Leverage your Volunteers with PayBee

With PayBee you can invite your volunteers to join you on your mission.

Have them download the PayBee app, invite them to be part of your team and they can start collecting donations for your charity and share your campaigns.

Volunteers collet donations for your charity

Using the PayBee app, they will be able to accept any kind of payment as a donation! They can handle cash, card, and checks. Your volunteers can also sell tickets, and share your campaigns via social media, text message, or email.

Easy way to track their work

Every PayBee account has a feature that allows you to manage volunteers. You can send invitations to volunteer for your cause, track the money they collect (and from which donors), and, for whatever reason, remove them as volunteers.

Volunteers and your account privacy

There’s no need to worry about your non-profit organization’s privacy; your volunteers won’t see any of the internal activity from your account. That information stays private for you and your account administrators only.