How PayBee Helps Create Successful School Fundraisers

How PayBee Helps Create Successful School Fundraisers

Whether you’re looking to raise money for your track team, arts program, or choir, PayBee’s user-friendly online fundraising platform offers an ideal way to reach a wide range of donors and supporters. Using our software, you’ll be able to create online Dance-A-Thons, live auctions, livestream talent shows, and much more, keeping your school programs well-funded.

What’s great about PayBee’s platform is that you’ll be able to truly make each fundraiser your own — whether you choose to host a traditional in-person gala, virtual event, or hybrid fundraiser. Our software lets you add personal touches to your fundraising events that let you show your school spirit to supporters all around the world. Plus, automated features and personal marketing assistance make building each fundraiser easy, even if you’ve never used online fundraising tools before.

If you’d like to learn more about how PayBee can make your next fundraiser an even bigger success, read on. We’ll show you how our easy-to-use features are perfect for keeping your school programs well-funded for years to come.

Affordable Pricing

Where other online fundraising platforms may have expensive platform fees, include hidden charges, or lock you into a multi-year contract, PayBee takes pride in offering transparent pricing with no hidden fees or contracts. This gives you the freedom to test out our services and make sure they’re right for you without any long-term obligations.

What’s more, PayBee helps eliminate some additional fees that cut into your fundraising. For instance, many schools and nonprofits need to pay transaction fees associated with donations that come from credit card and bank account transactions. To ease this burden, PayBee offers donor covered fee options where your donors can elect to cover these fees. We’ve found donors choose to cover these fees 90% of the time when given this option, which lets you retain more money for your school programs.

Fundraiser-Friendly Features

Worried about building your first online fundraiser? Don’t be. With PayBee, event pages are automatically generated, taking a lot of the tedious legwork out of building your virtual or hybrid fundraising event. In addition, you can build multiple ticketing campaigns, from traditional event tickets to more specific meal tickets (with multiple dining options that take food allergies and dietary preferences into account).

What’s more, PayBee makes managing your guest list a snap. Our guest management software lets you collect all of your relevant guest contact information, keep on top of ticket status, and make sure your staff can easily place everyone at their assigned tables. Whether you’re planning a fundraising luncheon or an awards ceremony, PayBee’s system works to take the hassle out of running your event.

By the way, did we mention our built-in social sharing buttons let you easily promote your event on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media sites? These days, being social media savvy is an essential part of marketing your fundraiser, and PayBee provides you with all the options to connect with wider audiences.  

Customizable Pages

Of course, just because our automated software builds your fundraising pages for you doesn’t mean you don’t get a say in how your fundraiser looks. Our pages are highly customizable, enabling you to display your logos and school branding in key areas.

We know that communicating your school’s identity and values to others is important, so our system is specifically designed to show this to your supporters. You’ll also be able to display photos of your student body and even videos of your programs to remind your guests of who they’re supporting.

Our customizable features also come in handy when you need to promote your supporters. Sponsors play a big part in providing funding for successful galas, and you can place their business logos prominently in your online lobbies, giving your sponsors ample promotional opportunities.  

Multiple Activities

Successful fundraisers offer multiple opportunities for your supporters to donate to your cause. This means providing several events and activities that keep energy levels high during your entire gala. Thankfully, PayBee’s system gives you the ability to host multiple activities from a single online fundraising platform.

This could include offering both a silent and live auction during your event. You can also livestream concerts, sell online raffle tickets, and play other fun virtual games all from the same platform. Not only does this make it easier for your supporters to navigate your event, it also provides regular opportunities for them to donate to your programs.

Interested in learning some of the best activities to offer at your next school fundraiser? PayBee’s blog regularly publishes in-depth articles listing fundraising event ideas for schools, colleges, kids, and more. Check it out — you may find a popular new way to raise money for your programs that you never considered.

Real-Time Connection

These days, virtual technology makes it easy for you to expand your support network beyond your local community and into other states or even countries. Teachers, parents, and alumni can all tune into your fundraising event at the same time, even if they’re scattered across the world. Simply livestream your event using any video stream provider that allows embedding. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Twitch are all viable options to connect with vast audiences and let them support your school.

Of course, in order to make your audiences feel they’re right in the middle of your school basketball game or stage play, you’ll want to offer high quality audio and video. And PayBee’s online platform has been used by many camera crews who have livestreamed multiple successful galas. In fact, if you’d like any recommendations for a professional crew, our PayBee Partner Ecosystem is available to provide you with all the help you need.

Student and Family Participation Opportunities

What could be a greater display of school spirit than a student body that gets directly involved in their school’s fundraisers? PayBee makes it easy for your students to create peer-to-peer fundraising web pages that can be circulated among their social networks. Donations that go to these personal fundraisers are then distributed to your main fundraiser. This is a great way to build awareness of your school programs and reach potential new supporters.

Helpful Support Systems

If you’re concerned about hosting your school fundraiser using new online fundraising tools, don’t worry. PayBee offers helpful guides that will take you step-by-step through setting up your account, creating campaigns, and hosting silent auctions.

You’ll also be able to contact our team of support specialists with any questions about our platform or features if you need more personalized guidance. We realize that planning modern in-person, virtual, or hybrid fundraisers can be challenging, so we’re ready to help you every step of the way.

Moving Forward

One of the best ways to see how PayBee can help your next school fundraiser is to schedule a free demo of our online platform. You’ll be able to interact with the PayBee platform the same way your donors and supporters will at a live event. Plus, you’ll be able to participate in a mock live auction and ask your questions directly to our team of specialists. There’s really no better way to determine if PayBee is right for your school, so sign up for a free demo today!


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