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We stand by you while you are adapting to this new situation and as we all find creative solutions to keep up our important work.

As many of you told us, one of the easiest ways to stay connected to your donors and devotees is via live stream. This gives you the chance to maintain those strong relationships by talking with them face-to-face. We have compiled a list of different types of streaming channels for you to use with some instructions on how to set each of them up. 

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Stream via Facebook Live

Streaming free on Facebook Live is a great alternative for churches and temples. Your one-way video stream enables viewers to leave comments in real-time, and the live feed gets saved as a video after the streaming is over. Learn to stream via Facebook Live from your organization’s Facebook page hereand learn to stream via Facebook Live from a personal profile here. Tips for using Facebook Live here. Share your donation campaign URL in the Facebook Live’s post.

Stream via Facebook Live

Streaming on Instagram Live will have the same characteristics as Facebook Live. Instagram Live is a free tool that you can use with your phone or tablet! Learn to stream via Instagram Live hereShare your donation campaign URL in the post when creating your Instagram Live feed.

Stream via Google Hangouts

Streaming via Google Hangouts gives you the opportunity for more in-person exchanges with your donors. Here, your donors will have the chance to talk to you and to each other. Google Hangouts is a free tool and anyone can use it on their computer or phone. Your donors choose between an only audio or video feed for themselves. Learn to stream via Google Hangouts and how to add people by invitation or link sharing here. Share your donation campaign URL via chat during the live stream or when sending invitations out.

Stream via Zoom

Streaming via Zoom is similar to Google Hangouts in that donors join with their own video feed, they can communicate directly with the host and each other.  While Zoom is a tool that requires a monthly subscription, for educational purposes, is it now being offered for free. Learn to stream via Zoom heretips on how to host an event via Zoom here.
Share your donation campaign URL via char during the call or when sending invitations.

Stream via Open Broadcaster Software

Streaming via OBS allows you to stream from multiple live feeds and record videos. OBS requires some technical knowledge to get it up and running and is offered for free. Learn to stream via OBS hereObs Quickstart here.

Prepare your PayBee campaigns


This is how you can to prepare your PayBee Account for the live stream:
Create a PayBee Campaign to collect donations and/or create an auction campaign. Also, you can activate the online bidding option.
Get ready to share your campaign URL for the live streaming, learn 
here where to find it.

As always, we’re here to help you put your plan into action. Reach out if we can help with anything at all.


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