Pastor Appreciation Day - 10 Ways to Show Your Appreciation!

Pastor Appreciation Day - 10 Ways to Show Your Appreciation!

Pastor Appreciation Day is also sometimes referred to as Clergy Appreciation Day and is always celebrated on the second Sunday of October. Since it’s inception, some people have gone further in honoring their leaders of faith by giving thanks for the entire month of October, giving rise to Pastor Appreciation Month or Clergy Appreciation Month. This year, 2023, Pastor or Minister Appreciation Day will be celebrated on October 8th.

Regardless of what label you put on this special time, in the end it’s a very important time for members of a church or congregation to give gratitude to their pastors, ministers, priests, and other religious leaders for their dedication, service, and spiritual guidance throughout the year.

When you sit and think about it, these special people selfishly give of themselves the entire year, and often times it’s to deal with some of the saddest moments in their congregation’s lives. They are the people who will be by your side when there is a death in the family, or when someone is dying, and their job is not an easy one and often includes being of service in some of the toughest circumstances. So it only seems fitting that their personal sacrifices to all mankind should be celebrated and honored in some meaningful way.

The History and Origin of Pastor Appreciation Day 

The history of Pastor Appreciation Day, which originally started as "Clergy Appreciation Day," goes back to the idea of showing gratitude to our religious leaders and this idea is rooted in the Bible, particularly in the writings of Paul in the New Testament. Paul wrote letters to various churches, and in one of them, he said something important. In his first letter to Timothy, he wrote, "Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching." (1 Timothy 5:17) This means that pastors who do their job well should be highly respected and appreciated for their hard work.

But the idea of appreciating spiritual leaders didn't become a standardized holiday until the early 1990s. In 1992, Hallmark Cards started a campaign called Clergy Appreciation National Day of Honor in order to boost revenues for its business. But it wasn't until 1994 when Focus On The Family started pushing their readers to start making a serious commitment to honoring spiritual leaders stating, "Our goal is that every pastor (including staff ministers) and his or her family would feel appreciated by those they serve."

With the growth of social media and technology further spreading this idea to even more congregations around the world, Clergy Appreciation Day is now observed in almost every corner of the globe. So, what started from the teachings of Paul has now become a global tradition to honor and appreciate our pastors and clergy.

Pastor Appreciation Day 2023 and Other Key Day Dates

Pastor Appreciation Day in the United States is typically celebrated on the second Sunday in October, and October is often designated as Pastor Appreciation Month. Below, we'll provide the dates for this very special day for the past few years, the current year, and the next nine years (up to 2032):

  • 2013: October 13
  • 2014: October 12
  • 2015: October 11
  • 2016: October 9
  • 2017: October 8
  • 2018: October 14
  • 2019: October 13
  • 2020: October 11
  • 2021: October 10
  • 2022: October 9
  • 2023: October 8
  • 2024: October 13
  • 2025: October 12
  • 2026: October 11
  • 2027: October 10
  • 2028: October 8
  • 2029: October 14
  • 2030: October 13
  • 2031: October 12
  • 2032: October 10

Please note that these dates are based on the traditional observance of Pastor Appreciation Day, National Pastor Appreciation Day or International Pastor Appreciation Day on the second Sunday in October. Different congregations and communities may choose alternative dates or variations, so it's a good idea to check with your local church or religious organization for specific dates and plans for this special day in your area.

Why Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Day? 

Pastors, clergy members, and religious leaders of all faiths play major roles in every community around the world. From weddings to funerals, they are part of the fabric of most people’s lives and are often there in the best of times, as well as the worst of times.

How many people reach out to a spiritual leader when they are going through tough times like a death in the family, or look to their churches or other faith based organizations to help when a disaster has struck and they're in need of assistance? We've all been there but how many of us are truly grateful that these people are always there for us?

Again and again this is when these special people always step up and make personal sacrifices in order to serve humanity as a whole. They give up their time and energy anytime someone needs assistance or just someone to talk to when they're feeling down. These individuals are always willing to help even if it means traveling across the globe to help those in need after a natural disaster, or living in squalor in order to be near the people who need assistance the most.

And it’s great that there is finally a special day to thank them for all they do, as well acknowledge their importance and positive impact on their congregations as well as communities as a whole. It's a time to help them feel valued and supported. It's a day, or even a month when we get to let our spiritual leaders know how important they are to us, and their mission as a whole.

This unique day encourages congregants to come together to celebrate their pastor, reinforcing the bonds of fellowship and expressing appreciation and gratitude which in turn fosters positive relationships between congregants and clergy members. It also reminds people of the impact pastors have on the spiritual and moral fabric of their communities.

10 Ways to Express Pastor Appreciation Every Day

There are are a ton of great ways to celebrate Pastor Appreciation Day, it comes down to your imagination and what you have available. Here are some ideas to get your own creative ideas going:

  1. Special Church Service
  2. Dedicate a portion of your regular church service to honor your pastor(s). Have a few members of your congregation ready to come up and share some impactful stories of how your leaders have positively impacted their lives. Or better yet how they have helped the entire community as a whole.
  3. Handwritten Notes and Letters
  4. Encourage congregants to write by hand personalized notes or letters expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the pastor's guidance and support. Again, make these letters as personal as possible, sharing how without these special people in their lives, their own lives would not have as much love and gratitude in them.
  5. Gifts
  6. Consider giving a gift to your pastor. The gifts don’t need to be expensive or grandiose, rather hand made ones or small gifts that connect on a personal level and demonstrate you know who you leasers are as individual people are the best sorts of gifts you can give. The gift should be something they may never spend their money on themselves, or an indulgence they forgo in order to save money. Think things like an inscribed pocket knife, or gift certificate to their most sinful food indulgence, or even just a nice one hour massage!
  7. Picnic or Luncheon
  8. Spend the day as a congregation and create a feast of your Pastor’s favorite foods with them sitting at the head of the table. Play their favorite music or even include some of their favorite games and activities like badminton or bible trivia. Be sure to make your leaders feel spoiled and loved, this should be free time when they can just relax and be around friends with no other responsibilities like a sermon or prayers.
  9. Video Messages
  10. Create a video montage of church members sharing their messages of appreciation and love for the pastor. Share the videos on social media to bring even more positive attention to them. You can combine this with the picnic above to really make the event special. You can make this an appreciation month by sending and posting on or a few videos on a daily basis throughout the month.
  11. Pastor Prayer Series 
  12. Organize a prayer chain where members take turns praying for the pastor and their family throughout appreciation month. Schedule everything before hand so there is someone different who can pray each day, or multiple people if your church or ministry is large enough.
  13. Public Service Day
  14. Mobilize the congregation to engage in service projects, such as volunteering at a local charity that is dear to their heart in support while at the same time honoring your pastor's commitment to service. Your members can even do something more personal like painting his bedroom at the church.
  15. Financial Gift
  16. Many spiritual leaders aren’t that well off financially and a small financial gift could help them and their families in extraordinary ways. Collect a special offering without their knowledge and present it to them explaining how much they mean to each and every member. Although financial gifts aren't as personal as some others on our list, they can still mean something important to a clergy member that isn't well off.
  17. Minister Scrapbook
  1. Create a scrapbook or memory book filled with photographs, stories, and personalized hand written messages from congregation members. Make it more unique and spiritual be requiring each congregation member to end their messages with the bible verse that they feel best describes your spiritual leader and why. You can include colored hand-prints or another personalized artwork to make it look as stunning as the memories are. Again, use your imagination to come up with something memorable and unique.
  1. Honor Their Spouse and Family
  2. Remember to include the pastor's spouse and children or any other close family members in any of the ideas above as these family members most likely give of themselves to their spouse and the church just as much as your Pastor does. These people are your Pastor’s personal support network and so should also be included and celebrated with as much enthusiasm as your Pastor receives.

The key to a successful Spiritual Leader Appreciation Day celebration is true sincerity and demonstrating love with the way you decide to demonstrate your devotion. Always try to tailor your celebration to your pastor's preferences and the unique needs and culture of your congregation. You want to express genuine gratitude for their service and dedication and all they do everyday to improve not just your lives, but the community and even world as a whole.

A Special Pastor Appreciation Month of October

Want to make the entire month of October uniquely special for your spiritual leader? Why not come up with some ways that you can make every single day during this appreciation month something special and perhaps even unique for them. You can combine some of our ideas from above, or use them as a guide to come up with your own.

One way to use our ideas would be to get 31 parishioners together a month before, since there are 31 days in October, and plan out a way that each person and their family gets a half an hour or an hour each day to spend time with your leader. This time can be used in a way they want and can include some of our ideas from above. This way your spiritual leaders get to see many instances of how they personally impacted people, plus the month doesn't get boring as each family can do something different, like having a home cooked meal, or even going for massages!

And if your congregation is large enough, perhaps you can schedule one family to take a morning slot, and another an evening slot. This way your Pastor and even their family can enjoy a few different activities each and every day. Obviously this will take a bit more time to plan out and schedule, but in the end we believe celebrating the entire month this way can really show how much your Pastor is loved and appreciated.

Wrapping Up

The ongoing importance of appreciating spiritual leaders doesn’t need to stop once their special day or month is over. These individuals deserve to always be honored at any time of the year, with an overall culmination of celebration coinciding with this special day and month.

And nothing speaks to your spiritual leaders the most as when the entire community comes together to support and celebrate these special people. That’s why this new tradition of Pastor Appreciation Month and Day are so important and need to continue being celebrated not just for your leaders, but for the spiritual health of your entire community.

That’s why we invite you to join in and share your own ideas so we can help other come up with fun and unique ways to express their gratitude, or even share your own stories and the heartfelt impact it had on your own spiritual leaders.

In fact, here at PayBee we work with many churches and other religious nonprofits in order to help them grow their organizations so they can have the greatest positive impact on their own congregations and communities.

Our unique and highly specialized nonprofit platform can help any organization grow and continue to thrive, while also assisting in cutting costs and using your valuable resources to the greatest of their abilities. To see all we can do to help you, sign up for a free demo account here and begin to explore the power of having your own specialized nonprofit platform at your disposal.


What is the official date for Pastor Appreciation Day?

The official date for Pastor Appreciation Day for 2023 is October 8. This is the second Sunday of the month and is the official day to cerebrate this special time. If you need to know the official dates for other years, please see our section above that includes the key dates for each year.

How did Pastor Appreciation Day start?

This day originally started with Hallmark making a special card for people to give to their pastors to show them their appreciation. Shortly after in 1994, Focus On The Family began a campaign that they shared with their readers which quickly picked up steam and is now a global phenomenon.

What are Some Traditional Gifts for Pastor Appreciation Day?

Some traditional gifts for appreciation day include gift cards, handwritten letters or notes of appreciation, books including first additions or antique copies, religious artwork that’s preferably hand-painted, gift baskets of fruit or even spa baskets, and even spiritual retreats. There are a number of gifts you can give your spiritual leaders, it’s only limited by your imagination.

How Can I Make Pastor Appreciation Day Special for my Pastor?

Making Pastor Appreciation special for your Pastor includes making the day personal and an experience that makes them feel all of their hard work has been acknowledged. This can include giving gifts, showing various acts of kindness towards your pastors and their families or any number of things that can warm their heart and allow them understand how much they mean to you.

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