Who are Lapsed Donors?

Who are Lapsed Donors?

Donors are nonprofit organizations' lifeblood, providing critical support to help them achieve their missions and make a positive impact on the world. Even the most devoted and passionate supporters, however, can sometimes abandon the cause, a phenomenon known as donor lapse.

What exactly is Donor Lapse?

Donor lapse occurs when a donor who has previously given to a nonprofit does not give again for an extended period of time. This can be a significant challenge for organizations because lapsed donors are frequently a significant source of funding and support.

Why Do Donors Stop Giving?

Donors may stop giving for a variety of reasons, including forgetfulness, a sense that their contributions aren't making a difference, or simply losing interest in the organization. Donors may lapse as a result of life events such as a change in financial circumstances or a shift in priorities.

Preventing Donor Attrition

Fortunately, nonprofits can take a number of steps to prevent donor lapse and keep their supporters engaged and committed to their cause. Among the most effective strategies are:

Maintaining Contact: Communicating with donors on a regular basis via social media, email, and personal contact can help to keep them connected to the organization and awareness of its impact.

Making Donation Simple: Making the donation process simple and convenient can help donors stay motivated to give.

Highlighting the Impact: Sharing success stories from the organization and demonstrating the impact of donor support can help donors feel like their contributions are making a difference.

Nonprofits can help to build strong, lasting relationships with their supporters by taking these steps, ensuring that they continue to provide the critical support that is required for their success.


Finally, donor lapse can be a major challenge for nonprofit organizations, but it can be avoided with the right strategies and approaches. Nonprofits can ensure their long-term success by staying in touch with their supporters, making it simple to donate, and emphasizing the impact of their contributions.

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