Creating Fundraising Campaigns on Paybee

Select Campaigns From the Left Navigation Bar and then select the “Create New Campaign”. button from the top of the page.

Select the Auction Type you desire from the following page.

Campaign Options include:


Can be used as a donate button on your own website as well as a button on your Virtual Gala Screen. Select your amount as well as other customizable features.

Long Pledge

Used to setup recurring donations. Auto-pay options available so you only need to setup your account once. Custom start and stop dates are also available.


Sell tickets to your event as well as raffle tickets for your event using the ticketing feature.

Peer to Peer Fundraising


Both Live and Silent Auction Types Supported. Bulk uploading of auction items also supported as well as many other customizable auction features.

Last Hero

Engage donors with fundraising games like our last hero donation game. The last person to donate wins a prize but every donation is a hard commitment.

Click the link to find out how to add clickable text (i.e. links) to campaign and event descriptions.

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