5 Product Fundraising Ideas for PTA's and Schools in 2022

Product fundraisers are a classic way to bring in a ton of funds for your school. With the help of your PTA and students, you’ll be able to set up a sale table or go door to door selling exciting and valuable products. With this fundraiser, your customers support your school by making a small purchase and receiving a tangible product as a result.

With the plethora of product options that are now available, you can alter your fundraising sale to fit your school’s audience and financial goals. All you need to be successful are the right partners, such as a company that specializes in product fundraising.

At ABC Fundraising, we’ve seen how product fundraising is successful when schools are equipped with valuable resources and strategies. Some of our most effective school fundraisers

include branded products, so your buyers can visibly show support for your school, and through enticing food items. 

We’ve put together a guide to how to host a successful product fundraising event as well as some of our most profitable ideas. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • All about product fundraising
  • Face mask fundraiser
  • Cookie dough fundraiser
  • Discount card fundraiser
  • Scratch card fundraiser
  • Gourmet coffee fundraiser

Let’s talk about the ins and outs of a product fundraiser before we dive into our favorite ideas.

All about product fundraising

Product fundraisers are successful when your school is equipped with the best resources and company backing your sale. The right company for your organization will streamline and simplify the process for your PTA.

Your first step in getting started with your product fundraiser will be to choose a top fundraising company. You’ll want to work with one that has a reputation for success and high-profit margins. Plus, you’ll want to determine which products will best appeal to your target market. We’ll get more into successful product ideas later on in the article. Based on these two criteria, you can make an informed decision about the company you want to partner with.

Whichever partner you choose, pick only one product to begin with. This will help you focus on promoting one product to get the most out of your fundraising efforts. Be sure to promote your sale well in advance to excite your buyers.

Then, determine the format of your product fundraiser. We recommend hosting your sale in a hybrid setting to adhere to any social distancing guidelines and be available to those who want to purchase your products from afar. Here are a few ways to run your sale:

  • Tabling or going door-to-door with a physical order form.
  • Using an online storefront created by your chosen partner to sell your products.
  • Hosting your own online store to sell your products.

No matter if your strategy includes a physical form, hybrid approach, or takes place all online, prioritize ease and security in your transactions.

Once you have your product, go about your determined method of selling. It’ll be a peer-to-peer effort, meaning you need PTA and student volunteers to help sell the products. Here are a few easy steps for doing so:

  1. Your group of fundraisers will receive an order form or an online store URL to distribute.
  2. They’ll ask their friends, family, peers, neighbors, etc. to support your cause by purchasing your product.
  3. Buyers will give their payment and contact information for receiving the product. 

Peer-to-peer product fundraising is so effective because your volunteers’ loved ones are likely to support a cause they care about. Then, all you’ll need to do is distribute the items, and you’re done! There are a few easy ways to make sure your products reach the intended recipient:

  • If you have a pre-ordered product, you’ll distribute it on the spot.
  • Host a “pick up” spot where buyers can come retrieve their purchased product.
  • Recruit helpers to deliver the items to supporters. 

Once everyone has received their products, be sure to thank them for their time and contribution. Consider reporting back to your general student body and PTA on the success of your product fundraising efforts.

Now, we’ll go in-depth with some of the best product fundraisers we’ve seen. Let’s get started.

Face mask fundraiser

Pivoting your fundraising efforts is an excellent way to earn more money for your school. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this face mask fundraiser will help your students, staff, and community remain safe while supporting your school.

To make the most of this product fundraiser, your PTA can design the mask. You’re able to add your school colors, name, and mascot to support your efforts. With ABC Fundraising, it’s easy to customize your mask and make sure your buyers are showing love for your school everywhere they go with your mask!

For best results, consider selling your masks at athletic events, school shows, and in the parent pick-up line. The more people you have on your order form, the lower your cost per mask will be.  Check out the example below for the sports team fundraiser mask order form.

Face masks through ABC Fundraising

Cookie dough fundraiser

What family doesn’t love a delicious batch of warm cookies? A Cookie Dough Fundraiser is one of our favorite and most popular product fundraising ideas because everyone wants some of this dessert.

If you choose to participate in a cookie dough fundraiser, be sure to partner with a provider that offers a plethora of options for every taste palette. For example, when you use ABC Fundraising’s cookie dough provider, Crazy About Cookies, you’ll be able to offer exciting flavors, which include:

  • Sugar
  • Chunky chocolate chip
  • Snickerdoodle, and much more.

Your students and parents will collect orders in your community via an order form so that your PTA can receive the product in bulk. You’re even able to set up an online storefront to market your dough near and far.

Discount card fundraiser

This next product fundraiser is an excellent opportunity to bring your local community together. A discount card fundraiser helps your buyers save big time at establishments of all types in your area. All you’ll need to do is partner up with a provider that helps with the hard work of establishing these agreements to make the best discount card possible for your sale.

To make the most of your discount card product fundraiser, be sure to sell them in front of participating stores, at local events, and around the community. After all, your customer base will be those who frequent the stores that participate! 

Scratch card fundraiser

This unique and engaging fundraiser does not require a pre-order form and can raise tons of money for your school right on the spot. Scratch & Help® card fundraiser is a quick money-raising option to host at athletic events, after-school programs, or among students. Here’s how to play:

  • Your donor will agree to pay an amount between .50 cents to $3.
  • Your donor will pick one or more circles to reveal donation amounts. 
  • The player will donate the amount, and receive a valuable coupon book in exchange.

It’s really that easy! Scratch cards have an extremely low initial cost to get started, and a high payoff for your school.

Host a scratch card fundraiser

Gourmet popcorn fundraiser

What’s better than supporting your school and getting a tasty snack in return? Nothing! Our gourmet popcorn fundraiser offers ten delicious flavors to choose from, so everyone will find an option they’ll love. 

Consider setting up a pre-order booth at lunchtime, and sports games to tempt students and parents to order some to enjoy! This product fundraiser has great potential for raising money for your school, especially because popcorn is such a popular treat.

With these exciting product fundraising ideas for your PTA and school, you’ll be sure to effectively hit your fundraising goals. For the best results, promote your sale well in advance, create excitement around your event, and sell away!

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