Organizing your Event – Part 2

Welcome back to our series about event organization – this is the 2nd of 4 bitesize articles we will be sharing with you. Today we will be focusing on pointers to use during your event that will make a considerable difference in the success of your events – whether it’s a gala, a banquet, or just a dinner party. 


A way to avoid chaos during check-in is to use a technology that is prefilled with and leverages your guest information (ideally collected during the ticket purchase/RSVP)Use this opportunity to have a personal interaction with your guests instead of burying your head in a list.


Send personalized invitations early! Give your donors the time to reserve that day for your organization on their calendar. Make your invites personal and use this as an opportunity to build a better relationship with your donors. Also, keep track of who hasn’t opened your invitation and follow up separately.


Collecting information beforehand allows you to give donors a better experience and makes your organization more prepared – get meal preferences and allergies information in advance. Also, give your big benefactors the ability to invite others to their table. Print personalized name cards before the guests arrive and they’ll be blown away!

Or just use PayBee – we’ll manage all this and more!

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