Team Fundraising Platforms: The Best Platform to Enhance Any Fundraising for Any Team

Team Fundraising Platforms: The Best Platform to Enhance Any Fundraising for Any Teams

The Best Team Online Fundraising Platforms

When you set up a team to run your fundraising campaigns, it's important that you provide them with the proper online tools to support them. Gone are the days when your team members spent their time going door-to-door collecting donations -- these days they'll be spending more time creating effective donation pages, running social media marketing campaigns, and assembling exciting activities to encourage donors to sponsor and support your group.

All this means you'll want to choose a platform with top features that will help you team to get some first-class work done in the limited time frame you have. To help make this decision, we've provided a breakdown of some of the most useful fundraising platforms out there today.  

The Best Team Online Fundraising Platforms

1. PayBee - Team Fundraising Platform for Teams and More!

As an all-in-one charity platform, we are very proud of the high level of services we provide and feel we've earned the position of the best fundraising software for your team. At PayBee, we simply offer more than most other platforms at some of the lowest fees you can find. Our wide range of sophisticated but easy-to-use tools allows you to host all sorts of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. 

Our effective online fundraising system enhances your fundraising efforts by providing user-friendly tools for collecting donations and hosting unlimited, professional-grade galas. We offer tools for building customizable donation forms that can be tailored to your nonprofit's branding and collect donations online. Every aspect of your online presence on our site is under your complete control, from the colors of your campaign page to the font size of your donation forms and can be easily accessed from our dashboard.

Take advantage of a plethora of fundraising tools that can do everything from keeping track of your staff and back-end paperwork, to making schedules and ordering the resources you need. Raise funds with any gala, from a golfing event toa Chinese silent auction. We have a solution overview that lets you take any one of your fundraising ideas and turn them into reality, providing you with more ways to reach your fundraising goals. Put simply, this is fundraising made easy!

But where we really empower your charity is our event hosting modules. This begins with PayBee's event management software that helps you manage all communication between your guests and your staff. Our platform makes it easy to handle everything from personalized emails to video chats. You can automatically update date and venue changes, and even design a seating chart for your guests to keep track of all your attendees.

Allow your galas to reach new supporters on an international stage by livestreaming your event across the world using popular streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube. This expands networking opportunities for your guests, who can interact with virtual attendees in real time, and lets you host Q&A sessions at the end for that more personalized touch. 

Our platform is also particularly well-suited for both live and silent auctions. If you're hosting a live event, we let you offer your own bidding paddles, each equipped with a QR code that makes bidding and keeping track of bids effortless. The QR codes also allow your donors to pay for their prize with a single swipe, making the check-out process easier than ever. 

If you're hosting a virtual or hybrid event, we provide tools to help you connect with more potential supporters as well. Our mobile apps and online auction tools give you everything you need to get started in bringing people together in an online environment where people in different countries can participate in lively bidding wars in tandem with an in-person crowd. This can lead to some great friendly competition, which equates to more money raised for your cause. 

Best of all, the data you receive from your events is stored for easy access so you can not only track donations but also see which of your guests donated, how much they contributed, what each participant bid on, how many people bid on an auction item, and how well each item sold. Analyzing this data can lead to more powerful fundraising strategies moving forward and help you reach even bigger fundraising goals. Whether you need new tools to host an in-person, online, or hybrid gala, we provide all the tools to make hosting a successful fundraiser simple and fun.

2. Fundly - A Solid Team Fundraising Platform 

Fundly is a great choice for smaller foundations looking to raise funds that may not need the breadth of tools offered by PayBee for their campaigns. It's more of a crowdsourcing platform so, along with providing a way to fundraise, Fundly can bring a little extra traffic and new members for your organization.

Fundly offers a clean and easy-to-use interface on its back end for your team and a user-friendly experience for your supporters on the front end. The space you build on their site is customizable and you can use all your own logos and branding. But be warned: their customization capabilities are a bit limited. 

You can also include a blog with any type of content you want, from text articles to images and video. And it's all easily shareable and integrated with most of the biggest social media brands. You can even accept group fundraising donations right from Facebook with no redirects or crazy URLs. All this is a big plus for your social media campaigns. 

Peer-to-peer fundraising is another campaign option offered by Fundly that can really help increase donations across the board. This type of fundraising allows your supporters to help your cause by letting them set up their own personal fundraising pages and circulating them among their family and friends to raise money for your cause. This is a totally hands-free way of revenue generating that your team doesn't even need to work for! 

Fundly does include tools for event management that can help communicate, track and launch campaigns. They also integrate seamlessly with Eventbrite if your organization uses it for your team.

The site has decent analytics and reporting, so you can keep track of all your important data. It even goes so far to allow you to embed maps so you can get a visual of where your donors are located, allowing you to spot trends or locate groups to target for your next fundraiser. Overall, Fundly is a great team platform for organizations just starting out who don't need a ton of tools for their fundraising events. 

3. Bloomerang - Team Fundraising for Basic Galas 

Bloomerang is another donor management and fundraising software platform that can help your team members fundraise and stay on top of their finances.

Like PayBee, this platform has a suite of tools that tracks your team's activities, as well as all your financial and donor data. All this comes in useful when you need to put together reports at the end of your individual fundraisers and coach your team on how to streamline and improve your future galas.

The front end offers many of the same tools you'd find in any complete platform, including modifiable organization pages, peer-to-peer fundraising, and event management. They also have decent data reporting and analytics for anything that happens on the website. Plus, they provide live event streaming, virtual events and even online auctions. All in all, Bloomerang provides nonprofit organizations with a good set of tools for basic galas.

4. FundRazr - Fundraise with Peer-based Fundraising 

FundRazr bills itself as a free platform with no hidden fees that can help your nonprofit and teams succeed. And while this is technically true, you should realize there are still costs involved with using "free" software.

For one thing, even at the "Simply Free" level, donors are still asked to contribute an optional tip to cover the platform fee (which can eat into your potential donations). Your team also needs to be aware of the payment processing fee which may be the industry-standard third-party payment process or fee charged by PayPal or Stripe, or a negotiated nonprofit rate. Other FundRazr pricing models also provide a standard option where your team pays the 5%platform fee.

Due to FundRazr's very low prices, your options are limited to what type of fundraisers you can hold. But they do offer beautiful fundraising pages, organizer event social sharing features, and peer-based fundraising options. Depending on your fundraising method, you may be able to save a bit of money using them. So, they're worth looking at if you have a team organizer that has the time. They also include specialty tools specifically designed for online fundraisers for sports teams, such as events, walks, and runs. And while not the most robust website, FundRazr can help with your success if you're on a tight budget.

5. Bonfire - Group Fundraising and Fundraising Pages 

Although Bonfire isn't a team platform, it is an awesome application that can help teams and individuals raise money for your nonprofit, promote your group, and establish a group identity.

Unlike other team platforms, Bonfire isn't meant to create fundraising campaigns. Instead, it provides additional revenue streams by allowing groups to sell branded merchandise on their website. While they specialize in printing T-shirts, you can arrange to offer other clothing apparel, like hats and baby onesies, as well as mugs and tote bags. They also have print on demand capabilities, so you don't need to order anything in bulk or worry about storage space. 

You can have your own pages and they can be easily customized to your nonprofit's branding easily enough. And they do offer analytics and tracking data for all of your merchandise and site visitors so you can tweak your designs to be more profitable. 

Overall, Bonfire is meant to be an 'add on' rather than a total nonprofits solution, and since nonprofits can't use donations to pay their staff and need to come up with other ways to create revenue in order to pay them, we thought this information could be very valuable to many of you. 

6. BetterWorld - Fundraising for Sports Teams

BetterWorld is a free, cloud-based fundraising platform used by many nonprofits. Their software can be used by sports teams to raise money for tournaments, trips, and championships, enabling you to purchase the gear, uniform outfits, and athlete training resources for your particular sport. Donors can use BetterWorld’s mobile-optimized pages to give directly via their phones during your sports games and events. This makes sports fundraising more convenient for everyone.

Use the software to also hold sports team online auctions, launch crowdfunding campaigns, and sell tickets. The platform can also be used to offer raffles and other giveaway fundraisers. Creating a sports team account with this platform takes just a few minutes, giving you a place to launch all your fundraising campaigns. The software also comes with pre-created templates and social media integrations, helping you promote your fundraisers.

While BetterWorld is a free fundraising platform, donors are charged a 2.9%+ $0.30 credit card transaction fee for their donations. However, donors can begiven the option to cover this fee, letting your group keep more of what you raise. BetterWorld is also supported by optional contributions from donors on top of their ticket purchases and winning bids, with a $0.25 to 10% suggested contribution, so some of your supporters’ generosity will be directed toward the free software.

That said, BetterWorld scores high on ease of use, customer service, features, and value, making it a viable choice for sports teams on a budget.

Choosing the right platform for your team

Making sure your volunteers and staff have the right tools to communicate with each other and run your campaigns is essential for hosting successful fundraisers. Although any of the platforms listed above can help with this, there are differences when it comes to how well each platform performs for your campaign and how easy they make fundraising for you.

One of the best ways to decide if a platform is right for your nonprofit is to test it out for yourself. PayBee offers a free,in-depth demo of its online fundraising platform that will let you experience first-hand how intuitive our software is and how well it fits your needs.

Sign up for a free demo of our software and you'll get to participate in a mock live auction that will show you what your guests could experience at your fundraisers. You'll also be able to test out our online tools and ask all your questions to our staff. There's really no better way to determine if a fundraising platform is right for your team, so sign up for a free demo today!

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