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How Paybee Can Help You Run an Online Charity Fundraiser

If you were planning a fundraising event in 2020, COVID-19 may have led to you postponing, or cancelling your event all together.

But there is a third option – go online to run a virtual fundraiser with Paybee and ensure there’s no delay in your fundraising efforts.

Paybee can help you organize an online charity fundraiser from setup to promotion to event follow-up. You don’t need any special equipment and the PayBee Online Auction platform is easy to use for guests and hosts.

The benefits of running a virtual fundraiser

Running a virtual charity event saves money on overhead costs such as venue rental and catering expenses so more of your foundation’s donations can go directly to your supporting cause.

You can reach a wider audience of people when you aren’t limited to the capacity of your venue and other scheduling restrictions. Thus expanding your list to include guests’ family, neighbours and the wider community.

Guests worldwide can enjoy your event at any time with a single click!

Planning a charity fundraiser online

Pick a date and start promoting! Paybee provides shareable social links making online promotion a breeze. In addition, a custom landing page will be auto-generated and posted at your unique event url. This gives you a chance to promote your sponsors as well give your guests a preview of what’s to come from your event with an interactive slider.

You can take advantage of PayBee’s backend event management platform to send invites, sell tickets, keep track of your ticket inventory, check your event guests list, keep track of donations and more!

Two weeks before your event

If you’re using PayBee to run a silent auction alongside your virtual charity gala, now is the time to open up the bidding. This gives your guests plenty of time to look around the items and place their bids.

This is also a good time to upload pre-recorded videos, organise games or plan surprise speakers.

On the day of your online charity event

You control the action with our backend event controller. The Paybee lobby will close at your command and guests will be redirected into the live event where you control your video and content as well when to transition between the evenings scheduled programming.

Once your virtual fundraiser starts, Paybee’s split screen allows guests to chat and view entertainment on one half of the screen. The other half contains all the information your guests need about the event, including sponsorships, donate buttons, displaying your auction items and more!

Run pledge drives, donation prompts and online Raffles alongside your live auction. It’s all simple to set up in just a few minutes and easy to run from our backend control system.

Secure Donations with PayBee’s Online Fundraising

PayBee’s secure online platform makes it easy for your guests to make their donations.

Donating money takes less than 30 seconds, and your guests can donate with debit or credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. They can even send donations from their bank account, and there’s an option for them to cover the fees for their donation.

All data is sent direct to PayBee’s payment partner, securely encrypted for your peace of mind. The funds are transferred directly to your bank account – PayBee doesn’t hold any money under any circumstances.

And PayBee makes sure there’s no tallying to do after your event. You can just relax as your donors enjoy your event and raise funds for your supporting cause. PayBee will continue to support your efforts until you have no outstanding pledges remaining.

So why not start planning your virtual fundraiser, and see how easy fundraising is with PayBee!