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Webinar: Nonprofit Fundraising During Uncertain Times

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Webinar: Nonprofit Fundraising During Uncertain Times

Does it feel like Spring/Summer/Fall of 2020 all over again?   Not sure whether or not you’ll be able to hold your in-person fundraiser?  Not sure if a virtual fundraiser will get the job done?  Do you find yourself (perhaps unintentionally) battling the inclination to delay, pray, and hope it all goes away???

Last year, schools and nonprofits who adapted to the new fundraising landscape were overwhelmingly successful in maintaining support from their donors and continuing to further their missions. Others waited for the world to return to normal and perhaps lost ground in the process.

A year-and-a-half into this pandemic, uncertainty has become the new normal. But unlike most of 2020, we now have knowledge, data, and resources to greatly increase the odds of pulling off a successful fundraising event.  In-person events can, in many cases, still be held safely and with great success.  Virtual events are no longer mysterious or left up to chance.  Hybrid events are taking new iterations every month.  Transitioning from an in-person to a virtual event if this becomes necessary is no longer a challenge.

At this informative webinar, auctioneer Keith Mclane of KLM Auctions and technologist Nidhi Doshi of PayBee will discuss best practices for you to maintain--or even regain--your fundraising momentum. We will explore how you can work smarter in order to get the maximum returns for the effort that you put in at every stage of the event--from planning and execution to wrapping up your fundraiser.

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