Auto Check-In and Checkout, Make Every Interaction Easy at Your Next Fundraising Event

Setting Up Your Account

This is the initial configuration of the PayBee nonprofit fundraising platform for your event. First, simply create an account at paybee.io adding pertinent information about your organization. Once your account is created, you’re then free to set up your first fundraising event on PayBee. 

When setting up your first fundraising event, the administrator of the organization will supply the event's details including title, date, venue, and ticket prices. You’’ even have the ability to  import event guest details into the PayBee system from outside sources. Once your event setup has been completed, the PayBee Nonprofit platform and all of its capabilities will be available for use at your fundraising event, including giving participants a seamless check-in and checkout experience, allowing the organization to track attendance and donations in real time and more!

Automatic Check-in and Checkout

Check-in and checkout at a fundraising event for a charity organization can be a make-or-break moment for attendance. A straightforward procedure will make your guests feel cared for and valued, whereas a complicated or time-consuming procedure can leave a bad impression. Therefore, it is essential that organizations make efforts to streamline the process.

Utilizing an automatic check-in and checkout system, such as the Paybee Nonprofit platform, can make the process more efficient and user-friendly. This platform provides participants with numerous alternatives for checking in and out of an event, including QR code scanning and mobile app check-in. This not only makes the process more convenient for participants, but also improves the organization's tracking of attendance and data collection.

In addition to check-in and checkout, the platform offers real-time attendance and donation tracking. This allows the organization to monitor the event's performance in real time and make any necessary adjustments to ensure its success. In addition, the platform gives thorough reports on the event's performance, which can be analyzed and used to better future events.

Payment and Fundraising Payment and Fundraising

One strength of the PayBee platform is the ability to process payments from anywhere using the PayBee mobile app and from a variety of payment sources such as all major credit cards, apple pay, cash, check as well as other electronic payment methods. In addition, the platform includes automated receipt creation and personalized thank you messaging, allowing organizations to immediately authenticate transactions and acknowledge supporters. The platform also provides the option for recurring donations or long pledges. This feature enables donors to set up a schedule for automatic payments, making donating more convenient for them and creating a more reliable source of revenue for the organization.

A Note on Security and Data Privacy Using PayBee


Every detail matters when preparing a fundraising event for a nonprofit organization. Everything, from the entertainment and cuisine to the guest list and décor, must be carefully considered to ensure the event's success. The check-in and check-out procedure is an often-overlooked factor that can make a substantial difference.

The check-in and checkout process is the final phase of the event and can leave attendees with a lasting impression. A streamlined and effective procedure will not only make participants feel cared for, but it can also result in continuing support and future contributions.

Utilizing an automatic check-in and checkout system, such as the Paybee Nonprofit platform, can make this process more efficient and successful. This platform can assist in streamlining the check-in and checkout procedures by providing real-time tracking of attendance and donations, facilitating payment processing, and assuring the security of transactions and data management.

It is vital to remember that even after the event, the organization should continue to evaluate and enhance the check-in and checkout procedures to ensure that they are continually operating efficiently and making the most of the platform. This can increase efficiency and boost the event's success.

In conclusion, while preparing a fundraising event for a nonprofit organization, be careful not to overlook the significance of the check-in and checkout procedures. Utilizing an automatic check-in and checkout system, such as the Paybee Nonprofit platform, can boost efficiency, improve the experience for both the organization and the attendees, and leave guests with a pleasant lasting impression, which hopefully translates to continued support and future donations.

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