Free Fundraising Software with No Fees: A Guide to Discover the Ultimate Fundraising Platform Tools

Discover the Ultimate Fundraising Platform Tools: Guide to Free Fundraising Software with No Fees

Suppose you're ready to launch a fundraising campaign for a good cause. In that case, it's crucial to ensure that you retain most of the funds you raise- unfortunately, many well-known fundraising platforms charge hefty fees, keeping 8% (or more!) of your earnings.

After factoring in costs for additional features or contact records, along with platform and processing fees, quite a few so-called "free fundraising sites" aren't free. We've diligently searched for the most budget-friendly platforms for nonprofit fundraising so you can make an informed decision for your organization.

Are there any free fundraising tools? Each platform varies a bit, especially in defining "free." We've narrowed our list to 13 fundraising sites that don't charge platform fees or monthly or annual subscription fees,. Although most free platforms still require transaction fees for secure payment processing, we'll show you how they've found ways to offset these costs and direct more money toward your mission.

Let's check out what's free!

Benefits of Using No-Fee Fundraising Software

While managing donations and donor information manually with a proficient team may seem practical for nonprofits, the reality is that handling campaigns and donor details is susceptible to errors and presents inherent limitations.

On the contrary, online fundraising software offers several advantages for nonprofits:

Efficiency and Automation

Fundraising software makes things easier and automates aspects of the fundraising process, like the collection of donations and donor management- this not only saves time but also cuts down on administrative work. Good online fundraising tools may even have features like event registration forms, the ability to process matching gifts, and tools for prospect research.

Expanded Reach

Online fundraising platforms empower organizations to broaden their donor base. Supporters can easily share campaigns across social media, through emails, and, in some cases, via text, extending the outreach of fundraising endeavors beyond conventional networks.


User-friendly fundraising software provides a convenient and accessible means for donors and fundraisers. Features like online donation forms, mobile-friendly interfaces, and diverse payment options simplify contributing from any location. Furthermore, online fundraising software establishes an accessible database for nonprofit staff to manage and store crucial information collaboratively.

Compliance and Reporting

Fundraising software ensures organizations adhere to pertinent regulations and incorporates features for generating reports essential for audits, transparency, and accountability. These features aid in maintaining compliance while streamlining reporting processes.

Top 13 No-Fee Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits

In the constantly changing world of nonprofit fundraising, finding software without extra costs is crucial for efficient resource management. We'll take a look at 13 noteworthy no-fee fundraising platforms, each designed to meet specific organizational needs. From the transformative capabilities of Paybee, revolutionizing fundraising events with advanced technology, to specialized options like Fundly for crowdfunding and ShopRaise for cost-free online shopping, explore a diverse array of platforms offering unique features to empower nonprofits in their fundraising efforts.

Overview of Paybee: Best All-in-One Free Fundraising Software 

In the age of hybrid, virtual, and in-person events, nonprofits seek versatile solutions that can seamlessly adapt to different formats while ensuring an optimal fundraising experience. This is where Paybee emerges as a transformative platform. Paybee's platform redefines the essence of fundraising events by integrating cutting-edge technology with a profound commitment to social good. Consequently, this makes fundraising endeavors more efficient and enhances their impact.

Features and Benefits of Paybee:

Effortless Event Entry with Auto Check-in

We've all experienced the frustration of waiting in long lines at event entrances and witnessing volunteers manually check guests in. However, with Paybee's volunteer mobile app's auto check-in and check-out feature, these challenges become a thing of the past. Guests can seamlessly enter and exit through swift, automated processes, allowing more time to focus on supporting the cause during your next nonprofit fundraising event.

Live Auction Activity Large Display: Keeping Everyone Engaged

There's an undeniable thrill in the air when everyone in a room can witness donation activity and fundraising progress in real time. With Paybee's central monitor, guests can actively follow along, staying updated on the donations. This live display fosters a collective spirit of giving, keeping attendees engaged and motivated to contribute towards achieving the fundraising goal.

Event Management Revolutionized with Mobile App

Mobile apps have revolutionized the event management landscape, and Paybee's mobile app is no exception. Providing organizers with a powerhouse of tools at their fingertips, the app brings unprecedented control and convenience to the process. From scheduling to real-time updates, the Paybee mobile app eliminates the need for scrambling with paper lists, offering a seamless and remarkably effective digital experience.

Secure and Seamless Donations with Mobile Credit Card Check-out

The traditional hassles of handling cash or writing checks during fundraisers fade into the background. Paybee's mobile credit card check-out ensures donors can contribute without fuss. Beyond mere convenience, it's about creating an environment where giving is immediate and easy. A quick scan to donate, and you're ready to make a meaningful contribution!

Pricing Transparency

One Price, all great features — Paybee adopts a transparent pricing model with a flat 2% charge on all electronic transactions. With no hidden fees or contracts, nonprofits can access various powerful features. Create a free fundraising account with many features, and premium account levels are also available to unlock the full fundraising suite.

Tailored Pricing for Virtual, In-Person and Hybrid Events

Paybee offers a package for live online events at $399, providing unlimited events for two years with a 2% charge on electronic transactions. Similarly, Paybee offers a comprehensive package for hybrid and in-person events at $599, including unlimited events for two years with a 2% charge on electronic transactions. These packages offer a wide array of features to enhance the fundraising experience.

Overview of Fundly: Free Crowdfunding Software

Fundly is a leading crowdfunding platform for nonprofits and individuals raising money for specific projects. You can launch campaigns, promote them on social media, and showcase your cause with compelling photos and videos. Fundly has everything you need to start raising funds through crowdfunding. Plus, unlike other platforms, no minimum fundraising requirements exist to keep your funds.

Features and Benefits of Fundly

While crowdfunding has been a popular online fundraising method for many years, not all platforms are designed with nonprofits in mind. Fundly includes features designed to generate more value for organizations, like a Facebook OpenGraph integration, contact importation, and mobile-optimized campaign pages. With these features and a solid crowdfunding strategy, your growing organization can start expanding its online footprint on Fundly.

Fundly is a top free fundraising software option for crowdfunding.

Overview of ShopRaise: Free Online Shopping Platform

ShopRaise stands out as an online shopping platform completely free for your organization and its supporters. When your supporters download the ShopRaise mobile or web app, they can shop at their favorite retailers, supporting your cause, with your organization earning up to 10% of every transaction! 

Features and Benefits of ShopRaise

Beyond its cost-free nature, ShopRaise minimizes the demand on your staff's time and resources for promoting the opportunity to your supporters. ShopRaise takes it a step further by providing custom marketing materials for distribution.

Your supporters likely already frequent the retailers on the ShopRaise platform, including nationwide stores like Walmart, Petsmart, and Macy's. Integrating support for your cause into your supporters' daily lives becomes seamless through the app – they need to download it and make regular purchases. Signing up is straightforward, making this one of the easiest fundraising methods available!

Overview of Bonfire: Free Fundraising Software for Merchandise

Bonfire is a merchandise fundraising platform for nonprofits and individuals looking to sell custom t-shirts to supporters. Merchandise is a reliable fundraising technique for organizations of all sizes because it gives supporters a tangible reminder of your cause, which deepens your relationships. Plus, branded apparel serves as a great marketing technique! Bonfire makes designing and selling your branded merch online easier than ever.

Features and Benefits of Bonfire

Bonfire's merchandise design and sales tools stand out because they offer flexibility that many comparable platforms need. With Bonfire, you can place bulk orders of your merchandise or sell and ship directly to supporters through their website. Plus, nonprofits benefit from reduced processing fees and a completely risk-free process.

Bonfire is a free fundraising software platform for selling merchandise.

Overview of Snowball: Free Fundraising Software for Text-to-Give

Snowball is an online fundraising software provider that specializes in text-to-give. With this tool, donors can easily text their donation to your cause, making it an effective choice for virtual and in-person fundraising. Snowball's tools are ideal for new organizations looking to reach wider audiences online.

Features and Benefits of Snowball

Snowball's text-to-give tool is designed to help smaller nonprofits get started with professional-grade fundraising software. Plus, it provides a lightning-fast donation experience for donors, keeping them engaged and securing more long-term support. Snowball's starter pack of fundraising features is free, with advanced text-to-give available in the next tiered package.

Snowball's text-to-give nonprofit software is a leading choice for growing nonprofit organizations.

Overview of GoFundMe Charity: Free Fundraising Software for Social Fundraising

GoFundMe has long been a leader in the individual crowdfunding space, but GoFundMe Charity, their larger package of nonprofit-specific fundraising software, is also a great choice for growing organizations. With social fundraising tools, complete data reporting options, and customization features to ensure cohesive branding, this platform can help you grow your reach online.

Features and Benefits of GoFundMe

As the largest social fundraising platform, GoFundMe gives your nonprofit access to an established and wide-reaching network of passionate users looking for causes to support. Tapping into that resource with intuitive fundraising software and technology is a win-win for nonprofits looking to take their crowdfunding to the next level.

GoFundMe Charity is free fundraising software to help you raise more through social media.

Overview of Zeffy: Free Fundraising Software with Zero Fees

Curious about Zeffy's commitment to being truly free? Zeffy is 100% free, boasting a 0% platform fee and no payment processing fees with optional donor tipping. New to the scene, Canadian fundraising platform Zeffy takes the concept of "free" even further. Zeffy not only eliminates platform fees but goes the extra mile by covering the fees from its payment processor. This means that nonprofits using Zeffy take home every cent they raise. 

Features and Benefits of Zeffy

Thanks to optional donor tips, Zeffy maintains its free model while providing essential fundraising tools such as donation forms, event ticketing, eCommerce, in-person payments, and donor management features. Keep in mind that Zeffy has some limitations, including accepted payment methods and the absence of email and SMS marketing features, auction software, or the level of integrations found on other free software solutions.

Overview of DonorSearch: Free Nonprofit Software for Prospect Research

DonorSearch is a philanthropic database and software provider specializing in nonprofit prospect research. Tailored for nonprofits ready to embark on identifying and soliciting major gifts, DonorSearch provides the invaluable capability to quickly screen your donor database for individuals with both the proven ability and inclination to make substantial contributions.

Features and Benefits of DonorSearch

While the complete set of prospecting tools from DonorSearch may not be offered for free, they present a valuable no-fee resource – the DSGiving search tool. This tool allows nonprofits to search the names of their prominent donors, uncovering new opportunities to deepen relationships and steward long-term support.

DonorSearch's free offering proves to be a crucial asset for any nonprofit looking to enhance its prospect research efforts.

Overview of Fundraising Report Card: Free Nonprofit Software for Data Analysis

Fundraising Report Card is a straightforward and highly accessible tool for nonprofits to analyze their fundraising performance. Featuring pre-set dashboards that allow reviewing a broad range of fundraising and engagement metrics, Fundraising Report Card empowers even the smallest nonprofits to track and analyze their data with the proficiency of seasoned data experts.

Features and Benefits of Fundraising Report Card

As a free resource, the Fundraising Report Card is invaluable for nonprofits of all sizes. However, gaining insights from campaign data is often a significant challenge for growing organizations.

With its easy-to-use analytics tools and report export functions, the Fundraising Report Card fills this gap in strategy, enabling organizations to capitalize on new opportunities and fortify their fundraising approach.

Overview of 99Pledges: Free Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Made Simple

99Pledges stands out as an effective peer-to-peer fundraising platform, ideal for fundraising events like walk-a-thons, dance-a-thons, read-a-thons, or any similarly structured fundraisers. The online fundraising pages are designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for donors to share them with their networks through email, text, and social media.

Features and Benefits of 99Pledge

Every participant in your campaign gets a customizable donation page ready to share—no technical setup required! Your team can effortlessly track fundraising activity, including social shares and the total amount raised in donations. 99Pledges campaigns are free to run! Plus, your organization retains 90% of all donations made online via credit card and PayPal and 100% via cash or check.

Overview of Give Lively: Elevate Nonprofit Fundraising with a Suite of Free Fundraising Tools

Give Lively takes pride in being 100% free, delivering a suite of powerful fundraising tools without burdening nonprofits with monthly costs or platform fees. While there are standard payment processing fees, the absence of additional charges for using the platform is a major advantage. For specific payment methods, donors have the flexibility to cover associated fees, adding another layer of financial support for the nonprofit. 

Features and Benefits of Give Lively:

Give Lively stands out with philanthropic backing, ensuring that nonprofits have access to a comprehensive suite of fundraising tools. The absence of monthly costs and platform fees empowers organizations to allocate more resources to their missions. While the platform requires nonprofits to complete an application process, this step ensures that the organizations accepted onto Give Lively align with its mission and values. This curated approach contributes to a supportive and engaged community of nonprofits.

While Give Lively excels in providing a foundation for successful fundraising, it's important to note that certain advanced features like auction management or CRM functionalities may need to be supplemented with additional platforms. 

Overview of Bloomerang: Free Donor Management Software

Bloomerang excels as a free donor management software designed for nonprofits prioritizing functionality, adaptability, and an optimal user experience. The invaluable donor management database provided by Bloomerang serves as a crucial tool for fostering community relationships, offering advanced fundraising technology to elevate your capabilities.

Features and Benefits of Bloomerang

Boasting an interactive dashboard, Bloomerang empowers nonprofits to monitor fundraising progress using customizable tools. Thanks to its cloud-based nature, Bloomerang guarantees scalability, ensuring your system grows seamlessly alongside your expanding cause.

Bloomerang introduces Bloomerang Lite, a streamlined software product perfect for emerging nonprofits, available at no cost up to your nonprofit's initial $100k in annual revenue. Bloomerang presents more robust plans starting at a modest $99 per month for those surpassing the Lite version's capacities.

Overview of Tithe.ly: Free Fundraising Software Tailored for Churches

Tithe.ly is tailored specifically for churches, offering specialized tools to streamline tithing processes and gather donor information seamlessly.

Features and Benefits of Tithe.ly

With Tithe.ly, churches can access a comprehensive donation management system, enabling them to pull detailed donor reports, manually record cash and check gifts, set up and manage recurring giving, and receive weekly or monthly summary reporting. Additionally, Tithe.ly provides the convenience of generating tax receipts for donors and offers valuable insights through its giving insights dashboard. Tithe.ly seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Salesforce and Quickbooks, ensuring efficient and accurate financial management.

Signing up for Tithe.ly is free, with processing fees applicable for donations. Churches can access advanced features and add-ons through additional plans starting at $19 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions About No-Fee Fundraising Software

What Exactly is No-Fee Fundraising Software?

No-Fee Fundraising Software is specially designed for nonprofits, and it's remarkable because it doesn't charge pesky platform fees or bother with monthly or annual subscription costs. Though, keep in mind, that there might still be transaction fees for secure payment processing. The main goal here is to get creative with covering costs, ensuring more of your raised funds go directly towards your mission.

Why is No-Fee Fundraising Software a Big Deal?

No-fee fundraising software matters because it allows nonprofits to hold on to a more substantial portion of the funds they work so hard to raise. Traditional fundraising platforms can be a bit greedy with hefty fees, putting a cap on the impact of your generous donations. With these no-fee alternatives, organizations can stretch their resources further and keep their eyes on the mission.

Are These Platforms Truly Fee-Free?

While these platforms kick platform fees and subscription charges to the curb, a few may still tag on transaction fees for payment processing. Yet, the primary objective remains to minimize overall costs and keep fundraising efforts transparent.

Is Optional Giving a Thing in No-Fee Fundraising Software?

Absolutely! Many No-Fee Fundraising Software platforms understand that optional giving is a game-changer. Donors have the freedom to contribute a little extra if they choose, providing an additional layer of support to cover any fees related to payment processing.

Any Downsides to No-Fee Fundraising Software?

While no-fee fundraising software brings a heap of advantages, there might be a few limitations, such as feature constraints or potential scalability hiccups. Knowing these limitations helps organizations navigate challenges and fine-tune their fundraising strategies.

Wrapping It Up: Choosing the Right Fundraising Software

Choosing the right fundraising software doesn't have to break the bank—there are plenty of free and low-cost options out there! While Paybee's all-in-one features are hard to beat, we've introduced you to the top fundraising software options. Now, you can mix and match the most suitable options for your organization. By leveraging these no-fee tools, you can cut overhead costs, allowing more revenue to be channeled directly toward your nonprofit's mission. 

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