can be displayed in homes, offices, and even on cars, increasing their utility and overall appeal. Bought in bulk, they are one of the most accessible and economical forms of advertising any organization can employ.

Compact Mirrors, Lip Balms, and Socks

Compact mirrors, lip balm, and socks are often sought after fundraising ideas for nonprofits due to their wide appeal and practicality. These everyday essentials are highly desirable among people of all ages– compact mirrors provide on-the-go convenience for quick touch ups, while lip balm offers essential skin care in harsh weather conditions, and socks provide warmth, comfort and style-making, all accessible options for daily use. By selling these functional goods, nonprofits tap into the practical side of usefulness, ensuring high desire among those allies that are seeking offerings that are both functional and affordable. 

The customization of these small selections allows your nonprofit fundraiser to add a unique touch to its benefit drive– think branding and custom designs– and further enhances their appeal and reinforcement of the organization’s message. Whether sold at events, through online fundraising platforms, or in partnership with local stores or vendors, these goods provide a tangible way for backers to contribute to a cause while receiving practical and personalized items in return. To optimize donation revenue, think of bundle deals, details and designs that reflect the current season or trends, and quirky customization options. Provide different styles and designs at mixed price levels while placing emphasis on their practical benefits to best generate crucial revenue in support of your mission.

Chocolate Bars and Homemade Jams

Unique edible items such as chocolate bars and homemade jams, provides nonprofits a widely popular treat that will fly off the shelves. These homemade sweet treats appeal to a wide audience, making them a great choice for patrons looking to find the perfect gift and ensuring these homemade delicacies are highly desired among contributors. Adding to their appeal is their ability to be produced in mass quantities, enabling organizations to streamline production costs and maximize their profit margins.

Producing chocolate bars and homemade jams in bulk can provide many benefits for nonprofits, most notable being that bulk production allows nonprofits to meet high surging interest more efficiently, therefore facilitating nonprofits to efficiently fulfill increased orders and meet heightened interest. Nonprofits can benefit from creative packaging and distribution of edible products through unique packages and labels. They can also be sold in bundles– for e with gift baskets or in packages of select seasonal favorites. Limited-edition flavors releases create a sense of urgency and exclusivity and capitalize on holiday shopping. Offer these types of products through farmers markets, at local shops, or through on the ground, direct contact with patrons. These small, budget-friendly products are great to add on as thank-you gifts for contributors or volunteers- adding extra incentive for support.

Fun Finds: High-Value Niche Items

High-value and niche items add a layer of sophistication and exclusivity into fundraisers, enticing backers to contribute to the campaign at a higher payment rate. Often more luxurious and distinguished in character, these items providea special attraction that appeals to an entirely different segment of patrons. Organizations can strategically sell these items in auction, through raffles, as a part of premium packages, or on their own at an elevated price point, therefore providing sponsors the opportunity to purchase something exceptionally special. Highlight these particular items prominently at fundraising events or through special online campaigns to stir up excitement and while encouraging supporters to participate. Through specialized appeal, these types of offerings attract larger financial contributions– a solid understanding of the nonprofit’s intended audience can provide the opportunity to create limited edition products or craft unique experiences to cater specifically to their target market. Strategic curation and promotion of high-value items are excellent concepts for nonprofits seeking to diversify their revenue streams.

Art and Craft Items

Supporting local artists while generating revenue for your mission is one of the many benefits when recruiting local hobbyists and artisans to  provide art and craft items for fundraising, while also showcasing the creative ideas and skills of the local community. Organizations can create a sense of pride and connection within their area, while also attracting those advocates that appreciate the authenticity and craftsmanship of locally made handcrafted goods. Hosting local talents at community events provides a platform for emerging artists to gain exposure and recognition and encourages future and ongoing collaboration and support. Opting for uncommon or one-of-a-kind craft items, nonprofits can not only reach their goals, but strengthen community ties while encouraging local creativity and providing opportunities for emerging artist to thrive.

Cookbooks and Cooking Classes

Culinary Arts provide nonprofits delivers a fun unique spin on fundraiser offerings and a different way to connect with the community. Team up with the local community and create a cookbook that resonates with your family of supporters. Fill it with diverse recipes and personal anecdotes to create a heartfelt relic that patrons and allies are proud to promote among their personal networks.

Offering cooking classes has become more and more popular. Ofer a type of cuisine or a low budget yet refined sounding dish to keep the class cost-efficient. Alternatively, recruit a celebrity chef to donate time and increase the value of the class. Carry out classes at a wide range of levels to attract people with a variety of skill levels and experiences.  Also think of creating a series of digital lessons, to allow supporters not in the local area a chance to participate.

Culinary events such as food festivals or themed dinners also provide a great opportunity to raise capital for your organization. Take the chance to collaborate with local businesses and restaurants for sponsorship or co-hosting opportunities. Involving culinary offerings in your fundraising catalog is a great option for groups looking to promote messages of healthy eating habits or nutritional education and present a  great, high-valued option for those with the appropriate resources  looking to make a large difference in their fundraising endeavors. 

Tech Gadgets and Fitness Challenges

For organizations keen on promoting health and wellness in creative and impactful ways tech gadgets and fitness challenges can represent an all new arena to operate in. Fitness challenges such as fun runs and walking challenges encourage participants to participate through pledge donations in which they ask people in their network to sponsor them based on a particular goal. Competition drives the challenges, the more participants your cause can acquire is amplified by the amount of sponsors they can secure. Tech gadgets can be directly tied into these types of fundraisers through progress tracking, and can enhance that spirit of competition that drives these types of fundraising drives. Incorporate the number of calories burned, an amount of distance covered, or activity level through smartwatches and fitness apps, and utilize the information in fun, game-like ways, for example with fitness bingo. Display leaderboards and rewards options to increase motivation and participation. Reach out to tech companies or corporate wellness programs to enhance fundraising potential and support to take this fundraising idea to the next level.

Raise Money with Experiences: Experiential Fundraising Offerings

Unique and memorable experiences as opposed to tangible goods should also be considered for supporters seeking unconventional ways to show their support. These experiential offerings can include exclusive access to upcoming events, specialized VIP packages, or personalized services and gift certificates. They add value to fundraising efforts through the creation of memorable moments for your benefactors while incentivizing and promoting higher donations. By providing unique experiences that aren’t available in other places, nonprofits attract advocates that want to receive something other than traditional material goods.

Virtual Experiences

Virtual concerts, online wellness retreats, and educational workshops and classes present innovative ways or organizations to engage enthusiasts remotely. These types of events provide opportunities for interaction, entertainment, and learning, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. By working with corporate partners, collaborating with local artisans, and exploring online avenues, nonprofits are able to uncover a unique variety of offerings and experiences. Sell these virtual experiences as a gift certificate or coupon when selling fundraising merchandise and allow your nonprofits to reach a broader audience, despite any amount of physical distance.

FAQs: Common Fundraising Product Questions 

  1. How can I make my fundraising options stand out in a crowded market?

Make sure your options stand out against generic alternatives by highlighting their distinctive features and benefits. Emphasize qualities such as sustainability benefits, special craftsmanship, or community benefits that appeal to customers varying purchasing decisions. Use heartfelt storytelling and attention-grabbing visuals to create compelling stories that capture your target audience’s attention and showcase the value of your merchandise.

  1. What are some effective strategies for increasing sales during a fundraising sale event?

Create a strong sense of urgency and excitement among prospective buyers to inspire them to take action and participate in your fundraiser. Consider limited-time promotions or special deals to create incentive.Take advantage of testimonials and promote word-of-mouth advertising to establish a relationship with potential customers. Remember to create visually appealing displays to showcase your offerings in their best light.

  1. How can I ensure that my fundraising merchandise appeals to a broad audience and generates widespread interest?

Offer  wide ranges of merchandise options that cater to different taste preferences. WHen possible, engage in market research to identify popular trends and the preferences of your potential consumers, and use this information when crafting your catalog of merchandise to sell.

  1. How can students get involved in the promotion and sale of fundraising goods?

Students love to get involved in school fundraisers. Take this as an opportunity to teach them how to create marketing campaigns and promotional materials. They are a great way in getting schools involved with peers and the local community.Students can use their knowledge of social media to organize activities and employ word-of-mouth style marketing to help them achieve their fundraising goals. Additionally, teachers can incorporate training sessions or work

  1. How can product sales be combined with food-based fundraising initiatives and where can these events be hosted?

Offer fun incentives for supporters to participate while raising money for the cause. Think fun events like pizza nights, where allies can enjoy delicious slices topped with cheddar. These events can typically be hosted at virtually any venue, including cafeterias, community centers, for local restaurants willing to donate. By combining sales with food-based fundraisers, groups can create memorable and enjoyable experiences for attendees while maximizing funds raised for their cause.

Discovering Things to Sell for Fundraising

Maximizing Impact Through Strategic Selling

In many cases, fundraising involves a lot of planning and coordination. By aligning your product selection with the interests and tastes of your audience, as well as the nature of your event and fundraising goals, you can maximize your impact and really generate support for your cause. Whether through creative packaging, strategic pricing, or innovative  marketing tactics, choosing the right treasures to sell has the power to engage supporters, drive sales, and ultimately make a meaningful difference in advancing your organization’s mission. 

Selling things for fundraising can be a tricky road. Ready to revolutionize your fundraising? Feel free to contact us by phone or email to see how our software can work for you. Remember that Paybee offers a seamless platform to enhance your fundraising efforts. Get started and discover more about our innovative solutions by visiting our demo page today.

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